Easy Monochrome | OOTD

Jeans - Liquor And Poker (from Asos)
Heels - Asos
Leather Jacket - River Island 
Lace Up Black Top - New Look

Love Laura 

Ps. I am actually planning on selling the jacket because it's slightly too big on me :(  (it's a size 10)
I'm going to be adding more items, including the jacket on my Depop hopefully through the next month! 
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Hey guys! 
So I think I might start doing more wishlist posts on my blog again. (Sometimes I see something I like/ want and forget about it.)
For this one I just added random things I have seen and liked. Items such as the Gucci belt are not in my price budget at the moment but I still would like one lol. On the other hand the YES bracelet is something cute that has meaning. It might seem stupid but I want to wear something that reminds me everyday to just say yes to more things.

Are there any items you're lusting over?

Love Laura xxx

Why I Think Blogging Is The Perfect Hobby

Hey guys!
So as I have got back into blogging I can really say it has become hobby of mine again. Some people use it for their income, and one day I would love that to happen. But for now it's something I enjoy and these are some reasons why.

1. You Make Friends Through it 
Yes, you can actually make friends just like any other "normal" hobby. I find the blogging community so friendly - I don't think I've ever received a nasty comment. Everyone seems to be supportive in their comments and tweets. There are always meet up's happening as well, one day I'll like to go to one. I'm thinking of going to one next year.

2. You Can Always Learn New Things
I have learnt so much whether it's HTML or reading a blog post review on a product. The blogging world is an information tool. You can either learn from other bloggers or learn stuff yourself from producing your own content.

3. It's Easy To Get Started
When I say it's easy, I mean it's easy to make a blog. You can log into blogger anytime you want and create your very own blog. It's not difficult to access and it's FREE. The added extra's like a domain name aren't a must and can come later.

4. You Can Do Whatever You Want
You can write what you want, when you want. If you want to write about makeup you can, or if you want to write a book review.. guess what .. you can. The world of blogging is another way to show another side to you.

5. You Can Get Things Off Your Chest
Not all bloggers do lifestyle posts, but if you do... how amazing does it feel to write about something that's on your mind? I do sometimes find it therapeutic to write about things especially anxiety. This is a great way to deal with issues for some people.

6. New Opportunities 
I have been approached by a few companies because of my blog. Whether it's to review a product of theirs or to share their website on my social platforms. Yes sometimes it's annoying, but sometimes some amazing opportunities come out of blogging.

7. You Can Inspire Others
Do you ever read a blog post and it changes your thoughts for the day? Sometimes I find reading other peoples blog posts inspire me. I love to inspire people myself and feel I can do that through my blog.

So yea these are some reasons I love to blog. Do you guys agree?

Love Laura xx

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My New Favourite Perfume | Gucci Bamboo

Gucci Bamboo 50ml EDT (£44 for gift set)

Hey guys!

So I made a random purchase the other day and got the Gucci Bamboo gift set.
I've been on the look out for a fresh perfume that is young yet classy and not too sweet. This is the perfect perfume for every day wear and I love the bottle design!

This perfume has notes of floral, citrus, woody and sweet. To be honest I can't really smell the citrus but I don't have any perfume knowledge at all, so I guess I'm not the right person to comment on it. Let's just say the smell is really pleasant and I can't fault it, it's not too strong and is complimenting on me.
I have the EDT which means the smell doesn't have as much long wear as I wanted (I'm a little disappointed in this from Gucci) but this is a great perfume to carry in my handbag.

Here's the best/cheapest places I found to get this perfume;
* Superdrug 
* Perfume shop
* Fragrance Direct

Love Laura xx


OOTD | Autumn Look

Hey guys! 
So I decided to go out today and take some outfit photos in my garden.... (well actually the side of the conservatory.) LOL
This outfit is one of my fave Autumn looks. I just put on a high neck black top, A line skirt and black tights. Team it with a scarf for colour and ankle boots and Ta Da!. 

