Tips For Growing Your Hair

Hey guys. So since I had my hair cut to a horrible length a few years ago,  I've longed for longer hair.
I have been through the phase of covering up the length by wearing hair extensions, and now I think my hair is finally at a length I like! I have found a few personal tips that have helped, and I wanted  to share.

Let's start of with the whole regular hair cuts business. I was told for years by my hair dresser that my hair will grow longer/quicker if I got my hair cut every few weeks. Now the truth is that it's half true. I did keep getting regular cuts, but because my hair grows so slow, it was getting shorter and shorter! I had to make a choice. Either have shorter but healthy hair, or have longer hair with slightly thinner ends. So when I say it's half true, I mean having ends that are breaking are not making my hair be any longer because the ends are breaking off anyways. I have spoken to a few people and friends that have lovely long hair. Each of them have told me different things, whilst one of my friends get regular cuts, the other friend gets their hair cut once a year. It all depends on the person. I have found my personal hair cut schedule and that's to cut it every 6 months.  I have to admit my hair gets the thinner on the ends the longer it gets, but I love long hair, and you will notice that every persons hair will be different the long it gets.

Once you've got your hair cutting schedule sorted, you need to think hair care products! Things you use on your hair make a massive difference. I personally try to use a hair mask once or twice a week. My hair is extremely dry and needs moisture to look remotely nice and to stay healthy. One of my favourites is the Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery mask. I also recommend using some kind of hair oil treatment, one of the best is Coconut Oil. I have done a review on it if you click HERE
When You shampoo and condition the hair, you should massage the scalp. Ye ye ye you must have been told this or read this many times, but it works! I have always massaged my fringe/bangs with shampoo to make sure there is no grease (as it gets greasiest first) and guess what, that part of my hair has always grew the longest/fastest.

Another thing you should think about is your diet! I have always disliked many fruits and vegetables because I'm a fussy eater, but I do my best to eat what I can. At one point I did take the Skin, Hair and Nails vitamins, to be honest I couldn't tell if they worked or not. I kept forgetting to take the tablets and so gave up in the end. If you look online, you will find many reviews on vitamins that have helped hair growth. For me I just say eat healthier.

Now they are the main things you should do to your hair. But there's always the things you should avoid. Ah yes.. heat damage. One of the things I have limited is the use of is my hair straighteners. I used to use them every day, and couldn't understand why the ends of my hair were just snapping off. Nowadays I only use straighteners if I HAVE to, which is now 3/4 times a week. If you are using any kind of heat on your hair,  make sure you use a heat protectant, I love the Tresemme Keratin one. I would also say be careful on what hair bands you use on your hair, some rip the hair out! I love the thin ones from Primark.

So yea, there are some tips that you've probably hear many times over. But I wanted to give my own personal spin on them. I just want to say that it takes time for hair to grow. I have tried gimmicky things like the F.A.S.T shampoo ( Google it ) and guess what it doesn't work!
Do you have any tips for hair growth?

Love Laura xxx


  1. I love this post! "Growing your hair" is something I'm sure most girls can definitely resonate with. There are just so many pretty hairstyles you can choose when it's longer (and I won't lie, I love the whole "boho aura vibe"- so many gorgeous flowy hairstyles I've seen on tumblr and felt so envious of).

    Your tips are fantastic, you really are such a guru when it comes to hair care! Coconut oil sounds amazing, I've heard only good things and keep meaning to try it out. Plus, I think your mention about massaging the scalp when you shampoo and condition is such a good point, my hairdresser swears by it haha :) I suffer from awful split ends anyway, and I agree about heat; it's such a devil! Unfortunately my natural hair state is messy/curly, which I hate so have to straighten most days. The ombre doesn't help either so I definitely want to try more masks, the Frizz Ease one sounds fab!

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. aww thankyou Sophie!! my hair is naturally the same don't worry :D xx

  2. Your hair is amazing,and your tips are amazing!:)
    Lovely post!xx
    Keep in touch :)

  3. I have pretty long hair, my problem is it is super thick and very wavy which makes it really static-y . I am not sure whether or not I cut it to make it easier to manage or whether to cut it short and risk not liking it. I was wondering if you knew of a certain hair product or brush that wouldn't weigh my thick hair down but would fix my out-of-control hair. I am open to any suggestions. Thanks

    1. I would say maybe get layers cut in as you say your hair is super thick?! x and I would say a hair oil or serum. Also the way your dry you hair can make a massive difference xx

  4. I've been lucky that my hair grows pretty fast but I never got into the regularly scheduled haircuts. Considering I just cut my hair and it came out a bit too short, I'm thankful haha. You have a pretty haircut and length!

  5. lovely post I believe every woman wants to grow long healthy hair xxx thanks for sharing
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  6. Eeep I am in the same boat as you - cut ALL my hair off a year ago and it is just touching my collarbone now. Weep.......

    Also hunting for loads of hair-growth tips, so thank you for sharing this!! xxx

  7. love this post! i've grown mine from super short to the length it is now so i agree with a lot of this!

    from helen at // blog sale

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  8. Great tips darling! I also want to grow my hair long! and I've been struggling with the decision of cutting the ends every certain time as well. I've chose not to for at least six months :) Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog, I’m following you on Bloglovin and G+, I hope you can follow me back to stay in touch.


  9. Your hair looks gorgeous and really healthy in these photos! I have long hair, it grows quickly and and is really thick. I don't use any products other than shampoo and I reckon that's maybe why, it's never like snapped or anything it's always been pretty healthy. So maybe that might work also? I cut it like once a year myself and my fringe more regularly. xx


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