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A Couple Of Days In Budapest

Hey guys!

So I don't usually share photo's on my blog with friends or more personal ones, but I thought it would be nice to do it for a change. I wanted to write a post about Budapest and thought it'll be cool to share with you guys and give you some travel info. This blog post is a collaboration with Holiday Gems. * The photo above is one of my favourite holiday photos. It's from when I visited "Hero Square" the proper name is Hesok Tere in Budapest.

Cari's Closet | OOTD | Grey Loungewear

Hey guys!

My Vision Board | Law Of Attraction

Hey guys!

So I tried to create a physical vision board the other day, but my house is being revamped and redecorated. Currently the kitchen is on it's way to be ripped out and re installed, therefore all the crap is in the dining room. To cut a story short the printer is no where to be seen as everything is everywhere.

Billion Dollar Brows | Review

Hey guys!
So I have a very exciting product from Billion Dollar Brows to share with you guys!

Barry M Cosmic Lights Highlighting Palette | Review

Hey guys!
So I wasn't going to blog about this, but I haven't seen anyone write about it so I thought I'd share my opinons.

Summer Holiday Wishlist 2017

5 Things That Help Me Relax In The Evening*

Hey guys!

So whilst visiting my Nan in Cornwall, I came to realise how much I really enjoy the simple things to relax when at home...

The Happiness Planner | Law Of Attraction

Hey guys!
So this is one of my first blog posts discussing Law Of Attraction. It's something I have came to find out about recently.

What's In My Makeup Bag 2017

Makeup bag LauraThinksAbout

Hey guys! So I just did a massive makeup bag sort, and bought two new items that I love. So of course I had to share.

How I Lost Weight | Weight Loss Story

So I have done weight loss blog posts in the past, but I don't think I've gone in depth enough! I wanted to share more pictures and say exactly what I did, and hopefully it will help someone if they want to loose weight.

Fearless Uk | OOTD | Dipped Hem Top


Hey guys!
So I want to share this top I received from FearlessUk. I was sent the Dusty White Dipped Hem top*

My Thoughts On Bondi Sands Liquid Gold

Laura Thinks About

 Hey guys!
So if you know me, you'll know I love a good old fake tan! I have been trialing and testing the Bondi Sands Liquid Gold. It is advertised as a tanning dry oil and can be bought for £14.99 for 150ml.
I was looking for a tan I could use when I'm away on holiday (as I don't really tan when I'm away)! I wanted something that I could put on in the evening and wake up with a even tan.

Jewellery Box Review | Affordable Sterling Silver Jewellery

Laura Thinks About

Hey guys,
So I recently received some beautiful pieces of jewellery from Jewellerybox. I am a lover of silver jewellery, I love how subtle and expensive it can look. Jewellerybox sell jewellery (from rings to

Best Hair Store Hair Extensions

Laura Thinks About

Hey guys so I recently received my Best Hair Store Hair extensions* and had to do a review. If you know me or have read my blog for a while, you'll know I love hair extensions. I have always dreamed of having thick long hair but it never seems to grow past a certain length. I have worn clip ins for years but was excited to try a new brand. I chose the

OOTN | Cigarette trousers

Hey guys!

So as I don't have any blog posts ready to publish at the moment, I thought I would share what I wore last night. I wanted an outfit that I felt dressy in, comfortable and basically... was not a dress. I went to a bar so I didn't want to feel too overdressed.

Laura Thinks About

Recent Purchases And First Impressions | Bondi Sands, Revlon Etc.

Hey guys!

So I have bought a few things since pay day and thought I would give you guys my first impressions!

First up is the marble initial phone case. I've been wanting a new phone case for AGES, but since

Valentina Custom Jewellery

laura thinks about

Current Wants For Spring

OOTN Two Peice Set | My Thoughts On Clubbing

Hey guys!
I thought I would share the latest outfit I wore on a night out clubbing in London.

Purepotions Skin Care | Review


Hey guys!
So I have been on the hunt for new skin care. I currently use and love the Body Shop Vitamin E range, but I wondered if there was anything better for my dry skin.

