September Faves 2014

From left to right; Naked palette, Rimmel lipstick no. 107, Kiko lip liner no. 309, Loreal lumi magique highlighter, Seventeen liquid eyeliner and Vera Wang lovestruck.

The Naked Palette has become a regular in my daily makeup routine. I have especially been loving the eyeshadow called "sin" it's a great light colour for a more awake and fresh eye.
I have been also loving the combo of the Rimmel Lipstick 107 with the Kiko Lip Pencil in the shade 309.  These go really well together and I think the lipstick wears so much better when I use this lip pencil with it!
When I want to brighten up my under eye area, I've been reaching for the Lumi Magique from Loreal concealer/highlighter. I haven't seen many bloggers talk about this product, but it's a great dupe for the YSL Touch Eclat.  I have one holy grail liquid eyeliner that I've fallen back in love with (can you actually do that with a beauty product?!) I have been through my fair share of liquid eyeliners, but nothing has beaten the Seventeen Liquid Eyeliner.  Finally I have been using a new perfume this month which has been Vera Wang Lovestruck. This is quite a sweet yet not to strong perfume. I do love the smell, but I'm a little upset about the longevity and so I keep it i my bag to spritz every now and then.

Sorry it's not a very exciting post today. I'm going through that phase again where I've been busy working and so didn't have any motivation to write blog posts..
As always if you have any blog post ideas feel free to leave them in the comments, or tweet me @laurablog2013 :)

Love Laura xxx

My New Fave Autumn Lipstick | Rimmel 107

Hey guys! So I've never been a fan of the dark lip. I always thought it was for halloween or for goths, how very small minded of me. I thought I would give the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick 107 a go because I thought it looks really nice on many people and Autumn is approaching.
I tried it on and instantly got compliments from my friends and family, they said how much it suited me and gave me a different look. I am in love with this lipstick, it's defo a difference from the typical pink lip I usually wear.

As you can see (from the poorly lightened selfie) it is a kind of berry red colour. For me the more you apply, the darker the lipsick. I wore it on a night out last night and it lasted almost the whole night, it didn't really need touching up! I am really loving this new look. :)
Have you tried this lipstick?

Love Laura xx

The Instagram Tag

What's your Instagram handle?
Mine is @.. I made it before my blog, I think you can change your handle? I will change mine when I share my blog with my friends and family to LauraThinksAbout I think though. You can click onto my Instagram on my social icon links ;)

How many accounts do you follow?

How many followers do you have?

What's your favourite hashtags?
I like to use and view: #ootd, #selfie, #fitness, #positivequotes

How often do you post?
I post either once a day or every few days. I gotta lotta love for Instagram :p

How often do you check your Instagram feed?
2 or 3 times a day. 

What is your fave filter?
I love Valencia to make everything look clear and 10xxx better. I also like Mayfair to hide a few things.. 

Smartphone purist or rebel?
I actually don't understand this question and so I looked at someone elses answer to this question. I own a Iphone 5, so I guess I'm a purist??

Favourite Instagram accounts?
Ermm, this was a tough one actually because I follow a lot of friends and celebs. (obv Laura) 
My faves are;

  • Zoella @Zozeebo
  • Ian Somerhadler (because I love him) @Iansomerhalder
  • Michelle Keegan (because I want to be her) @Michkeegan
  • Lucy Mecklenburgh (because she motivates me to work out) @Lucymeck1
  • Victoria (I want her hair and love her blog) @Inthefrow
I tag all of you lovely reader to do this tag. Thanks Sophie for telling me about this tag :D xx
I'm going to leave below a few pictures from my Instagram account, I tend to take random photos!

Love Laura xx

Review: PicStick Photo Magnets & Discount Code!

Hey guys! So today's post is a little different.
The company Pic Stick contacted me a couple a days ago to ask if I was interested in trying out their photo magnets*. Now I have been contacted by many companies throughout my time blogging, but this had caught my eye and I thought why not.
Whilst browsing their website, I was shocked that you get 9 photos magnets with one purchase from Pic Stick. The hard part was picking which photos, as I was thinking about giving these as gifts but also keeping some for myself. The process for ordering was REALLY easy as you can see from the images below.

These photo magnets arrived the next day after ordering, yes.. the next day. For me this was amazing service and I was happy with the way the item was packaged. The individual magnets came as one block of 9, which was easy to separate. I think if you're looking for a cute little gift or stocking filler this could be great. I know I'll be using these magnets as a cool way to show off my Instagram pictures!  If you're interested in this cute little idea, you can get 25% off with the code ABOUT25
The website is if you're interested.

Love Laura xx

How Much Do You Depend On A Mirror?

Hey guys, so last week a girl from my school shared another girls status on Facebook (also from my school) about mirrors and that she had been writing blog posts..? Someone I know from school also writes a blog!!
So I did the only normal thing and found her blog to have a little read.. #stalker
This girl is pretty, really nice (from what I can remember) and is also slim and tall, yet her blog told a totally different story! I was shocked at what I read.
She is suffering from depression, and has a poor perception of her body image, trust me if you knew her you'd be shocked. It goes to show that you could be the most amazing person, yet be in such a dark place.People can also be ignorant without realizing.  All I want to do is contact her to give her advice, and ask her to take a read of my blog to help out with some of the anxiety.

