Hey guys! 
So I think I might start doing more wishlist posts on my blog again. (Sometimes I see something I like/ want and forget about it.)
For this one I just added random things I have seen and liked. Items such as the Gucci belt are not in my price budget at the moment but I still would like one lol. On the other hand the YES bracelet is something cute that has meaning. It might seem stupid but I want to wear something that reminds me everyday to just say yes to more things.

Are there any items you're lusting over?

Love Laura xxx

Why I Think Blogging Is The Perfect Hobby

Hey guys!
So as I have got back into blogging I can really say it has become hobby of mine again. Some people use it for their income, and one day I would love that to happen. But for now it's something I enjoy and these are some reasons why.

1. You Make Friends Through it 
Yes, you can actually make friends just like any other "normal" hobby. I find the blogging community so friendly - I don't think I've ever received a nasty comment. Everyone seems to be supportive in their comments and tweets. There are always meet up's happening as well, one day I'll like to go to one. I'm thinking of going to one next year.

2. You Can Always Learn New Things
I have learnt so much whether it's HTML or reading a blog post review on a product. The blogging world is an information tool. You can either learn from other bloggers or learn stuff yourself from producing your own content.

3. It's Easy To Get Started
When I say it's easy, I mean it's easy to make a blog. You can log into blogger anytime you want and create your very own blog. It's not difficult to access and it's FREE. The added extra's like a domain name aren't a must and can come later.

4. You Can Do Whatever You Want
You can write what you want, when you want. If you want to write about makeup you can, or if you want to write a book review.. guess what .. you can. The world of blogging is another way to show another side to you.

5. You Can Get Things Off Your Chest
Not all bloggers do lifestyle posts, but if you do... how amazing does it feel to write about something that's on your mind? I do sometimes find it therapeutic to write about things especially anxiety. This is a great way to deal with issues for some people.

6. New Opportunities 
I have been approached by a few companies because of my blog. Whether it's to review a product of theirs or to share their website on my social platforms. Yes sometimes it's annoying, but sometimes some amazing opportunities come out of blogging.

7. You Can Inspire Others
Do you ever read a blog post and it changes your thoughts for the day? Sometimes I find reading other peoples blog posts inspire me. I love to inspire people myself and feel I can do that through my blog.

So yea these are some reasons I love to blog. Do you guys agree?

Love Laura xx

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My New Favourite Perfume | Gucci Bamboo

Gucci Bamboo 50ml EDT (£44 for gift set)

Hey guys!

So I made a random purchase the other day and got the Gucci Bamboo gift set.
I've been on the look out for a fresh perfume that is young yet classy and not too sweet. This is the perfect perfume for every day wear and I love the bottle design!

This perfume has notes of floral, citrus, woody and sweet. To be honest I can't really smell the citrus but I don't have any perfume knowledge at all, so I guess I'm not the right person to comment on it. Let's just say the smell is really pleasant and I can't fault it, it's not too strong and is complimenting on me.
I have the EDT which means the smell doesn't have as much long wear as I wanted (I'm a little disappointed in this from Gucci) but this is a great perfume to carry in my handbag.

Here's the best/cheapest places I found to get this perfume;
* Superdrug 
* Perfume shop
* Fragrance Direct

Love Laura xx


OOTD | Autumn Look

Hey guys! 
So I decided to go out today and take some outfit photos in my garden.... (well actually the side of the conservatory.) LOL
This outfit is one of my fave Autumn looks. I just put on a high neck black top, A line skirt and black tights. Team it with a scarf for colour and ankle boots and Ta Da!. 

I don't have best camera or editing style but I hope you get the idea of the outfit.

Outfit deets;

Top - H&M
Tights - Primark
Skirt - Miss Selfridge 
Scarf - Can't remember 
Boots - New Look

Love Laura x

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