Meal Prep | Quinoa And Tuna

Hey guys!
So.. I've done lots of research about foods that are really healthy and can help with weight loss. I

Sunglasses Dupes! | Quay & Ray Ban

Hey guys!
So I don't know about you, but sometimes I just can't afford to spend 100's on pairs of glasses, I love

Annoying Things Bloggers Do | Pet Peeves

Hey guys!
So I've been meaning to write this post for a while now, but holding back because I don't want to seem like a "hater" or "moaner". I think it could actually be an interesting read though and maybe start a discussion, so I'm just going with it! As a disclaimer this is not aimed at anyone, it's just things I've noticed through my time blogging.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash | Review

Garnier Micellar Gel Wash
I broke the pump whoops lol

Hey guys!

So the other day I went shopping for my usual Garnier Micellar Water, and accidentally picked up this gel wash. Instead of letting it just sit there I thought I'd give it a try (I'm not always keen on using face washes daily, I'd rather clean my face with product and cotton pads).
So this wash claims to be for face, eyes and lips, which is great because how many of us try and avoid the eye area when washing the face. The consistency is a bit like hand santizer mixed with a bit of water.. if that makes sense.

Garnier Micellar Gel Wash

I have to say after a few uses, this product is pretty good at removing makeup without feeling heavy on the skin. Some washes make my skin feel stripped, and dry afterwards, but this one seems to leave my skin feeling soft. The only issue I have had with this is that my eyes tend to sting if I try to wash my eye makeup off with it. Baring in mind it is for use on eyes I shouldn't be having this issue!? The pump is very handy (even when it's slightly broken) to keep in the bathroom or on the side and it does have a lock option which is great for for travel.

Overall this is the wash version of my favourite makeup remover, and it hasn't dissapointed me.

Have you tried this?
Love Laura x

My Current Hair Care Routine | Damaged Hair

Hair Care Routine

Hey guys,

So I thought I would share my current hair care routine! I  shared on the blog that I had had my hair cut recently and really wanted to grow my hair healthy! [Blog Post Here]
I have filmed a video talking about it on my Youtube, but I know some people just want to read about it instead so you can have the best of both worlds hah!

What I'm Selling On Depop ( Boohoo, Missguided etc.)

Hey guys!

So I know sometimes it might be annoying when people share their Youtube on their blog? But anyways I'm still gonna do it every now and then! ;)

Asos Spring Wishlist 2017

Hey guys so I'm really excited for the change of weather, and it being warm enough to wear different clothing soon. 
I am feeling the look of whites and blues at the moment. I think it looks so summery! I've linked everything below. There was more but I had to limit it haha. 

Love Laura 

I Wish It Was Summer | OOTD | Brown Bag

Hey guys!
So I'm back with another outfit style post. This time I've dressed a little bit "springy" by wearing lighter colours - I've been wearing black mostly over the Winter.
I really want to work on my own personal style this year. I tend to go for more safer outfits, and sometimes buy things that aren't fitted enough.

The bag in this photo you can purchase from Debbie [LINK HERE] and she kindly gave readers a discount code (LAURA20) for 20% off!!!. The price of the bag is £21.99 before discount. :)

Outfit Details:
Top: River Island
Jeans: New Look 
Heels: Asos
Sunglasses: Primark 

Love Laura xx

What's In My Work Bag | Airline Uniform

Harrods bag £33 Harrods card holder £8 (both duty free prices)

Hey guys,

OK firstly this post isn't sponsored by Harrods lol. I just randomly went into the Harrods near where I work to get a card holder and found the perfect size bag for work as well.
I used to carry agreat big tote bag every day and found it always got heavier and heavier. I only can have black or navy bags for work (strict uniform).

So for me this year I decided to go minimalist. Carry only what I need. Let's just say my shoulders thank me for it. As you can see from the pics, I literally carry the most boring things (makes me wonder why I even did a blog post on this.) I carry the odd few lipsticks, but other than that I never touch up makeup during the day. The only thing missing from the pics are my keys and ID pass, I don't think it would be very proffesh to add my airport pass in. You never know who could come across this post haha.

