So, You Have Writers Block...

Ahh yes, the dreaded bloggers "writers block". I get it very often, I would say every few months. I run
out of ideas, or when I have ideas I don't feel inspired to express them over my blog. I have thought of a few ideas/tips just to help those that have ran out of ideas and need some inspiration.

1. Listen to your favourite music through your laptop
I am the type person to be on my laptop whilst watching TV. For some of you that might seem weird, others it may seem normal. I have noticed a massive blog motivation improvement when I turn off the TV and just listen to music!

2. Keep A list
Do you ever think of blogging ideas just before you fall asleep, or randomly travelling around? I DO! I keep a list on my Iphone within the notes section. This helps because I have started to collect a bunch of ideas for when I don't have ideas ;)

3. Do a tag
If you like to be a regular blogger yet you have no ideas, do a tag! I wouldn't recommend doing too many tags because that can get quite repetitive and boring, but the odd tag helps your readers get to know you.

4. It's ok to steal ideas...sometimes
Even though I personally like to be unique with my blog posts, there's probably posts I've done that other people have done 100's of times. If you go onto someones blog and LOVE a post of theirs, why not ask the blogger if they mind you doing your own take on the post?

5.Google Ideas
Now if you're really stuck, Google can be your best friend. Many bloggers like Lily have done posts on "blog post ideas". Like literal lists!!

6.Get another blogger to write a post for you
Now I guess this is cheating, but it can sometimes help. Maybe contact a blogger you like and see if they'd like to do a collab or a post on your blog. It may inspire you for your next post.

7. Take pictures
Yes literally take pictures. It could be of your face, your room, outside, anything. Once you look back at the photo it may inspire you. If you take a picture of your face, you could use it for a makeup post or talk about the facial expression..  anything, you can find so many post ideas from one picture.

8. Take a break
If you don't have anything you want to blog about, then don't. I don't mean that in a harsh way, but there's nothing worse than reading a post someones written "for the sake of it". I feel like after a break I become really motivated to blog again.

Do you have any other tips that help with writers block?!

Love Laura xxx


  1. These tips are so helpful. I've just got past writers block for now, but these will definitely come in handy x


  2. Great tips, Laura - I particularly like the one about 'taking a break', as I suffer from multiple chronic illnesses and started blogging as a way of giving myself something to do whilst I was stuck in bed. Now it has led to lots of brilliant opportunities and I really enjoy it, but sometimes I just feel too unwell and try to force myself to write. You've reminded me that it's okay to take time off if you need it, thank you :)

    Meg at Meg Says

    1. I'm glad to hear blogging has lead to opportunities!
      Of course it's ok to have a break :) xx

  3. These are really great tips, I find that flicking through magazines can really help you to come up with ideas for blogging :)

  4. These are really helpful tips! Sometimes i get to write a new blog and have everything that i am ready to write and then i completely forget what the main purpose of the blog was. I think i need to start being more organised with a notebook and pen in the future!

  5. this is such a useful post!

    from helen at

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  6. Great post and very useful tips!
    xx Ama


  7. Great post! My inspiration is music and movies x

    Laura Macij

  8. Such a fab post Laura, really inspirational! I think most of us can definitely relate, I know I can, I'm always thinking "oh god, what the hell do I write?!" and usually I only post once a week if I'm lucky haha! ;) Music is definitely so motivational, I find it can really get you in the mood to write as well. Tags are such a great way of adding a bit of variety and being a bit of a lifesaver when writers block strikes too, I think you hit the nail on the head with that one! And your last point speaks so much truth; you can definitely tell when people aren't feeling their own posts, it's so off putting! In the past sometimes if I've struggled with my mood or just haven't had anything to talk about I've done OOTD posts with no text. If the outfit is good enough, I find that can speak volumes in itself and be enough xo

    Sophie | soinspo <3

    1. Aw it's good to hear it's not just me that goes through this! I defo agree an OOTD post can speak enough without text x

  9. Very handy tips for a struggling time. I often feel it. That's why I am busy doing that 26 day blog challenge and I am actually REALLY enjoying it :)

    1. Yes I've been keeping up with that tag, I kinda wish I joined in on it this month x

  10. When I get stuck I just take photos and hope they'll fuel a few ideas!

    Jess x

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