Being Tall

Hey guys

So for today's chatty post I thought I would explain the daily probs with being 5ft 10 (I'm around that height, haven't checked recently lol) But I would class myself as tall - especially when the following things that have happened to me..

The first prob is meeting guys. I have Tinder (yes it's shit) and I literally have to put my height in the bio lol. One time I was sat down next to a guy in a night club and got chatting to him. He seemed pretty decent, until we both got up next to each other to go dance. Let's just say I found an excuse for a quick escape - he was much shorter than me. Many of these type situations have happened to me. I don't want you thinking there's a big problem with girls going out with guys shorter than them, it's absolutely fine, just for me personally I don't feel comfortable with it.

Another problem I have to deal with is when group photographs are taken. I can't just stand anywhere if I wana look "cute". Sometimes I have to stand hunched to even get myself in the shot hah! I do stand out in photo's and I don't know if that's a good or bad thing?

I hate buying jeans sometimes. Some shops do length 32 max, and I have to wear length 34. If I don't want the cropped jean look I have to make sure they are long enough for me. The clothes issue doesn't end up there. Even things like maxi dresses can come up short, so sometimes I can miss out on lovely clothes because they just don't fit me. And don't get me started on body suits..  I also find it a task to find heels that aren't too high but are nice.

Even though being tall can be VERY annoying sometimes. The good thing is I can reach to some shelves that others can't, and I am tall enough to go on all the roller coasters. JOKE.
No really there can be benefits to being tall really, like when I gain weight it doesn't show as easily. I've always told myself "supermodels are tall" haha. I'm trying to look at the positive side too because no one is really 100% happy with their body are they?

Is there one thing you hate about your body, and one thing you like? Share in the comments will be interesting to read :)

Ps. Any of you reading this tall too?!

Love Laura xxx

Bondi Sands Dark Tanning Foam | Review

Hey guys!
So I am doing yet another fake tan review (because let's face it, I love being tanned.)
This time I thought I would try a brand that is quite new to me. Bondi Sands come from Australia, and I swear lots of Australians have amazing tans (fake or real.)
I picked the foam/mousse from their range because I feel that I prefer that consistency when applying fake tan. There is a light/medium shade as well, but as I'm an experienced tanner and actually want to see visible results from a tan I went for the dark.  So what do I think of it?... here are my thoughts after using it a couple of times.

The application is pretty normal for this type of tan. I find the product very easy to spread and blend, although I feel it does dry quite quick. There is a typical guide colour which helps to know if you've missed any areas. It does say a coconut scent on the bottle, although I do agree with this I can smell a usual fake tan scent slightly when applying ( I think it's because I'm used to coconut scented fake tans.) As usual I apply the tan at night and wash it off when I wake up in the morning.
I haven't seen much staining on my bed sheets when using this which is really good.

First results
This is the perfect fake tan colour. It looks so natural - brown and not orange. I am so impressed with the way the tan blends onto the "difficult areas" ie hands. I go even as far to say that this might be my new fave tanner and has beaten my old fave St Moritz. I would say if you like your tan normal dark (what I call my clubbing tan) I would say you need to do two applications. I was a bit disappointed at how dark it is for a "dark" tan.

This is where most tanners go wrong. They look lovely for a few days but then end up going really patchy and make my skin look disgusting. The tan fades well on my arms and legs, but goes patchy at the usual area near the underarm.

Final thoughts
This is a great tan, and is very similar to the others I have tried. As I said above this could become one of my new fave tans.

Have you tried Bondi Sands?

Love Laura