Xen - Tan Moroccan Tan | Review

Sold in Boots £25

Hey guys! I know it's been a while (sorry about that)
I've recently bought and tried yet another one of Xen- Tan's famous fake tans. Let's say I HATE it. Please read on as to why...

Firstly let's talk about the application - this is probably the part I hated the most. I have tried many different type of fake tans, but this one is like rubbing in shower gel onto your skin. It's a thick, dark consistency (which was expected) but it wouldn't blend easy. This obviously meant the product dried to fast before I could cover the area I wanted to.  With regards to the scent, I actually find it smells very pleasant. A bit like cherry bakewells?!

Once I woke up in the morning, I was happy to see I was a nice shade of brown. Before judging the colour etc. I jumped into the shower. After the shower, my skin was barely tanned and there were some patchy areas. Prior to tanning I did exfoliate and moisturize, so the only reason it would have done this, would be down to the tan consistency! #FAIL
Within the next few days my tan started to fade and became even more patchy. It appeared as if I had a skin rash or something.... very unattractive.

Now some of you reading this will probably be thinkin maybe I should have given this tan another go. I did! and got the same results. This is why I'm writing this review. For some reason most of the Xen - Tan products don't work well with me. I think my favourite fake tan product they do is the "dark lotion".REVIEW HERE

Thanks for reading guys, I always appreciate your support :)

Laura xxx