About Me

Hey guys, welcome to my blog Laura Thinks About. I would say I'm a normal, typical 20 something female.At the moment whilst writing this I am single, and work within a type of job that I don't want to pursue. I just see it as something to make money. I hope I can change both of these in the near future, so if you know any single, hot, tall guys send them my way ;) I've always loved reading blogs since I knew they've existed, and always wanted to write my own. I did make another blog a few years ago, but it didn't go to plan and so I started a fresh with this one. When I say I'm a typical 20 something, I mean I work, go out with friends, enjoy shopping etc. I see blogging as an hobby and hope to use it within a career when I'm older. 

I have lots of hopes and dreams, I will probably have spoke a lot about them on my blog. I am the type person that likes to inspire people and generate positivity. If you want to know more about me, or just have a chat, I'm quite a friendly person.. honest! I have made a few lovely blogging friends through this blog, and hope to meet more. I really don't know what to write about in this "about me" section because I feel I lead quite a simple, repetitive life. I hope one day I can change that (in a positive way of course) 

As of 12/09/2014 any products mentioned on blog that includes a (*) will have been sent to me for reviewing purposes. I would never sway my opinion on my blog for payment or to receive free items, so all the opinions on my blog are my HONEST opinions.  


Love Laura xxx