On to 2016 | Just Say Yes

Hey guys, long time since I blogged. Sorry about that, I yet again have had writers block and stayed away from blogging as a whole.  I am hopefully back properly this time,  hopefully being the major word. I'm currently planning blog posts as I type this.

I am currently watching Zoella's "Just Say Yes!" video (yes an old one) and it half motivates me and half makes me sad. If you don't know what I'm talking, about the video link is HERE.
The video is really explanatory from the title. She says to just say yes more to opportunities, to push yourself. Trust me I really need to follow her advice right now, I have been doing the opposite for a long time. I do go out and try new things, but I end up making myself more unhappy when I say no to things I actually really want to do. Anxiety and low self esteem plays a major factor in this, but I can't keep letting them take over my life. I have come this far now, I want to be an even more stronger person and say yes to more things.

From what has been written above,  I have made a couple of wishes for the upcoming year. Come on new years resolutions might be cheesy, but there's no harm in planning positive things. I usually have the same resolutions from year to year to be honest, so I'm adding a few and hope to achieve at least one;

1. To Say YES To More Things

2. To Save Money
I need to save money for a holiday in June. Last year I didn't really save properly, so when it came to booking the holiday I didn't have enough money to buy holiday clothes! I also really need/want to move out of my family home, before I do that I need money behind me for support. No ones going to help me but myself!

3. To Blog More 
As stated above, I've been pretty lazy with my blog. I'm very proud to have one and hope for more opportunities out of my blog in the future

4. Get Into A Health And Fitness Routine
I have been trying since last year to loose a dress size, it hasn't happened. I have been going gym on and off, but I need to change my eating aswell. I want a hot body this summer!!

Well anyways I hope you all have an amazing new years!
What are your new years resolutions?!?

Love Laura x

Aura ADM Contact Lenses | #AuraChallenge

Hey guys! 
I have a very exciting and different post today. I am reviewing Aura ADM Contact Lenses* (From Vision Direct) as I have taken part in the Aura Challenge

Here's a little bit of background information before I get into the actual review. I wear glasses during working, watching TV and driving. I also work shift work, so that means early mornings and really late nights. I don't necessarily have to wear glasses walking around but I need them if I want to spot details in the background. I used to work in a opticians, so I got to trial  a lot of different lenses at work and found out that I don't like the feeling of most lenses in my eyes. After going through many trials I felt that "Aqua Comfort Plus" lenses were the best fit for me.

Since I left working at the opticians, I've always ordered my lenses online, as it's much more convenient for me. Vision Direct is the company I order my lenses from all the time, this is because their website is so easy to navigate around, they stock the lenses I usually get and I get my lenses delivered so FAST. I was given the chance to trial their exclusive Aura ADM 1 daily lenses which are dailies advertised as a "high quality lens at a lower price".

Once I emailed my prescription to Vision Direct's helpful staff, I received the Aura's the following day. (Fast delivery as usual).  That day I was on a 4am start in the morning and really wanted to test the lenses. I unfortunately couldn't get them to stay in my eye because I was so incredibly tired. To be honest I don't think any lenses would have sat comfortably, I just wanted to go back to bed!
I then tried wearing the lenses when I was on an afternoon start, this time much more easier. They felt comfortable, and the vision was nice and clear.

I have been wearing the lenses most days out of the week. I have been working at odd times and keeping active. I have to say I am highly impressed by them, definitely as they're priced at £7.99 per eye for 30 lenses. Bargain!

Do you wear contacts? Have you tried these lenses?
Ps. A big thankyou to Amy, who was so helpful. Her blogger challenge blog post is HERE

Love Laura x

Nars All Day Luminous Foundation | Review

Firstly I apologize about the state of the bottle. I started to clean it up (the first picture as proof) but then I thought I would add the last photo to show one of the points I will mention in the review.

I had heard a lot about Nars Sheer Glow, and hearing that there was a new foundation from Nars I wanted to try it instead. The title Nars All Day Luminous made my eyes flutter at the excitement of a long lasting luminous foundation (everything I've been looking for).
I went to my nearest Nars counter and got colour matched by the sales assistant to the shade "Deauville". I was at my palest then, and wanted a foundation to match me when I can't be bothered to fake tan!!

