Pure Chimp Matcha Green Tea | Review

Hey guys!
So I thought I would share on my blog a wonderful product that i've tried and tested. It's a matcha green tea from Pure Chimp. *

Matcha green tea has many health benefits including;

  • High in Antioxidants
  • Loaded with Catechin, EGCg
  • Enhances Calm
  • Boosts Memory and Concentration
  • Increases Energy Levels and Endurance
  • Burns Calories
  • Detoxifies the Body
  • Fortifies the Immune System

As some of you may know I have become a lot healthier this year, and this is one of my new favourite finds! You can make many recipes with matcha and the most common one is a tea. You just simply add half a tea spoon of the powder to boiling water and Ta Da! A tea full of healthy benefits - even better that your average green tea. I personally add honey to the tea to sweeten it up. It just tastes like sweet water which is pretty good.
If you're wanting to loose weight or want to replace your tea/coffee/hot chocolate for something much better for you, than I recommend you try this. You can even add the matcha to smoothies and cakes? (recipe ideas here) I think I'm going to try that next and maybe do a blog post on it in the future.

You can purchase this product for as little as £5 for 10 cups worth. This way you can give the match a try to see if you like it. The website is purechimp.com 


Have you tried Matcha before?

Laura x

Ps. This product was sent to me, but like many other bloggers I only review my honest thoughts and opinions. If I don't like a product I would rather not review it and contact the company privately.


  1. This is lovely.

  2. I am OBSESSED with Matcha!

    Sharni X


  3. i love green tea too


  4. I really love the look of this tea! The health benefits are all fab, it's great it's such a multi-tasker and is so easy to use, too :) It sounds like it tastes a lot better than average green tea which is such a winner. Looking forward to your future blog post, I think that's amazing you can add the recipe to smoothies and cakes. Total bonus! Perfect review lovely! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. Ye it defo tastes a lot better than your average green tea! aww thankyou xx

  5. I've heard so many good things about matcha. I'll definitely have to try this out. Great post! :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  6. I love green tea, I like that this is a powder and that you add honey to make it sweeter ha that's a good idea


  7. I've always heard of it but never tried it. :D

  8. I've yet to try matcha. I like regular green tea - I get the lemon flavoured one - but I really ought to try matcha, like you say, it's supposed to be even healthier! x

    Kate Louise Blogs / Lingerie Giveaway

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