I don't have best camera or editing style but I hope you get the idea of the outfit.

Outfit deets;

Top - H&M
Tights - Primark
Skirt - Miss Selfridge 
Scarf - Can't remember 
Boots - New Look

Love Laura x

Ps. Check out more Autumn inspired outfits on my friends blog - Shelise's World


Pure Chimp Matcha Green Tea | Review

Hey guys!
So I thought I would share on my blog a wonderful product that i've tried and tested. It's a matcha green tea from Pure Chimp. *

Matcha green tea has many health benefits including;

  • High in Antioxidants
  • Loaded with Catechin, EGCg
  • Enhances Calm
  • Boosts Memory and Concentration
  • Increases Energy Levels and Endurance
  • Burns Calories
  • Detoxifies the Body
  • Fortifies the Immune System

As some of you may know I have become a lot healthier this year, and this is one of my new favourite finds! You can make many recipes with matcha and the most common one is a tea. You just simply add half a tea spoon of the powder to boiling water and Ta Da! A tea full of healthy benefits - even better that your average green tea. I personally add honey to the tea to sweeten it up. It just tastes like sweet water which is pretty good.
If you're wanting to loose weight or want to replace your tea/coffee/hot chocolate for something much better for you, than I recommend you try this. You can even add the matcha to smoothies and cakes? (recipe ideas here) I think I'm going to try that next and maybe do a blog post on it in the future.

You can purchase this product for as little as £5 for 10 cups worth. This way you can give the match a try to see if you like it. The website is purechimp.com 


Have you tried Matcha before?

Laura x

Ps. This product was sent to me, but like many other bloggers I only review my honest thoughts and opinions. If I don't like a product I would rather not review it and contact the company privately.

Dealing With OCD | Lifestyle

Hey guys!

So I was stalking other peoples blogs on Twitter #noshame. And came across a lovely girls blog (which I bloody forgot the link to so I can't share) and she spoke about her OCD struggles. Now I also struggle with a form of OCD and could so empathize with the way she was feeling. When most people think of OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder) they think of someone obsessed with being clean eg. washing their hands, but there is a lot more to it.  Without cheating on Google for a description, I would say OCD is a pattern of behavior a person has to do to prevent something bad happening.

Everyone's compulsive thoughts are different. Some are more extreme than others. I'm sure you may have heard of lots of "bizarre" things people do. Like knocking on door 5 times before you enter, or washing your hands every time you touch something. Most people think it's ridiculous, and can't understand why people make a conscious decision to do the weirdest things. I think if you haven't dealt with OCD yourself you wont understand completely and that's fine.

So you're probably wondering that weird thing I do?  Well if you think back to the last paragraph, I personally described OCD as a prevention to stop something bad happening. I am scared all the time of causing something bad to happen because of me. My main issue is plugs and appliances. This sounds embarrassing but I have to take photo's of my hair straighteners and plugs before I leave the house. OK that's not too extreme I guess, a lot of people get scared they've left something on. But if I'm having a bad day, I will panic about every little thing that could cause a problem because of me. Sometimes I have to check the taps, tv's, kettle and doors. I've even drove back home after checking everything 3 times to double check another time.

If I don't check all of this, I convince myself the worst is going to happen. For example I worry that I'll cause a fire - stupid right? I actually can see how silly my thoughts are, and try to trick myself that it's all ok. I have spoke on my blog regarding anxiety - Anxiety and OCD are definitely linked. The more anxious I am, the worse my OCD is.

I hope you guys don’t think I’m a weirdo after reading this.
To be honest, everyone has their faults and I know that people have it a lot worse that me. I have taken a few steps to make mine better (like refusing to do some of the patterned behavior) and I'm proud of that.

Do you guys suffer from OCD, or know someone that does?

