On to 2016 | Just Say Yes

Hey guys, long time since I blogged. Sorry about that, I yet again have had writers block and stayed away from blogging as a whole.  I am hopefully back properly this time,  hopefully being the major word. I'm currently planning blog posts as I type this.

I am currently watching Zoella's "Just Say Yes!" video (yes an old one) and it half motivates me and half makes me sad. If you don't know what I'm talking, about the video link is HERE.
The video is really explanatory from the title. She says to just say yes more to opportunities, to push yourself. Trust me I really need to follow her advice right now, I have been doing the opposite for a long time. I do go out and try new things, but I end up making myself more unhappy when I say no to things I actually really want to do. Anxiety and low self esteem plays a major factor in this, but I can't keep letting them take over my life. I have come this far now, I want to be an even more stronger person and say yes to more things.

From what has been written above,  I have made a couple of wishes for the upcoming year. Come on new years resolutions might be cheesy, but there's no harm in planning positive things. I usually have the same resolutions from year to year to be honest, so I'm adding a few and hope to achieve at least one;

1. To Say YES To More Things

2. To Save Money
I need to save money for a holiday in June. Last year I didn't really save properly, so when it came to booking the holiday I didn't have enough money to buy holiday clothes! I also really need/want to move out of my family home, before I do that I need money behind me for support. No ones going to help me but myself!

3. To Blog More 
As stated above, I've been pretty lazy with my blog. I'm very proud to have one and hope for more opportunities out of my blog in the future

4. Get Into A Health And Fitness Routine
I have been trying since last year to loose a dress size, it hasn't happened. I have been going gym on and off, but I need to change my eating aswell. I want a hot body this summer!!

Well anyways I hope you all have an amazing new years!
What are your new years resolutions?!?

Love Laura x