 As I read onto the more recent blog posts, she said she is going to cover mirrors, and avoid looking at any reflections of her body. Now I wanted to do this a few years ago, I had read an article on this, it said how much it can help your self esteem, but I chickened out. The fact that I would have to do my hair and makeup mirrorless would be quite difficult. This brings me on to the point of this blog post.....
How much do you depend on a mirror?!
I think so many people are obsessed with the way they look. Trust me I can be one of those people. I have written a blog post about self image CLICK HERE TO HAVE A READ. Some people have so much pressure (like this girl) within their career, and they do all they can to look perfect. You will have to remember that when YOU look in the mirror, it's how YOU perceive yourself, not others. OK, you might have a dodgy frizzy updo, but some people may think it looks cute and qwirky, whilst others may think it looks messy, whilst you may think you look like you just woke up. Sometimes you can be a little harsh on yourself, so don't let that mirror own you. Although I do say that and mean it, I have a mirror in my house in which I call the "truth" mirror. This is the one that shows every flaw, and so if I look nice in that mirror I feel like I actually look nice. Do any of you do that?

So.. how much do you look in the mirror. Do you freak out when you don't look the way you wanted or thought?
I'd love to hear your opinions in the comments ;)

Love Laura xxx

The No Foundation Face

Bronzer: Body Shop Honey Bronze shade 3. Blusher: Body Shop. Highlighter: MAC Soft And Gentle

I have a slight, near unhealthy obsession with foundation. To cut the awkward sob story down- I had spots, I hated my skin, foundation made me feel prettier...
I have worn foundation to every "out of house" place for the last 5/6 years, and recently I have just thought f**k it, I'm not going to bother with foundation! To be honest I haven't ever found a foundation that I have perfectly liked AKA holy grail. There's always something wrong, either it goes patchy, it doesn't match my skin, it makes my skin looks oily, makes my skin look dry, oxidizes, or makes me look worse than I did without the foundation. And so I have been brave and done the smaller outings almost bare faced, and you know what, I survived!
I have been experimenting with other skin makeup products that could accentuate my skin and make it glow without the use of foundation! The best thing is not having the feeling of foundation of my skin it makes such a difference. The 3 keys things needed are bronzer, blusher and highlighter. As you can see from the photos above, I have 3 favourites.

I know this post can seem a bit vain and obsessed with makeup, but I'm sure some of you guys would understand the deeper meaning. Makeup is like a mask for me sometimes.
Do you brave leaving the house without makeup?

Love Laura xxx

Is University Really Worth It & Following your dreams

OK, I feel like I might get some slack for writing this blog post, but please understand these are just my opinions, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions right?
Lets start of with the question you're probably all thinking at this point "Did Laura go to uni?" No I didn't, I did do my A levels and was actually talked out of going to uni by my parents! It does upset me sometimes when I have told people that, most parents would be proud if their daughter or son decided to study more, not mine. I mean my parents did have their reasons, they didn't go to uni themselves and so they're not all about being majorly academic. They both work full time and manage to afford to live. I guess they don't know me well enough. They don't know how much I wanted to take psychology, and learn to write so that I could write a novel or write for a magazine. Now some of you may be thinking, "What's stopping you Laura, you can still go to uni now, don't let your parents stop you" This statement is right.
This is where I come to my next point - is uni actually really worth it? 

image from
I currently work full time and earn an good enough wage. The job and company I work for has a mixture of people working for them. Some left school at the age of 16, some did their A levels like me and quite a few of them have uni degrees!! All those people that have studied for years, and ranked up a huge loan are doing the same job as me. Now I guess it takes time to find your job in your required field, but these days I believe that unless you want to be a doctor, a dentist, a lawyer or some degree required field, you could be wasting your time. I am trained well with computers, I took extra qualifications as well as doing double IT in my A levels, yet I couldn't get a computer job because I lacked experience (being only 18 at the time). I have known people for years that cannot get a job because of experience and that's what I believe makes you stand out to the next candidate. I believe everyone's paths are different, maybe you want or have been to uni for the experience. I am sure that's one of the main reasons I wanted to go. So if you're asking is uni really worth it?, well for me it probably is a mixed yes and no, and for you, that's for YOU only to decide.

At the moment I'm semi happy with my job, sometimes I hate it, sometimes I like it. I get to use computers and I know I'm good at my job. I know that if I wanted to study that bad there are online uni courses that I could take. If you're not sure about uni, there's always going back at a later date. You can go when you're 25, 26,27. You don't have to go when you're 18. My only advice would be choose wisely what subject you take because if you can't use all that hard work in a job in later life, it will have been a waste of time.
I have mentioned before, but this blog is a way for me to write as well as be more imaginative. My path is my own, I've seen where other peoples blogs take them and it just motivates me to carry on. Everyone has to start somewhere. I am not following my dreams as much as I could do because I'm scared, yep I said it! I have been put down for doing things outside my comfort zone before and I will only do the safe things. My advice would be, if you're young make the most of it because you can try different things and not be like "that's my job for the rest of my life"

What are your dreams for the future, and what do you think about uni?!

Love Laura xxx