Love Laura x

OOTN | Red Birthday Dress

Laura Thinks About

Hey guys,

I thought I would share on the blog the dress I wore last night for my birthday night out. I bought it from Miss Pap and the link the actual dress is HERE. The dress cost only £20 and I think the material is quite good for the price. I also wore black lace up heels from Asos - You can get them HERE on sale for £14!! I'm telling you they are the most comfiest heels I've ever worn. (I'm the one usually moaning about my painful feet halfway through the night).

For makeup I wore eyeliner with fake eyelashes, bronzer and red lipstick. It's quite a simple look but I love it.

What is your fave online shop?

Love Laura

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Easy And Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep Idea

Laura Thinks About
Laura Thinks About

Hey guys,

So it's no secret that I've tried to become healthier this year, and I definitely have seen some great results. I now want to share some of my healthier options with you guys as I love reading posts like this this myself.
I work shift work which means sometimes I do early shifts and have to have my breakfast at work (otherwise known as my actual lunch break). I want to save money and ensure I keep up the healthy eating which is why I've been trying to bring my own meals in.

Here I just bought greek yogurt and added blueberries - you can add any fruit you like.. that's the fun part. I don't really like yogurt because of it's sour taste therefore I add honey to sweeten it up. I don't think a bit of yoghurt and fruit is enough so I added grapes as nibbles and a protein trek bar. I would also sit and eat this with a cup of tea.

Easy and affordable right?


What do you eat for breakfast?




Motivation is one of the keys to success. If you're not motivated to do well, you probably won't get your desired end result. I have been lacking motivation for years now. A lot of it comes from the "I can't" or "It'll never work out for me so what's the point" way of thinking.
See for me, I.. like many others think negatively about doing something out of the box. I think there are so many things in day to day life that we have to push ourselves to do.

I wrote a blog post about loosing weight a few months ago, something I was very proud of. I managed to stay motivated enough to achieve it - something I was doing so wrong before. I decided to say no to things that I was tempted to do that were bad and yes to things that would help to achieve my end goal. What motivated me though?
I didn't have someone on my back screaming that I needed to loose weight, I was unhappy with my body no one else and decided to do something about it properly this time. I think the secret to motivation is to want something so bad that you will do anything to achieve it. You can read books, watch videos etc and I definitely think they help... but at the end motivation definitely comes from YOU,

Now this blog post isn't to be aimed at weight loss.
If you need motivation to do something, anything - maybe it's to loose weight, to study or to get out of bed. You can if it's within reach and you want it bad enough.

I'm defo using this drive I have at the moment to do the following things;

  • Get back into and work hard on my blog
  • Start studying and achieving some more qualifications 
  • Start doing more things out of my comfort zone 
Sometimes you just need that little push.

What motivates you? What do you want to achieve with a little bit more motivation?
Love Laura x


Body Shop Vitamin E Range | New additions For Dry Skin

Body Shop

Hey guys,
So I have mentioned the Vitamin E range from Body Shop before on my blog. BLOG POST HERE
I recently purchased two more items from the range and want to share with you guys on the blog.

If you have oily skin, I'm sorry but this blog post isn't really gonna help you, but maybe you can share with someone you know that has dry/combo skin?! I have been suffering with quite dry, rough skin for a few years now and tried quite a few products, until I came across this range. It literally does what it says "on the tin". These products are aimed at boosting the moisture in the skin.

When browsing the store I kept going back to the Aqua Boose Essence Lotion. This lotion has hyaluronic acid in it which is known for anti aging and other benefits. It's a main part of the popular Hydraluron serum. This lotion is to be put on after cleansing and before moisturizing. I let this sink in before applying the next step in my skincare routine. The second new item I had to buy was the Intense Moisture Serum. I've been after a serum for a while, I just feel like a serum is great for creating a smooth canvas before moisturizer and foundation - especially when you have dry skin. This serum dries quickly and helps prevent my skin becoming dry throughout the day.

