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Hey guys!

So I was stalking other peoples blogs on Twitter #noshame. And came across a lovely girls blog (which I bloody forgot the link to so I can't share) and she spoke about her OCD struggles. Now I also struggle with a form of OCD and could so empathize with the way she was feeling. When most people think of OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder) they think of someone obsessed with being clean eg. washing their hands, but there is a lot more to it.  Without cheating on Google for a description, I would say OCD is a pattern of behavior a person has to do to prevent something bad happening.

Everyone's compulsive thoughts are different. Some are more extreme than others. I'm sure you may have heard of lots of "bizarre" things people do. Like knocking on door 5 times before you enter, or washing your hands every time you touch something. Most people think it's ridiculous, and can't understand why people make a conscious decision to do the weirdest things. I think if you haven't dealt with OCD yourself you wont understand completely and that's fine.

So you're probably wondering that weird thing I do?  Well if you think back to the last paragraph, I personally described OCD as a prevention to stop something bad happening. I am scared all the time of causing something bad to happen because of me. My main issue is plugs and appliances. This sounds embarrassing but I have to take photo's of my hair straighteners and plugs before I leave the house. OK that's not too extreme I guess, a lot of people get scared they've left something on. But if I'm having a bad day, I will panic about every little thing that could cause a problem because of me. Sometimes I have to check the taps, tv's, kettle and doors. I've even drove back home after checking everything 3 times to double check another time.

If I don't check all of this, I convince myself the worst is going to happen. For example I worry that I'll cause a fire - stupid right? I actually can see how silly my thoughts are, and try to trick myself that it's all ok. I have spoke on my blog regarding anxiety - Anxiety and OCD are definitely linked. The more anxious I am, the worse my OCD is.

I hope you guys don’t think I’m a weirdo after reading this.
To be honest, everyone has their faults and I know that people have it a lot worse that me. I have taken a few steps to make mine better (like refusing to do some of the patterned behavior) and I'm proud of that.

Do you guys suffer from OCD, or know someone that does?

Love Laura x


  1. I'm very OCD about how things are done! I'm super nit picky and if its not done right I get upset!

    The Cassie Paige
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  2. I can defo relate to this post, I can be OCD about different things aswel but weird i'm the same with things like appliances before I leave the house or even before I sleep, like checking the cooker I will literally check it like 4 times even though I can clearly see its off (I have taken pics before aswel ha) so your not alone .. and I don't think anythings wrong with it everyone is dif :)


  3. I don't really suffer with OCD, although I do tend to have to do things in a particular order and get rather stressed if the order changes, but I have suffered with anxiety for many years so can relate to that fear of something bad happening. It's one of the hardest things to overcome :) xx

  4. I don't anybody with OCD so it's interesting to read your point of view. Wish you the best of luck on your journey :]

    // ▲ ▲

  5. I can totally relate to how you feel! Maybe not to your extent, but with my anxiety comes some OCD tendencies, like washing my hand's thoroughly, doing a particular thing because if I don't then I think something bad will happen, being suspicious etc. It's such a hard disorder to live with, but I definitely think one that can be cured. All the best xx

    Lauren |

    1. Oh defo sounds like you have similarities x

  6. The door is a big one for me! I have to check the doors to the house a million time

  7. I really like this post its nice to see what OCD really is instead of everyone assuming its cleaning i think the worst part would have to be the intrusive thoughts because there is nothing you can do about them

  8. I do the same thing, and I'm always running late because I go back and check the door is shut and the candles have been blown out, etc. You're not alone girl!

    Sharni X

  9. You're brave opening up about this hun, I admire your courage and spirit so much :) So sorry you suffer, OCD can be the absolute worst. I suffer myself and lately I've realised just how much it seems to control so many aspects of my life. Like you my anxiety and OCD seem to be linked. Can 100% relate about the fire issue, I always worry about stuff like that too. You're one step closer to conquering your OCD by opening up and writing this. I have every faith in you babe, and I'm proud of you times a trillion <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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