I really should have stopped then before buying, and asked for a sample instead.

Let's just say I hate the foundation before you read any further. Typing this now I can't think of one positive point. Firstly the colour match is totally off. I did want a shade to match me when I'm my palest, not a shade to make me look like a vampire with a cold! I think Deauville is more of a yellow undertone and I'm a pink undertone.
Secondly the title of the foundation is WAYYYY deceiving. Rude. I mean I have dry skin, and so you'd think this foundation wouldn't want to cling to my dry patches.. well it does. After many attempts of wearing this to work to test out the foundation, I was worried someone was going to ask "what happened to your skin" because it looked that bad.
Thirdly the longevity of the foundation. I would say mediocre. I couldn't tell if the foundation was actually on by the end of the day because when I first applied the foundation I couldn't tell I had foundation on. (not in a good way). The texture is just horrid in my opinion.
Lastly the packaging. I actually do like the packaging, I think it looks expensive and it has a pump. I don't however like how the top managed to twist loose, therefore leaving the foundation to leak (3rd picture). This could be down to my clumsiness putting the top on or the top becoming loose itself. Who knows?!

I have tried to apply this foundation with a brush, my hands and a beauty blender. I would say the better way was with a buffing brush. I really don't know where I went wrong with this foundation, I really wish I could say I love it. I wish I had relied on the reviews I had read before hand about it drying out the skin.

Have you tried this foundation? Do you have any recommendations on making it work?

Love Laura xxx

Xen - Tan Moroccan Tan | Review

Sold in Boots £25

Hey guys! I know it's been a while (sorry about that)
I've recently bought and tried yet another one of Xen- Tan's famous fake tans. Let's say I HATE it. Please read on as to why...

Firstly let's talk about the application - this is probably the part I hated the most. I have tried many different type of fake tans, but this one is like rubbing in shower gel onto your skin. It's a thick, dark consistency (which was expected) but it wouldn't blend easy. This obviously meant the product dried to fast before I could cover the area I wanted to.  With regards to the scent, I actually find it smells very pleasant. A bit like cherry bakewells?!

Once I woke up in the morning, I was happy to see I was a nice shade of brown. Before judging the colour etc. I jumped into the shower. After the shower, my skin was barely tanned and there were some patchy areas. Prior to tanning I did exfoliate and moisturize, so the only reason it would have done this, would be down to the tan consistency! #FAIL
Within the next few days my tan started to fade and became even more patchy. It appeared as if I had a skin rash or something.... very unattractive.

Now some of you reading this will probably be thinkin maybe I should have given this tan another go. I did! and got the same results. This is why I'm writing this review. For some reason most of the Xen - Tan products don't work well with me. I think my favourite fake tan product they do is the "dark lotion".REVIEW HERE

Thanks for reading guys, I always appreciate your support :)

Laura xxx

Quick Fix Products | Frizzy Hair

Hey guys, so I'm trying to start of a "mini blog style series" of quick fixes.  First up is the dreaded FRIZZY HAIR. I have frizzy, wavy hair naturally and sometimes I need a product to make my hair look nice a smooth pronto.

One thing everyone should have is a hair serum. My two favorites are; Frizz- Ease hair serum and the Tresemme heat defense hair serum. I usually put these on damp hair before I blow dry. This makes my hair more manageable and less frizzy when I try to style my hair after blow drying. I love that one of them protects my hair against heat damage. 

Hair oils are great to treat your hair when it's damaged, it also smooths out frizzy hair.  I love the Macadamia Healing Oil Spray. 

Lastly, if you're in a major rush and need de frizzing in a matter of seconds, I recommend sprays. I love the Frizz-Ease spray, it seems to do what the hair serum does, but in a more convenient way. I also love the Tigi Bed Head Headrush, this product is advertised as a shine spray, but personally I use it to finish off my hair style and de frizz. With sprays you always have to be careful not to spray too much product, you don't want your hair looking greasy! 

What are your frizzy hair quick fixes?

Love Laura xxx

Review | Smashbox Hydrating Primer

Sold at Boots £28

Hey guys!
So I recently shared that I bought the Smashbox Hydrating Primer and quite a few of you wanted a review.
I haven't used a primer in years due to the fact that they seem to dry out my skin, and  I never noticed a difference with or without using a primer previously. I was walking around Boots with my friends and noticed that Smashbox did a Hydrating version of their famous primer...WHATTT!
On first try, I swatched the product on the back of my hand and could feel how refreshing it is. I had to buy.