Since adding these to the other Vitamin E products I am loyal to using my skin has gone from dry to combo! I'm not sure if I will keep using all the products every day as I feel like I don't need as much moisture as I did before on my skin (thanks to the effectiveness of the range).
I personally think Body Shop is amazing, not just for the face for other things they sell for the body. (I especially love the strawberry body butter).

Have you tried one of their skin care ranges?

Love Laura x


How I Finally Started To Loose Weight!

Hey guys!
Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, I guess I just haven't been motivated, I've kind of shut off from the blogging world for the last few months. You may have seen I had a few goals for this year. Now I do this every year and never bother to actually achieve them, but this time I have been working really really hard to!

One of my main goals for this year was to loose weight, get healthy and be overall happier with my body. I'm quite tall and so have always been tall and slim, but in the recent few years I have grown more and more unhappy with the way I look. So after some strong will, this is what my recent hard work has achieved;

Now I know I wasn't massive before, and I know I am wearing different clothing, but I can finally fit into my normal sizes and wear fitted stuff. I have been struggling to loose weight for the last 2 years, I had been forcing myself to go to the gym and actually gained rather than lost anything. So I stopped going to the gym because let's face it - I HATE IT.

For me it's my eating. I know obvious right! I had it in my head that if I went to the gym alone, I would loose weight just from that and could eat what I wanted. NAH. After a lot, and yes I mean a lot of motivation I have steered clear of buying my fave sugary snacks (my weakness is chocolate), I've avoided Mcdonalds and been eating the good stuff or choosing healthier alternatives. I have been eating like this the last 2 months and it's safe to say I prefer healthier meals! YAY.

healthy snacks

My heaviest was 69KG and now I'm 64KG, that's a total loss of 5 KG or 11 Pounds! ( bare in mind I'm tall) For me this is a massive achievement because I couldn't get past a certain mark for a long time.  Now I have a holiday in a month and then another one the month after, so I need work even harder. As I hate the gym and can't get motivated to work out at home, I thought I might try going for 30 min runs 3 times a week. My job is very active luckily, I walk around 10,000 steps a day so even if I don't run I know i'm doing enough exercise.

So yea, who knew all you hear about choosing healthier alternatives actually works! Do you have any advice on how to loose a few extra pounds?

Love Laura x

ps. Green tea after a big meal or before bed is good!

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation | Review

Hey guys!
So it's another foundation review, I don't think I've done one in ages. The Luminous Silk foundation was my latest addition to my collection, and lets say I think it's over raved. Whoops - yes I said it.. read more for my reasons.

Bottle Design
As you can see by my photographs, the bottle is beautiful. It's defo one to have on the shelf to show off! I love the simplicity of it, but yet you can tell it's an expensive foundation. Although that is all true, it also means this bottle is NOT travel friendly. It's glass or glass like, so weighs more than the average plastic tube of foundation.

Now, this is where I've been very surprised by it. I have read many reviews and watched countless Youtube videos about it (Yes I'm that sad) and everyone seemed to say it lasts all day/a long time. I disagree. It seems to slide of my face after a few hours.. baring in mine I have DRY skin. Weird.

Colour Match 
Well, you guys are gonna be annoyed but I didn't go for the actual colour the sales assistant matched me to. It was wayyy to pink toned and was a shade too dark. I instead went for one my friend wears (her foundations usually match me) and also again Youtube videos to compare the perfect shade for me. I went for Shade 4, which I understood was a kind of neutral tone. I ordered it online, and when it arrived I couldn't wait to try it.. Unfortunately it is a bit too yellow for me, I would say it's more like an NC in Mac, some may dissagree. Maybe I needed shade 4.75 which I understand is more of a pinky tone. Who knows.  I can wear this foundation, but this shade seems to make me look a bit washed out/ill. I have to say the colour range for this foundation is brilliant, so I'm sure everyone can find their perfect shade - Don't do it online like I did!

