How I Lost Weight | Weight Loss Story

So I have done weight loss blog posts in the past, but I don't think I've gone in depth enough! I wanted to share more pictures and say exactly what I did, and hopefully it will help someone if they want to loose weight.

So I first noticed I started to gain a little weight in 2012, my clothes weren't fitting like they used to. My jeans were becoming tighter and trying things on like dresses were a nightmare. I had always been the tall skinny one growing up and never experienced the feeling of "being fat" (I know I wasn't actually fat).  I was always that annoying friend that ate badly (lots of sugar) and never gained weight so my diet was pretty bad and eventually caught up on me.

I knew I had to start doing something and so I decided to join a gym in around 2013/2014 to exercise the extra weight off. I had it in my head that I could still eat the same though. For a whole year I worked hard at the gym, going after 4am early shifts and sometimes before my late shifts and guess what? I didn't loose weight! I was still going to Mcdonalds, grabbing packs of chocolate buttons and ordering takeaways on a regular basis.  You can see below it really showed in my face! The first picture is before when I gained the weight and the second picture is me now after I lost the weight....

I remember thinking I had lost weight just before my holiday in 2015, but when I put my bikini on I felt so depressed about my body and weight. I had worked so hard at the gym before and so little or no results from it. After my holiday I kind of lost my touch with the gym and eventually stopped going.

In January 2016 I tried my hardest to tackle my diet. First thing first was to cut down on the fast food. This new little voice in my head was saying NO! very loud any time I had the urge to drive to the Mcdonalds drive through or order a Pizza Hut. That voice helped a lot. Everytime I went to purchase something at a supermarket I avoided the"bad" aisles, and basically avoided picking up the food I would regret eating later. I also decided to find healthier alternatives to my very sweet tooth. I found love for chocolate rice cakes and ate them instead of bags of chocolate. I also cut out a lot of bread from my diet, I found it really bloating a fattening.

After swapping the bad for the better food I created a new relationship with what I ate. I saw that eating what I was eating before had no health benefits and started I to get used to having more fruit and veg daily. I started cooking more things myself and found foods I liked that were better for me.
From January to March I didn't weigh myself and just followed the "better diet" I had and didn't really see it as dieting at all. It wasn't until someone came up to me at work randomly and asked if I had lost weight. I laughed to myself thinking I defo hadn't and went to weigh myself to prove it. ...... I had lost 2KG. 2KG!! I had achieved the lowest weight I had been for a couple of years. I went from 67/68KG to 65KG. The cutting out the bad foods really did help.

Left: Before Right: After 

Knowing I had actually lost weight after trying for 2 years gave me a massive boost, but I wasn't just at the stage I wanted to be at and I wanted to loose a little more. One thing that really helped me keep on track and watch my progress was the My Fitness Pal app. I'm telling you if you want to loose weight through your diet you need this app in your life. I started to track what I was eating and how many calories. Now this is where things can get get dangerous though. I did at one point become a little obsessed with making sure I didn't go over my calorie allowance and felt an immense feeling of guilt if I did. I was limited to 1200 calories a day which wasn't that much anyways.

Left: Before Right: After 

The app gave me knowledge of what foods had a lot of calories and how much I could actually consume in a day and loose weight. I also educated myself on different foods and meals. The longer I followed the diet/app the more I was told by people that I had lost weight. I'm not going to lie, getting told you have lost weight when you've felt fat for so long is the best feeling. I went from a small 12/large 10  on the bottom and 10 on the top to now being able to wear size 8 in both top and bottom. Now I know what a lot of you are thinking "size 10 isn't big at all". The thing is the weight gained was mainly around my muffin top and bum and it looked really unflattering. Clothes looked horrid on my body when I was heavier.

So where am I now?

I am currently  maintaining my weight without dieting, I think I owe most of my weight loss down to cutting out the fast food and overload of chocolate. I now weight 62KG. I went from 10st 7 to 9st 7. So in total I lost around a stone. When I was trying to loose weight I did drop to 61KG, but I did get a lot of feedback from others that it was a little too much for my height.
I still think of food in a different light. I of course still have days when I feel like a Mcdonalds, but limit myself and see it as a treat rather than a daily occurrence.
I like to have healthier food and if I have eaten badly the day before I try to make sure I make up for it the next day and eat healthy.

I do want to become motivated enough to work out and tone my body.  I am very active in my job and do ALOT of walking so I know I get enough cardio anyways.

There are a couple of meals that I ate whilst trying to loose weight that I also wanted to share;

  • Pasta salad - Cooked pasta mixed with Caesar sauce, chopped peppers, onions and ham. 
  • Tuna pasta - Cooked pasta with John West flavoured tuna pots and cheese. 
  • Salmon with sweet potato fries and vegetables. 
  • Jacket potato with tuna, coleslaw and grated cheese. 
  • Cooked chicken breast with baby potatos and vegetables.
  • Quinoa with seasoned mushrooms, onions and chopped cooked chicken breast. 
So yea that's how I lost a stone last year and long story cut short - swapping to healthier food options does work!! I never believed in it until I tried.  The other thing is I learned to look after my body better which was a bonus. 

Do you have any weight loss tips? :) 

Love Laura x

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  1. Amazing post!
    Have a lovely day,
    xx Kris

  2. I'm not trying to lose weight, but I really want to switch to a healthy lifestyle so that I feel better and more energetic! That's why I liked this post where you also focused on what you've been eating, and it's just good home cooking that I think can really help! xx

    Velvet Blush

  3. Good on you and well done! You look amazing and very fit.

  4. Lovely read, thank you for sharing ! Sounds like you are on a really positive journey with food and loving your body. Keep it up girl xxx

  5. You have done incredibly well, you look beautiful before and after but I'm glad you feel more positive!

    Lauren x Huggled

  6. I'm kind of in the same situation right now - lots of exercise but no weight loss. I definitely have to reevaluate my diet and cut down on some sugar.

  7. Congrats on this! You look great, girl :)

  8. I've just downloaded the app myfitnesspal and so far it's been really helpful! I am in the same situation i'm at a plateau and just don't seem to be loosing any weight

    Lizzie | Takeoffs & Landings


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