I apply my moisturizer first (a Vichy one) let it settle for a few minutes and then apply the primer starting from the center of my face out. This primer doesn't seem to cover pores or flaws but for me that's not important. As I have really dry skin all I want a primer to do is to keep my foundation looking fresh. This primer does seem to do it's job to a point. I don't think this helps the longevity of my makeup or make it look majorly different. Instead this acts as a moisturizing barrier that helps to prevent cakeness and dry patches.

As you can see from the picture above the product comes out slightly blue, but it blends to be undetectable. The packaging is great for travel, I love the simple sleek design.

Have you tried any of the Smashbox primers? What's your fave primer?

Love Laura xxx

Lucy Mecklenburgh Wings | Perfume Review

Hey guys!
So I wanted to review my most recent perfume purchase because I actually couldn't find another blogger review on it. So this is the perfume by Lucy Mecklenburgh (most known for TOWIE and Results With Lucy) and the perfume is named Wings. I bought this 100ml bottle for £20, so it's very affordable.

So this is a white bottle with a 3D removable butterfly lid. I like that it's white as other colourful packaging can look really tacky. The actual bottle is a simple shape with neat gold writing on the front.

This is a very hard one to describe and i'm rubbish at talking about scents so bare with me. I had read what notes were in the perfume (Bergamont and Patchouli) and liked other perfumes with similar notes. The perfume isn't very strong and so it doesn't last very long at all, but what can you expect with a £20 perfume?!
This had a grown up,, yet not too old smell (if that makes sense) I would say this perfume would suit women aged 18 - 30 as it has a little "sexyness" to it. I would compare this to a Juicy Couture perfume.. it's a bit fruity. Overall I really like the smell.. on first spray it does smell a little cheap, but give it a chance and it dries to a lovely smell. Great for every day or evening use.

Have you tried this perfume?

Love Laura xxx

Recent Beauty Purchases

Hey guys!!

So I know yet again, I have been realllllllllllllly bad when it comes to blogging. I think I need to get organized and schedule and plan posts when I feel inspired. Anyways. I have bought a few things recently and I wanted to share!

Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating Primer -
I haven't used a primer in years and when I did I think it was some cheap Gosh one that actually dried out my skin. I have heard a some really good things about Smashbox recently and was so excited when I saw they did a hydrating version of their primer. I have only tried this once of my face, and let me tell you it lives up to it's claims to be hydrating. Obviously I've only used it once and so I will probably do a review in the future.

Rimmel 25 Hour Foundation - 
I have been looking for an affordable long wearing foundation. This might have to be the best foundation from Boots I've tried since the Rimmel wake me up foundation. This is very long wearing and their lightest shade is perfect for me when I haven't fake tanned. Review should be coming soon !! :)

Mac Lipstick In Mehr - 
I have been looking for a wearable Kylie Jenner lip colour. I nearly went for Mac Velvet Teddy but I think it's way to much on the brown side for me. This lip colour has more pink in it, I just need to find a lip pencil to go with this shade. Anyone know a good match?

Rimmel Argan Oil Mascara -
I still haven't found my perfect mascara (sad beauty obsession) I was recommended this mascara by a friend, so far so good. This one doesn't seem to clump like other mascara's I've tried.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light - 
I decided to change up my daily moisturizer and saw this advertised. This is meant to keep your skin moisturized for 24 hours and to boost the water levels (or something like that) I have very dry skin and so anything that keeps my makeup looking fresh is a must. I think this will work well with the Smashbox primer,

What have you bought recently?

Love Laura xxx

Affordable, Longlasting Gel Eyeliner | First Impressions

Hey guys!!
I have been on the lookout for a long lasting eyeliner, I have tried brands from Mac to Collection 2000. For some reason the eyeliners tend to smudge off whilst I apply or halfway throughout the day, which is awful!  I have heard great things recently about the brand sold at Boots called Seventeen and so took the chance to try out their gel eyeliner.