Texture And Finish
This is why I initially bought the foundation. I wanted a dewy, longwearing, fresh looking foundation. It seems to look amazing on everyone else. When I do apply this foundation it is quite smooth and does have a dewy effect. This one isn't the easiest to blend, when I use my buffing brush to use this foundation, all I can see is streaks across my face! I have also tried to use a beauty blender but it just gives me the caked effect. Pics for you to see below:

Final Thoughts?
I do like this foundation, but I think it's overpriced. I paid £38!!!!!There are many cheaper foundations on the market, like Bourjois that do the same thing and look very very similar on the skin. This is a luxurious product, and I think with the right shade and way of applying to the skin it can look beautiful. 

Have you tried this foundation?

Love Laura  

Things To Remember When You Compare Yourself To Others...

Hey guys!!

So, I don't know about you, but I tend to compare myself to others ALOT. I mean to the extent that I make myself extremely unhappy inside. Usually I compare myself on the basis of looks or other peoples relationships. I have ok to low self esteem. I don't have the perfect body, in fact I'm quite unhappy with it right now! And not having that long healthy silky hair I dream to have, or that perfect skin before and after foundation does make me feel pretty ugly sometimes. But there are things to always remember when you compare yourself to others.

No one is perfect. 

I can be pretty harsh on myself. My friend may be wearing an amazing dress, whilst I am wearing a safe outfit to conceal my muffin top. But guess what, I'm not my friend, there may be things that she hates about her body that I may not have. The girl next to me on the bus may have perfect skin, but she may have spent hours applying foundation and concealer whilst I used that time for beauty sleep. The people on the TV may have the perfect marriage and family, but that means the mum rarely has time to go out and spend it with friends.

I guess what I'm trying to say to all of you and ME, is that comparing yourself to someone else is never going to make yourself happy. If you're the opposite and comparing yourself to someone else to make you feel better (because you think you're better) then good for you **eyes staring face**. I have found a few quotes to help you find your way when you're feeling a little crap. Remember that everyone is unique, so it's always good to be a little different, and there's always the little things that can help to improve your life.. (like you know taking the stairs instead of the lift haha).  What you might find ugly, may be someone else's pretty.

Love Laura xxx

Skin Care Favourites For Dry Skin | Product Empties

Hey guys
So, as planned I am trying to keep to my blog schedule.
My skin type is dry to very dry, and I hate it. (My skin sometimes can be combo randomly.) I have tried many products, and still have many not shown here that I love. But if there's one thing to prove I love a product, it's when the bottle is empty!! This post is mainly to show every day things I have used to battle my dry skin.

First up is the makeup removers, Garnier is winning here if you haven't guessed. Their products are so widely available and affordable, so no wonder I have gone through a lot of these bottles. I use their Micellar Water mainly to take off my eye makeup. This is amazing stuff, I am so glad I have swapped makeup wipes for something that is gentle and moisturizing for my skin. I use the Softening Cleansing Lotion for my facial skin, and as you can see from the packaging it's called goodbye dry and I defo agree with it!
I have been using an eye cream the last few months, it has really helped with any dryness under my eyes.I also have read a million times that you should start using one at a young age to help prevent wrinkles when you're older! My eye cream of choice has been by Soap And Glory. It's not too thick, but dries quite fast. I prob will re purchase.

For any problem areas, like extremely dry skin, or spots I have been using La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + and I am so sad it's run out. This is by far one of those products I am so glad to have discovered. I recommend it!! I have been through quite a few moisturizers recently, but for price and product overall I have been using one by Boots own brand Botanics. Now as you can see the packaging is very plain and so I can't remember the exact one I bought, but I know it was one for dry skin. Finally is the Body Shop's Vitamin E Facial Spray. This is a great setting spray for those of us that get dry patches with foundation especially. It helps me get that dewy look.

What are your skin care faves?

Love Laura xxx