Items pictured;
  • Prada glasses case
  • highlighter
  • pencil
  • card holder 
  • gum
  • nurofen
  • Pink diary
  • Sanitizer
  • Perfume atomizer 
  • Vaseline
  • Rimmel 107 lipstick
  • Rimmel lip liner
  • Rimmel pink lipstick (forgot the shade)

The bag is actually a lot smaller than it looks in the pics, it's a size of a cross body bag. Talking of cross body bags, I think that's the size bag I'm going to try and use more often this year!

What bag do you use for work? and what items do you have to have in yours?

Love Laura

Going For The Chop | Healthier Hair

Hey guys!
So yesterday I went to my hairdresser to get my usual root tint done with my friend Debbie ( I started getting grey hairs already) weep weep. And I was talking to them about how much I hate my hair. It had been getting SO thin and dry at the ends, and basically looked disgusting. All I wanted was beautiful long hair with blunt ends - is that too much to ask. Like every hairdresser recommends, she said to just go for the chop and look after my hair.
This is the shortest my hair has been for a long time. Let's just say I did want to have a little cry when I got back home #firstworldproblems.

So I have decided to do the following things to improve the condition of my hair. There's no point cutting off the bad hair and then not maintaining it right?

Avoiding heat 
I am going to do my best to avoid using my hair straighteners! My hair is naturally curly/frizzy so it's quite hard to avoid using them. I'm going to make sure I always use heat protection if I do and blow dry my hair straight instead of using my GHD's.

Being careful with brushing my hair
I have just bought a new hair brush - one of those detangling ones. I used to have a pink tangle teaser but I can't find it anywhere. I am going to be very careful when brushing my hair especially when it's wet. Treating it more like silk.

Hair products 
So after watching a vlog from Lydia Millen, I noticed she was using a shampoo to detox and gently cleanse the hair. I bought the new Herbal Essences daily detox golden rasberry and mint shampoo and conditioner! I'm hoping using more gentle products on my hair will limit the damage. I also bought the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle oil reconstructor to smooth over my frizzy hair after styling.  This has 3 different amazing oils in it so I'm hoping it'll work it's magic. I am using other things such as heat protectant, coconut oil and hair masks already but I'm going to make them more of a regular thing!

I have heard quite a few people say they tie their hair back when they sleep or put their hair in a braid. I'm going to start doing that instead of sleeping with it down.

Regular trims
As I go to my hairdresser every 2 months for my root tint I have no excuse to not get my hair cut every 8 weeks.  This will maintain getting rid of the bad hair and keeping it nice and thick at the ends.

I have already improved my diet recently (READ MY FIRST WEIGHT LOSS POST HERE) I'm trying to eat more protein and vegetables. I have been recently eating scrambled egg and smoked salmon for breakfast.. YUM!

So yea they are a few things I'm changing, and I thought I'd write this post so I can update you guys in 6 months or so to see how my hairs growing!
I did do a post in the past on growing your hair, but it just wasn't very helpful on growing HEALTHY long hair hah! (YOU CAN READ IT HERE) Look how much longer my hair is in the pic though!

I thought I would mention as well that I do have clip in extensions and so that's why my hair looks quite long in some pics. Here is what my hair looked like before I cut it without extensions...

You may not be able to see it (because my hairs all put to one side) but it was soooo thin.

Anyways that's enough of me rambling. I hope you found this post helpful, and I'll update you guys soon!

Do you have any tips on growing healthier hair?

Love Laura x


Items For My Blog | Wishlist

Hey guys!

So I really want to improve my content here on my blog, and for my Youtube channel. I have taken some inspo from other bloggers that I like and thought I would do a wishlist.

Sequin/Pretty light backdrop
This is mainly for if I do Youtube videos. I have seen other youtubers have pretty backgrounds (backgrounds have become so much more important in the recent years) I think it makes the whole video look so much better. I could also use a nice background for pics on my blog.

Canon 600D DSLR camera
This has been the camera I have wanted for like the last 3 years ( I currently use the Canon SX170s). I first heard about it when Zoella mentioned she had got it. This is a Youtuber/blogger fave and has great reviews. One thing I  love about it is the flip out viewfinder! The camera is still pretty expensive which is why I haven't purchased it yet.

