How To Easily Cover Greys During Lockdown

Hi Guys 

Firstly, I hope you guys are keeping safe and well during this difficult time...

So it's been a while since I've blogged. Sadly I think blogging has lost it's touch and is a bit outdated. However I thought I'd give it a go again as I sometimes find it therapeutic to write. 

I started to go grey during my early 20's - yes don't get me started! When my hair grows it's not fully grey but definitely grey hairs grow amongst the brown hair. And so during the past 3-4 years I have had my roots dyed at the hairdressers. I won't dye my own hair anymore due to a root disaster when they ended up lighter than the rest of my hair!

As you're all aware we are currently in lockdown meaning there's no access to services such as hairdressers. Luckily I had my hair dyed the weekend before lockdown but usually require my roots to be done every 7 weeks. 
I searched on the internet ways to cover up my grey roots temporarily and was overcome with results such as cover up sprays. Personally I wanted something more long lasting so I don't feel like I have to cover my roots every day. That's when I came across Christope Robin Temporary Color Gel

This gel claims to cover greys for up to 5-7 washes and has 4 shades to choose from. I bought shade Light Chestnut which matches my warmish light brown hair perfectly. I have seen many other reviews claiming this product is well.. rubbish however I disagree. 

Price - Expensive. £30 

Application - So so so easy. No mixing required, you just squeeze on the product to the area you want covering, blend and wash after 40 mins. They provide a toothbrush too which makes application easy. 

Results - I personally am really happy with the results. I have sparse grey hairs and so do not have lots of grey to cover. This product does disperse pigment enough to make the grey hair look like a light brown. Not only that but my natural hair is an ash brown so this product helps to warm up my roots slightly.  

I personally would not recommend to those that are "fully grey" as I do not think the product is strong enough. However if you're like me and still have your natural colour growing too, I would say go for it. It is an expensive product but saves paying for a hairdresser to fix any box dye misshaps. 

I hope you enjoyed my review and I am hoping to blog more :)

Love Laura x 

Ps. I took photos AFTER I have used the product, hence the messy packaging. 


  1. Some fab tips here! Very grateful that i managed to get to the hair dressers just before lockdown happened!

  2. I had to dye my hair during lockdown as my roots were so dark! Glad you managed to find something too!

    Tash -


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