Xen Tan Absolute Luxe Review

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Hey guys, so another honest fake tan review! I have had this tan for quite a few months now and think it's time to give my honest opinion.

Lets start off with the positives. The packaging is something I really like about this tan. It's very travel friendly because it's a tube instead of a pump, this also means you will be able to get every last bit of product out. I feel the design of the packaging does make it look luxurious, I mean for the amount you pay for this tan you'd expect that! The smell of the tan is also something I really like. It's not your typical biscuit smell, it's more of a sweet vanilla ( maybe cherry bake-wells) this makes it bearable for you to sleep at night with it on.
Another thing I really love about this tan is the colour .After you have washed off the base shade, you're then left with a nice olive brown which makes it look really natural.

Now to get onto what I'm not so happy about with this tan. Firstly the application can be quite a messy and uncertain process. I have used many tans, but I find if you haven't prepared your skin the right way or don't have the right mit you're going to end up in a right patchy mess. This tan is not for a tanning newby. The lotion is very moisturizing, but I find it can get quite sticky easily when applying, this can lead to an uneven application. If you do manage to apply this tan ok, you are left with a gorgeous tan for about 2 or 3 days. After the first few days my skin starts to go patchy quickly. Currently I'm writing this review on day 5 and my skin is looking horrible. I was expecting this tan to be very long lasting, but it doesn't fade nicely at all. It might be because I'm naturally pale and so the tan is separating from my natural skin tone, but I don't expect this quite pricey tan to fade so badly.

I have read other reviews on the absolute luxe and lots of people seem to love it?! I do like it to tan for a night out to get a nice colour for a day or two. But if you wana use a tanner as part of your weekly tanning routine I wouldn't go for this one (especially if you're pale) I prefer St Moritz it's like a 1/5 of the price!!  Have you tried this brand?

Love Laura xxx

Mac Pro Longwear Foundation | Winter Makeup Routine 2014

Mac Pro Longwear Foundation in NW 20

Hey guys sorry I've been a bit MIA on the whole blogging thing (again) I always stop blogging when I don't enjoy it. Therefore you should always get posts I'm interested in writing!
Some of you may know that I am a foundation "whore". I use a different foundation everyday usually because I can never find a foundation I like completely. My newest foundation to my collection is the pro longwear one by Mac. Now I was smart this time and actually got a tester before I purchased this because I always seem to waste my money on buying foundations on chance.
This foundation however I LOVE. I have literally been wearing this every day and actually got some compliments from people whilst wearing this. I decided on trying this foundation because of the longwearing capabilities and the fact I know my perfect shade in the Mac foundations.

Coverage: I would say this is medium coverage. This foundation can easily be layered to become a full coverage.

Finish: Now for the last few years I've always gone for a dewy finish, but this one is more matte. I would say this is semi matte as I'm able to wear this even with really dry skin! I do however sometimes have to use a finishing spray when my skins having a very dry skin day.

Longevity: This foundation is very longwearing! I can wear this all day without it going all horrible and patchy

Price: I think this is about £23. Easily the average I pay for foundation anyways. This may seem quite pricey to some.

At the moment this is my everyday foundation. I think its quite similar to the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light but I think the shade of the Mac foundation and coverage is more of what I was looking for.  I give this foundation 4.5 out of 5! Woah right?
I have been wearing the Body Shop Honey Bronzer, liquid liner and red lipstick to finish off my wintery/Autumnal look.

Have you tried this foundation??

Love Laura xxx