Not Another New Years Blog Post

Hi... Been a long time.
I basically abandoned my blog, but somewhat feel inspired to write this particular blog post. 
I hope everyone had a lovely new years whatever you did, I ended up going somewhere more local to a hotel bar. Felt a little uneasy with the ammount of couples that turned up though when there's little ol' single me looking for a new suitor. 
So anyways, onto this new year style blog post. 

Last year gave me the opportunities and hurdles to achieve what I have asked for (I am a believer of Law Of Attraction). I may go on about this quite a lot so sorry for those bored with it, but I said YES to jaw surgery. I had an expander brace put on and surgery to removed 6 teeth. This was my first ever surgery and a very weird experience. I did something for charity, traveled abroad alone and many other "smaller" things. This was the year of being brave and saving money. It was also the year of really realizing my worth - not in a big headed way.  2018 thank you. I am very grateful for so many things the year brought me. 

Well sitting here thinking about what I want the year to hold for me, I feel a bit ridiculous. No idea why?! I am going to bullet point goals/tasks/wishes//dreams etc. for the year. On a no pressure basis of course > LOL

  • Do something charitable/ for charity (I really would like to do some volunteering for mental health or homeless)
  • Proceed with journey towards jaw surgery with my same current brave and positive attitude.
  • Save save and save. I did well in 2018, but I want to do even better. I need to save for a mortgage deposit.
  • Work on blogging/ youtubing - I know it's something I can be good at when I work hard on it. I have been so lazy. 
  • Meet prince charming 
  • Possibly move out 
  • Work on something I really enjoy.
  • Stay positive and happy.
OK guys, I have typed the above off the top of my head and probably written very badly and missing some points. But it's almost 11pm and I'm currently watching the Inbetweeners reunion so I'm a little distracted.

Hope you all have a positive 2019,  hopefully I'll blog soon. xxx


  1. Happy new year

  2. Best of luck with everything the new year brings - I'm sure your surgery and treatment will go well and you'll be able to meet your prince charming ;) x

    Alice // The Rose Glow

  3. It's great that you had a lovely 2018.
    I also abandoned by blog haha! I've only just got back into it today with a shiny new post so its definitely something that I need to put a bit more effort into this year.
    Happy New Year, Laura!

  4. I love these type of posts, mainly because I'm so nosey haha.

    I was going to try and move out this year too, but I'm scrapping that and focusing on saving for a house deposit so I can buy in early 2020!

    Oh and if you find Prince Charming? Direct his mates my way ;)

    The Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog


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