White wooden background
This background looks so "rough" yet so nice with products on top of it for blog photos. It's a new take on the usual boring white backgrounds.

Blue tack
I know most people have blue tack in their household and it's easily accessible, but I can't find mine. Blue tack is so handy to keep items still for photos or could be used to stick up lights for a backdrop?

Pretty fake flowers
I do already have fake flowers in my room, but I need more individual ones to put along side items in my photos. I think it makes pics look so Tumblr and pretty.

Light up L
I really like the light up letters and think anything lit up could look cute and adds more interest!

So there are some things I want to get a hold of for my blog/Youtube this year.
Are there any items you would add to the list?

Love Laura x


Being Tall

Hey guys

So for today's chatty post I thought I would explain the daily probs with being 5ft 10 (I'm around that height, haven't checked recently lol) But I would class myself as tall - especially when the following things that have happened to me..

The first prob is meeting guys. I have Tinder (yes it's shit) and I literally have to put my height in the bio lol. One time I was sat down next to a guy in a night club and got chatting to him. He seemed pretty decent, until we both got up next to each other to go dance. Let's just say I found an excuse for a quick escape - he was much shorter than me. Many of these type situations have happened to me. I don't want you thinking there's a big problem with girls going out with guys shorter than them, it's absolutely fine, just for me personally I don't feel comfortable with it.

Another problem I have to deal with is when group photographs are taken. I can't just stand anywhere if I wana look "cute". Sometimes I have to stand hunched to even get myself in the shot hah! I do stand out in photo's and I don't know if that's a good or bad thing?

I hate buying jeans sometimes. Some shops do length 32 max, and I have to wear length 34. If I don't want the cropped jean look I have to make sure they are long enough for me. The clothes issue doesn't end up there. Even things like maxi dresses can come up short, so sometimes I can miss out on lovely clothes because they just don't fit me. And don't get me started on body suits..  I also find it a task to find heels that aren't too high but are nice.

Even though being tall can be VERY annoying sometimes. The good thing is I can reach to some shelves that others can't, and I am tall enough to go on all the roller coasters. JOKE.
No really there can be benefits to being tall really, like when I gain weight it doesn't show as easily. I've always told myself "supermodels are tall" haha. I'm trying to look at the positive side too because no one is really 100% happy with their body are they?

Is there one thing you hate about your body, and one thing you like? Share in the comments will be interesting to read :)

Ps. Any of you reading this tall too?!

Love Laura xxx

Bondi Sands Dark Tanning Foam | Review

Hey guys!
So I am doing yet another fake tan review (because let's face it, I love being tanned.)
This time I thought I would try a brand that is quite new to me. Bondi Sands come from Australia, and I swear lots of Australians have amazing tans (fake or real.)
I picked the foam/mousse from their range because I feel that I prefer that consistency when applying fake tan. There is a light/medium shade as well, but as I'm an experienced tanner and actually want to see visible results from a tan I went for the dark.  So what do I think of it?... here are my thoughts after using it a couple of times.

The application is pretty normal for this type of tan. I find the product very easy to spread and blend, although I feel it does dry quite quick. There is a typical guide colour which helps to know if you've missed any areas. It does say a coconut scent on the bottle, although I do agree with this I can smell a usual fake tan scent slightly when applying ( I think it's because I'm used to coconut scented fake tans.) As usual I apply the tan at night and wash it off when I wake up in the morning.
I haven't seen much staining on my bed sheets when using this which is really good.

First results
This is the perfect fake tan colour. It looks so natural - brown and not orange. I am so impressed with the way the tan blends onto the "difficult areas" ie hands. I go even as far to say that this might be my new fave tanner and has beaten my old fave St Moritz. I would say if you like your tan normal dark (what I call my clubbing tan) I would say you need to do two applications. I was a bit disappointed at how dark it is for a "dark" tan.

This is where most tanners go wrong. They look lovely for a few days but then end up going really patchy and make my skin look disgusting. The tan fades well on my arms and legs, but goes patchy at the usual area near the underarm.

Final thoughts
This is a great tan, and is very similar to the others I have tried. As I said above this could become one of my new fave tans.

Have you tried Bondi Sands?

Love Laura