Aura ADM Contact Lenses | #AuraChallenge

Hey guys! 
I have a very exciting and different post today. I am reviewing Aura ADM Contact Lenses* (From Vision Direct) as I have taken part in the Aura Challenge

Here's a little bit of background information before I get into the actual review. I wear glasses during working, watching TV and driving. I also work shift work, so that means early mornings and really late nights. I don't necessarily have to wear glasses walking around but I need them if I want to spot details in the background. I used to work in a opticians, so I got to trial  a lot of different lenses at work and found out that I don't like the feeling of most lenses in my eyes. After going through many trials I felt that "Aqua Comfort Plus" lenses were the best fit for me.

Since I left working at the opticians, I've always ordered my lenses online, as it's much more convenient for me. Vision Direct is the company I order my lenses from all the time, this is because their website is so easy to navigate around, they stock the lenses I usually get and I get my lenses delivered so FAST. I was given the chance to trial their exclusive Aura ADM 1 daily lenses which are dailies advertised as a "high quality lens at a lower price".

Once I emailed my prescription to Vision Direct's helpful staff, I received the Aura's the following day. (Fast delivery as usual).  That day I was on a 4am start in the morning and really wanted to test the lenses. I unfortunately couldn't get them to stay in my eye because I was so incredibly tired. To be honest I don't think any lenses would have sat comfortably, I just wanted to go back to bed!
I then tried wearing the lenses when I was on an afternoon start, this time much more easier. They felt comfortable, and the vision was nice and clear.

I have been wearing the lenses most days out of the week. I have been working at odd times and keeping active. I have to say I am highly impressed by them, definitely as they're priced at £7.99 per eye for 30 lenses. Bargain!

Do you wear contacts? Have you tried these lenses?
Ps. A big thankyou to Amy, who was so helpful. Her blogger challenge blog post is HERE

Love Laura x