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Hey guys! 
I have a very exciting and different post today. I am reviewing Aura ADM Contact Lenses* (From Vision Direct) as I have taken part in the Aura Challenge

Here's a little bit of background information before I get into the actual review. I wear glasses during working, watching TV and driving. I also work shift work, so that means early mornings and really late nights. I don't necessarily have to wear glasses walking around but I need them if I want to spot details in the background. I used to work in a opticians, so I got to trial  a lot of different lenses at work and found out that I don't like the feeling of most lenses in my eyes. After going through many trials I felt that "Aqua Comfort Plus" lenses were the best fit for me.

Since I left working at the opticians, I've always ordered my lenses online, as it's much more convenient for me. Vision Direct is the company I order my lenses from all the time, this is because their website is so easy to navigate around, they stock the lenses I usually get and I get my lenses delivered so FAST. I was given the chance to trial their exclusive Aura ADM 1 daily lenses which are dailies advertised as a "high quality lens at a lower price".

Once I emailed my prescription to Vision Direct's helpful staff, I received the Aura's the following day. (Fast delivery as usual).  That day I was on a 4am start in the morning and really wanted to test the lenses. I unfortunately couldn't get them to stay in my eye because I was so incredibly tired. To be honest I don't think any lenses would have sat comfortably, I just wanted to go back to bed!
I then tried wearing the lenses when I was on an afternoon start, this time much more easier. They felt comfortable, and the vision was nice and clear.

I have been wearing the lenses most days out of the week. I have been working at odd times and keeping active. I have to say I am highly impressed by them, definitely as they're priced at £7.99 per eye for 30 lenses. Bargain!

Do you wear contacts? Have you tried these lenses?
Ps. A big thankyou to Amy, who was so helpful. Her blogger challenge blog post is HERE

Love Laura x


  1. I wear glasses all the time but it has only been during my adult life. I never needed glasses before the age of 17 and even then it was just at work/college. When I got married, I wanted contact lenses so I began the hunt to find some I like. I tried so many different ones and they were just so obvious and I hated them. Luckily I managed to find some I loved. I only seem to wear contacts for special occasions now as I'm lazy and usually just put my glasses on!
    Rachel x
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    1. Yea, I was the same. I tend to wear glasses only if I have to or at work haha x I recommend you try the Aura lenses :)

  2. I haven't tried these before, but I was told that I wear contacts for way too long... I probably need a nice pair of glasses!

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  3. Yay, always so happy to see a new post from you Laura :) The Aura lenses sound absolutely amazing! I love the sound of the Aura Challenge and it's so good to hear the service was fantastic and the lenses work really well. The ultimate test is definitely wearing them at odd times and for most days of the week and it sounds like they survived the test of time for you really great. I feel you on being unable to put lenses in eyes, sometimes my eyes get overly sore and they hurt like hell when I'm tired. Sometimes I hate wearing contacts haha ;) These sound so promising. The price is fab too, can't believe you get 30 lenses for only 7.99!

    Wonderful review babe, and I can't wait for more of your posts <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  4. This is a great share, I will be looking into these! Thanks hun!

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