When Mummy And Daddy Pay For Everything (Even When You're An "Adult")

Hey guys!
I hope you're all good. I was browsing through my blog the other day and realized that most of you enjoy reading my more thought provoking posts. A little disclaimer before you read this post.... I am not aiming this blog post at anyone in particular. I don't want to offend anyone, I just wanted to give my own personal view and maybe get a positive response.

Since I was able to make my own small amount of money (around 15) I had to buy things myself. I remember when I was 16 and I had my first proper job, I saved up every weekend until I could afford my own cheapy make laptop. My parents never neglected me, they just bought things they found a necessity until I was only enough to buy my own things myself. Whilst all the kids at school had the latest Ipods - I had a fake, lookalike bought from Ebay. My family has never been poor, we've always lived in our own house, owned two cars and both my parents have always worked. And so anything I own nowadays was bought by me, with money I earned myself.

I'm now 24, and even though I do think my parents were very harsh on me in my teen years, I do understand some of their reasons. I mean, I  know many people who are my age or older that still have mum and dad paying for everything. For example I pay rent in my house, I've paid it since I was 18. Some parents don't want to take a penny of their children whilst their living in their house, but I can't help but think ... they're not children anymore!
I believe that if you're earning a good wage it doesn't hurt to give some money to your parents every month. Why should we spend the money we could use to help our family on ourselves, when our parents are slaving away working?

I also think paying for your own stuff (when you can) teaches you many lessons. Like saving, organization and value. I think it depends on the person and how you're brought up. Some parents help their kids out a lot money wise but that doesn't mean they're spoilt. Looking at it from that end of the spectrum -  there's quite a few people I know that do have that little extra support from mum and dad yet still work had to earn their own! And so I don't want you thinking I'm hating on people like that because it shows they were still brought up with good morals. I guess what I'm trying to say is it's a little worrying when young adults around my age can't hold down a job and instead they have everything bought by their parents.
What are you opinions? 

Love Laura xxx


  1. I agree, im 23 and my parents used to make me work for something if i wanted it when i was younger even if it was chores around the house. I see some of my friends getting everything from the parents and they take it for granted so much x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. Hmm, my parents never got me everything I wanted, always told me to work for my stuff somehow, when I started making my own money and I couldn't afford something they always helped me so I think they're being fair with how they treat me and help me:)


  3. Hmmm, I like this post, I don't know whether I agree nor disagree with you here, With me being an only child I wouldn't say I was spoilt but I would say that growing up my mum and dad pretty much got me what I wanted within reason, but I wouldn't just get it at the drop of the hat I would have to earn it or do something worthwhile in order to get it! Now that i'm 19 and 20 this year ( and at uni) my mum and dad still get me things but not everything I ask for! I dunno it really is a difficult one I think my way of looking at it is, if you've got the money why not buy things for your children? I mean I for one definitely understand the value of money and understand the value of hard work so I guess my mum and dad splashing out on the cash is their way of rewarding me? I dunno haha this is a difficult one! x

    Jess x

  4. I think it's great your parents taught you the value of money from such an early age. You work so hard and have such a great outlook that can only benefit you for the future. I agree that it seems wrong when people our age get bought everything by their parents with little look to getting independence of their own. I'm looking for work atm, but my parents have helped out with money which I'm grateful for, but it definitely doesn't stop me feeling guilty and wanting to provide for myself <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  5. This is a tough one for me as my folks don't make me pay rent though they threaten to all the time if I piss them off haha.. luckily I am moving in with my fiance soon though.
    I pay for my own travels and such but they do help more than many parents I know!! I'm so grateful for it because I don't have a great income but I try.... it's difficult.. but yeah I totally condone having working teens and adults learn the values of money.
    My folks made me pay rent once and I was horrified... but then a couple of months later they handed everything I'd given to them back over and said it was to help me on my travels... extra for fun etc if you know what I mean. It had been a plan and surprise all along... it was soooo sweet.

    Anyway.. have a lovely weekend!!


  6. This is an interesting post.
    I don't think it's wrong for Parents to help their children through College.
    I think as long as the person at least tries to earn wages be it through a part-time job to help out, there is no harm in a bit of help.

    x x x x x x x x x x

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  7. I think that your parents did well in teaching you how important paying your own way is.
    When you're at college, I don't think there is anything wrong with your parents helping you out a bit. I mean, when I was at college I was leaving at 7am and returning at 6pm throughout the week and there were few jobs going in rural Devon where there is about one large town providing most of the part time jobs for the young people in a ten mile radius. However, my parents could never really afford to buy me many luxuries - apart from as gifts on special occasions.
    I believe that young people should really try though - even if it is voluntary to get a bit of experience, it all helps in the long run. And summer jobs are great if you're in college.
    Now I am at uni, I have a part time job so that I can top up my student loan and don't have to rely on anyone else if I accidentally empty out my bank account in a Topshop splurge.


  8. I agree with you completely, I am bought the necessities by my parents but any luxuries like clothes I had to work for myself! Get so stressed considering a few of my friends literally get handed notes of money on a weekly basis but I just remind myself that I'm the one who is going to struggle less in the future! x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  9. My parents helped me with living costs whilst I was at uni as they didn't want me to have to work whilst studying. Something I'm so grateful for. But I know people who are given so much by their parents, and have no concept of the value of things or having to work for them. It was actually pretty unpleasant to be around - an old flatmate of mine was like it and used to borrow and wreck my stuff and not understand why I got so upset and had to replace them. Ahhh memories.



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