Is Podcasting The New Blogging?

Hey guys,
So I am so excited to announce that I have created a new podcast called "Laura Thinks About" keeping in with the name of my website/blog of course. 

I am hoping to discuss multiple subjects that I find interesting and would want to listen to myself. My first episode is about why I decided to not post on social media for 6 months and how I feel about it now. I am very new to the world of podcasting so it's a bit of trial and error at the moment. 

I hope to inspire and motivate people listening to my episodes and well.. spread positivity too! 

The link to listen to my podcast on Podbean is HERE

The podcast is also live on Apple podcasts HERE 

If you have any request on subjects for me to talk about please let me know. I think my next episode will be about saving money so keep an eye out for that!

Love Laura x 

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  1. Congratulations on exploring new things! I've avoided my personal social media for 6 weeks and it has been wonderful.



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