As you can see this post is a "first impression" as I wanted to share this product asap yet I haven't used it for long enough for a review (can you tell I'm honest to my readers?!) ;). I have applied the eyeliner with a Mac 266 line define brush to make out a winged liner look. I can tell you the formulation was really smooth compared to the Maybelline and Loreal gel eyeliners I've used. Very impressed! I tried a line of the product on the back of my hand before applying the eyeliner to my eyes and let me tell you it took two makeup remover pads to take the stuff off. It literally didn't want to budge.

For me a eyeliner needs to include 3 things. A deep black line, smooth consistency and long to be wearing. This product to seems to have all 3!!
 I recommend you try this if you're on a budget, or not :)

Love Laura xxx

Making My Blog Public!

So, firstly - sorry I have been a bit sparse with my blogging. I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head! But when I switch on my laptop to write or attempt to take pictures - I feel that nothing is good enough.

To motivate myself to keep up with my schedule, I have decided to share "Laura Thinks About" with my friends and publicly post the link on my Instagram. 
This is a massive deal for me, I have kept my blog private for nearly 2 years. Some of my friends now have blogs, so I'll include their links and it would be amazing if you checked them out!! 
I was feeling really anxious about sharing my blog, but I don't know why I didn't do it sooner. I thought I would cringe at people commenting on my writing, but everyone's been really nice! 

Do your friends and family know about your blog?!

Check out my friends blogs :)....

Love laura xx 

My New Health And Fitness Routine

Hey guys!!
I've been itching to write this post because I'm starting to become a bit of a fitness lover! Now I know what you're all thinking "oh it's another new year, new me hype" but actually I decided to join the gym in December, after being sick of being unhappy with my body.

To give you guys a bit of a information about me. I am currently a size 10 on top, and a "large" size 10 on the bottom. Now I know a size 10 is deemed to be quite a small/healthy size, but with the way my body is starting to look, I feel far from healthy. I've always been slim and typically have always worn a size 8. The larger frame doesn't seem to suit me and I've had quite a few comments from family members noticing my unflattering weight gain. I've started to look a bit frumpy, and it seems every time I try on clothes in shops, I hate the way they look on me. I hadn't been eating very healthy, I am a literal chocoholic and so I think all the sugar has caught up on me! The photo below was me 3 weeks ago before I started any gym...

Mid December 2014

Let's start with the "fun" stuff. 
*Other people motivate me, whether it's a gym selfie or an abs Instagram pic. I am a typical girl and so I compare myself to other people. My fave inspiring Instagram accounts are; @LydiaMillen , @Pamela_rf , @lucymeck1 , @absforall  and there are many others! Basically they are accounts with body inspo. 
*Workout music can be amazing. There's loads of playlists on Youtube. 
*Another thing that makes me want to run to the gym is new gym wear! I cannot tell you how excited I get buying workout wear now.

Sooooo what have I been doing at the gym?
Ok. So I have done a lot of research into what exercises to do at the gym.  A typical gym session lasts just over an hour, an average gym session goes like this;

* 20/25 mins on the treadmill (or any cardio). I have been doing high intensity training. This goes like- 1 min paced walking, 1 min running, 1 min paced walking again and so on. 
* 10/15 mins on the mat doing ab exercises
*10/15 weights (including leg machines and ab ones) 

I do obviously change it around because I would get bored. 
Now I don't know if this is working because it's only been 3 weeks. We shall see!! 

How about food?
I think food has been very hard for me. Cutting out a lot of sugar has been a struggle, but I'm getting there. I am embarrassed to say, but I couldn't cook 3 weeks ago, but I have taught myself some healthy meals/snacks that I could make. 
I have become obsessed with Sweet Potato fries, I mean I would prefer them to Mcdonalds chips any day!! They're really easy to cook and taste so nice. I have also been bringing in my lunches from home to work. I work shifts and so sometimes I will have to bring in cereal for my lunch break. I do get bored, but it's better than going to Costa and buying a chocolate cake like usual.*Emoji punch face*

Any other inspo?!
I think if you feel that unhappy with your body you will get up and do something about it. Whether it's the gym, going for a run or doing a workout DVD.  I am not expecting results straight away, I mean I haven't noticed any major changes after 3 weeks, I just feel a little fitter and more toned. 
I will leave you with a tumblr style workout inspo ;) 

Stay healthy <3 nbsp="">