Lucy Mecklenburgh Wings | Perfume Review

Hey guys!
So I wanted to review my most recent perfume purchase because I actually couldn't find another blogger review on it. So this is the perfume by Lucy Mecklenburgh (most known for TOWIE and Results With Lucy) and the perfume is named Wings. I bought this 100ml bottle for £20, so it's very affordable.

So this is a white bottle with a 3D removable butterfly lid. I like that it's white as other colourful packaging can look really tacky. The actual bottle is a simple shape with neat gold writing on the front.

This is a very hard one to describe and i'm rubbish at talking about scents so bare with me. I had read what notes were in the perfume (Bergamont and Patchouli) and liked other perfumes with similar notes. The perfume isn't very strong and so it doesn't last very long at all, but what can you expect with a £20 perfume?!
This had a grown up,, yet not too old smell (if that makes sense) I would say this perfume would suit women aged 18 - 30 as it has a little "sexyness" to it. I would compare this to a Juicy Couture perfume.. it's a bit fruity. Overall I really like the smell.. on first spray it does smell a little cheap, but give it a chance and it dries to a lovely smell. Great for every day or evening use.

Have you tried this perfume?

Love Laura xxx


  1. I imagine it smells massively girly - good review though :)

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. The perfume sounds lovely, such a pretty, girly bottle which is always good for your dressing table.

    Ooh La Luce | Beauty, Life, Fashion

  3. I love the bottle and I suppose for £20 it's worth it!


  4. I haven't smelt this yet I bet it is a very girly smell!

  5. that might just be the cutest bottle of perfume i've ever seen Rebecca | xx

  6. That bottle is gorgeous! I had no idea that she had released her own fragrance, I'd love to try it xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  7. I love the packaging! So chic! Really pretty and the fruity fragrance means I'd love it!! Congrats on being the first to review it! ;)
    Whenever it comes out in South Africa I'll be sure to check it out!! I am SUCH a perfume junkie!! Today I'm wearing Lady Million! (Divine!)

  8. I love the packaging design, it's so cute! I've never smelled it before but will look out for it next time I go out!

    Feathers ||

  9. Such a beautiful review! Your photography is truly stunning, the gorgeous white backdrop is perfection. The butterfly lid is divine, I love anything with that sort of pretty detailing and design. I agree that the white design is much more appealing than all those bright, lurid colours that can give you a headache haha. I like that it's a fruity scent; fruit and floral have to be my absolute favourites. Wings really sounds gorgeous <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  10. I didn't know Lucy had perfume out. Must try it! It looks really nice! Great post Laura!!!! x

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