Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation | Review

Hey guys!
So it's another foundation review, I don't think I've done one in ages. The Luminous Silk foundation was my latest addition to my collection, and lets say I think it's over raved. Whoops - yes I said it.. read more for my reasons.

Bottle Design
As you can see by my photographs, the bottle is beautiful. It's defo one to have on the shelf to show off! I love the simplicity of it, but yet you can tell it's an expensive foundation. Although that is all true, it also means this bottle is NOT travel friendly. It's glass or glass like, so weighs more than the average plastic tube of foundation.

Now, this is where I've been very surprised by it. I have read many reviews and watched countless Youtube videos about it (Yes I'm that sad) and everyone seemed to say it lasts all day/a long time. I disagree. It seems to slide of my face after a few hours.. baring in mine I have DRY skin. Weird.

Colour Match 
Well, you guys are gonna be annoyed but I didn't go for the actual colour the sales assistant matched me to. It was wayyy to pink toned and was a shade too dark. I instead went for one my friend wears (her foundations usually match me) and also again Youtube videos to compare the perfect shade for me. I went for Shade 4, which I understood was a kind of neutral tone. I ordered it online, and when it arrived I couldn't wait to try it.. Unfortunately it is a bit too yellow for me, I would say it's more like an NC in Mac, some may dissagree. Maybe I needed shade 4.75 which I understand is more of a pinky tone. Who knows.  I can wear this foundation, but this shade seems to make me look a bit washed out/ill. I have to say the colour range for this foundation is brilliant, so I'm sure everyone can find their perfect shade - Don't do it online like I did!

Texture And Finish
This is why I initially bought the foundation. I wanted a dewy, longwearing, fresh looking foundation. It seems to look amazing on everyone else. When I do apply this foundation it is quite smooth and does have a dewy effect. This one isn't the easiest to blend, when I use my buffing brush to use this foundation, all I can see is streaks across my face! I have also tried to use a beauty blender but it just gives me the caked effect. Pics for you to see below:

Final Thoughts?
I do like this foundation, but I think it's overpriced. I paid £38!!!!!There are many cheaper foundations on the market, like Bourjois that do the same thing and look very very similar on the skin. This is a luxurious product, and I think with the right shade and way of applying to the skin it can look beautiful. 

Have you tried this foundation?

Love Laura  

Skin Care Favourites For Dry Skin | Product Empties

Hey guys
So, as planned I am trying to keep to my blog schedule.
My skin type is dry to very dry, and I hate it. (My skin sometimes can be combo randomly.) I have tried many products, and still have many not shown here that I love. But if there's one thing to prove I love a product, it's when the bottle is empty!! This post is mainly to show every day things I have used to battle my dry skin.

First up is the makeup removers, Garnier is winning here if you haven't guessed. Their products are so widely available and affordable, so no wonder I have gone through a lot of these bottles. I use their Micellar Water mainly to take off my eye makeup. This is amazing stuff, I am so glad I have swapped makeup wipes for something that is gentle and moisturizing for my skin. I use the Softening Cleansing Lotion for my facial skin, and as you can see from the packaging it's called goodbye dry and I defo agree with it!
I have been using an eye cream the last few months, it has really helped with any dryness under my eyes.I also have read a million times that you should start using one at a young age to help prevent wrinkles when you're older! My eye cream of choice has been by Soap And Glory. It's not too thick, but dries quite fast. I prob will re purchase.

For any problem areas, like extremely dry skin, or spots I have been using La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + and I am so sad it's run out. This is by far one of those products I am so glad to have discovered. I recommend it!! I have been through quite a few moisturizers recently, but for price and product overall I have been using one by Boots own brand Botanics. Now as you can see the packaging is very plain and so I can't remember the exact one I bought, but I know it was one for dry skin. Finally is the Body Shop's Vitamin E Facial Spray. This is a great setting spray for those of us that get dry patches with foundation especially. It helps me get that dewy look.

What are your skin care faves?

Love Laura xxx