How Much Do You Depend On A Mirror?

Hey guys, so last week a girl from my school shared another girls status on Facebook (also from my school) about mirrors and that she had been writing blog posts..? Someone I know from school also writes a blog!!
So I did the only normal thing and found her blog to have a little read.. #stalker
This girl is pretty, really nice (from what I can remember) and is also slim and tall, yet her blog told a totally different story! I was shocked at what I read.
She is suffering from depression, and has a poor perception of her body image, trust me if you knew her you'd be shocked. It goes to show that you could be the most amazing person, yet be in such a dark place.People can also be ignorant without realizing.  All I want to do is contact her to give her advice, and ask her to take a read of my blog to help out with some of the anxiety.

 As I read onto the more recent blog posts, she said she is going to cover mirrors, and avoid looking at any reflections of her body. Now I wanted to do this a few years ago, I had read an article on this, it said how much it can help your self esteem, but I chickened out. The fact that I would have to do my hair and makeup mirrorless would be quite difficult. This brings me on to the point of this blog post.....
How much do you depend on a mirror?!
I think so many people are obsessed with the way they look. Trust me I can be one of those people. I have written a blog post about self image CLICK HERE TO HAVE A READ. Some people have so much pressure (like this girl) within their career, and they do all they can to look perfect. You will have to remember that when YOU look in the mirror, it's how YOU perceive yourself, not others. OK, you might have a dodgy frizzy updo, but some people may think it looks cute and qwirky, whilst others may think it looks messy, whilst you may think you look like you just woke up. Sometimes you can be a little harsh on yourself, so don't let that mirror own you. Although I do say that and mean it, I have a mirror in my house in which I call the "truth" mirror. This is the one that shows every flaw, and so if I look nice in that mirror I feel like I actually look nice. Do any of you do that?

So.. how much do you look in the mirror. Do you freak out when you don't look the way you wanted or thought?
I'd love to hear your opinions in the comments ;)

Love Laura xxx


  1. Wow, is just goes to show that you really cannot judge a book by its cover. I'd never be able to cover up all mirrors (partly because I work in a beauty salon, partly because I'd chicken out!!) but I can totally see the appeal.

    Fab post lovely, really makes you think!

    Chloe x

    1. ye it's actually really hard to avoid looking in mirrors xx


  2. This is such a meaningful post Laura! I love that you talk about a wide range of issues that are very important and really rare to find within the blogging industry. You always cover so many different topics too, that's what I love about you and your gorgeous blog! Such a shame about the girl you used to know, it goes to show some perceptions literally are "smoke and mirrors". Hopefully she can recover and build herself up. It's interesting about the article you read about covering mirrors can help self esteem. I remember when I suffered badly with confidence at about 19, I just hated looking at myself in mirrors. I still struggle to look in them in public places like public toilets now, I just get paranoid people are judging me.

    Mostly these days I apply make-up in Graham's pull down passenger mirror in his car (always in a rush, typical me), we do have several mirrors in my house but none of them are that useful really, and hardly in convenient places, so I rely on the little pull down passenger one! I definitely know what you mean about "truth mirrors", or in my case it's my Canon camera! I sat down to vlog but hated my appearance; with filming on my Macbook Air I'm happy with how I look, but I found my Canon to expose every flaw! For now I don't feel comfortable using it, I really hated the way I looked! When I was a teenager I found if I applied make-up when I was going out in the evening, the light made me look way more attractive than natural daylight, so I kept doing that to boost myself up, to then gradually feel better when looking in the mirror during the day.
    Sometimes it's hard when there are so many seemingly "perfect people" posting photos of their gorgeousness for us all to see online, but I think blogging has helped me feel better and realise again, it's a case of "smoke and mirrors'; I know I've posted blog posts with photos I love of myself, when in reality I've been at home, no make-up on and looking like absolute trash, and realise that perhaps others do this too.
    You really are so inspiring, encouraging and unique and I love hearing your words of wisdom about confidence! Go you! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  3. It's definitely hard to know what goes on behind closed doors, someone might look like they have the perfect life but you never know.
    I like having mirrors around so that I leave the house looking presentable, but I never had a full length mirror until a few years ago and I didn't know any different really.
    I think that covering up all mirrors wouldn't really affect me as such but it would perhaps be a bit of a shock to the system when I suddenly saw my own reflection again after some time!


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