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Hey guys,

So this year I have bad a pretty big decision. I have said YES to going ahead with jaw surgery!

I thought I'd explain why and what I need to have done as well as to answer some questions you may have.

So basically back when I was 17, on the day I was having my braces taken off, the orthodontist said " I think you need jaw surgery, I can take your braces off today or leave them on to have surgery". There's me sitting there in utter shock, no one had mentioned surgery to me until the day I was getting my braces off. ARE YOU KIDDING.
So I asked her would it be an issue if I didn't go ahead with it (as I couldn't see why I needed surgery on my jaw, my teeth were straight). She responded with saying that if I didn't have it, my teeth would gradually move back to their original position.
I decided against the surgery as I just wanted the braces off.. I mean I was 17 and had been wearing braces since I was 13. I was given my retainers and wore them for the next 2 years and kinda stopped wearing them one day.

So in 2017 at 27 years old, I had started to go back to the dentist after I overcome my massive fear of them. I had two root canals and started to become obsessed with my teeth. Obsessed with their health and how they look. I started to notice how my teeth had really moved, to be honest I always thought they stayed kinda straight but because I kept closely examining them I noticed so many faults. I tried to start up Youtube again and was horrified by the appearance of my teeth. I decided I was having Invisalign, I was going to do whatever I could to pay for it. I went to two orthodontists for consultations. The second orthodontist advised me that Invisalign wasn't really an option for me. I would pay out all that money to make my teeth straight, but my jaw was way too misaligned as I have an overbite and the Invisalign couldn't fix it. She then mentioned jaw surgery (as did the first ortho) and I asked her if I could actually get it at my age. She told me that if my teeth and jaw are bad enough, I could get the surgery done under the NHS, including having the braces free too! I always thought you couldn't get treatment like that unless you was under 18. I then went to my normal dentist (who is an NHS dentist) and already knowing I have jaw issues, I asked him if he could refer me to the hospital for surgery. And so he sent off a letter to the hospital.

So I received my first letter from the NHS hospital saying that I had a consultation. I was completely shocked as I never really received letters from the hospital before. When I arrived I was nervous as I didn't know what to expect. They looked at my teeth and took some measurements as well as Xrays. I was nervous as I have two crowns from root canals and many fillings - yes I used to have a very high sugary diet. I asked her if I could pay extra and have the clear ceramic train track braces and she said no it's basically the metal ones or I couldn't get the surgery under the NHS and that I would be wearing them for around 3 years. I also would need my bottom wisdom teeth removed as well as two huge molar teeth! I left the appointment feeling very negative and upset to be honest.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to go ahead with it.

So my second appointment was basically taking my before photos and moulds of my teeth. After a lot of thought I said to the ortho that I wanted to go ahead with the surgery even if it meant wearing metal braces (again) for 3 years.

So this appointment helped me make my final decision as to if I was prepared to go ahead with everything. The surgeon explained the surgery, he took measurements and spoke in medical code with the orthodontist which of course I didn't understand. I was given a survey to fill out which asked questions like "are you happy with your appearance" and "how do others think you look" which I did leave quite negative responses - I'm not confident with my appearance. I signed some paperwork and confirmed that I wanted to go ahead with it.

This is what I see as the start of treatment. This was actually last Monday so I can confidently write what happened. I was given spacers on my top back teeth! Very scared because they're on either side of a crown on my left hand side, but I trust the ortho. These spacers are to .. create space. I will be needing an expander, so I'm guessing its make space for the movement and rings to go around my back teeth. These spacers are tiny little elastic rings forced in between teeth and let me tell you, they're tiny but they bloody hurt. For the past week I've only been able to eat soft foods and that's even been difficult. No pressure can be put on the back teeth because they're constantly being forced apart I guess. No pain no gain!

My next appointment is in 2 days and I'm not sure what will happen. I regularly updeate my instagram it's  laura_jawsurgery

Thanks for reading! Have any of you had jaw surgery?

Love Laura


  1. All the best with the surgery! Looking forward to your next update!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

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  7. Gosh, you are brave, my dear! This is such a lot for anybody to cope with and you're doing so well.

    Glad to hear you're going for what you want and hopefully, you'll be very happy with the eventual results from all of this effort and pain.

    I feel for you.

    Keep your chin up and keep your eyes on the prize.

    Please don't be down about any aspect of your appearance because you are beautiful just the way you are, inside and out!

    Much love, Hanna x

    missbeautysaver.com | Bloglovin <3 

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