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Hey guys!
So to follow up from my "HOW TO ACHIEVE POSITIVE THINKING" post. I thought I would give you an update on other things that help with my anxious thoughts.

My Anxiety Background... 
I just want to state that everybody has their own thought processes, so things that may work for someone else may not work for you!
My main anxious thoughts are obviously what other people think about me. For Example, I may be on my own waiting for a train, and all I will think about is what people are thinking of me. The kind of thoughts that come to mind are; "That man over there knows I am uncomfortable standing on my own", "Those group of girls are looking at me, they must hate what I'm wearing". Now many of you will probably say you get those general negative thoughts yourself and that it's normal. I agree with that. But sometimes the thoughts get worse and worse. They seem to eat into my mind, making me feel more anxious, making me look more anxious, therefore I'm conscious if people can tell. My breathing tends to speed up if I'm in a situation in which I'm really nervous and I get close to a panic attack if I don't calm myself down. 

The only thing that helps with any anxious situation is if I deal with the negative thoughts before they build into something much bigger then they need to be..

Tip 1... You're not a mind reader 
This is my MAIN problem! I seem to think I'm a magical mind reader that can tell what everyone is thinking of me, of course that is not true. 
I bet (and know) that most things you think people are thinking about you are NOT true. 

Tip 2... Distract Yourself
My theory is that people play around on their mobile phones in public to avoid being awkward. lol..
I think if you find something that can distract yourself from the negative thoughts, you won't have negative thoughts (see how simple that is) 
For Example; say you're nervous for a date, and your negative thoughts are becoming overwhelming.. before your date gets to you.. ring a friend instead of pacing up and down nervously in silence waiting for your date! Chatting to friends or someone close tend to help negative thoughts :).  I also think of something funny to myself sometimes, it helps LOL. 

Tip 3... Challenge The Thoughts
This is similar to tip no. 1. 
Are you really going to fail that test you've studied hard for? What facts do you have to prove he doesn't like you?
Think to yourself, is it negative thinking that's making you think that way or actual truth?

Tip 4... Challenge yourself
This leads up from tip no. 3. maybe there's something your feeling anxious about because you've never tried it. What if you went on that plane even though you're scared of flying.. that would mean you could go a plane again?
I need to work on this tip myself, I know that the things I have challenged myself to do have helped with my anxious thoughts to do it again.

Tip 5.. Breath!
If you are becoming overwhelmed with anxious thoughts I suggest you breath. In through the nose, out through the mouth isn't it??
Maybe look up breathing techniques, this may help distract you from your thoughts. AKA Tip no. 2.

I really hope some of these tips help you! I'm sorry if I have repeated myself from any previous posts. (If I have that means the tips really work ;) )
Do you have any other tips that could help me or a fellow reader?

Thanks for reading guys!
Ps. I think I'm going to get the Canon camera this month which will mean more regular blogging! For some reason I become more motivated to blog when I can take pretty pictures!

Love Laura


  1. I'm excited for you to get a new camera! I loved my Nikon when I got it and it totally inspired me :) Also, thanks for the tips. Distracting myself and breathing are my go-to's when I need to calm down.

    Madeline | Ring-a-Round a Rosey | Bloglovin’

  2. Great post! I really like how in the blogging community there seems to be a lot more awareness of anxiety. And these are much better ideas than someone just telling you 'not to worry' or suggesting that you just 'need to snap out of it'. :)

    1. Ye before I found the blogging community I never discussed anxiety! xx


  3. I personally don't suffer from anxiety but people close to me do and I've seen how it can make them feel so things like this are really useful to people like them and i admire you for taking time to write this post as it can be so helpful to others! If you wouldn't mind checking out my blog also it would man a lot. Im pretty new to blogging swell so any tips or advice you have that may help me would be greatly received!!

  4. Some really good tips, I especially agree with challenging yourself! From experience I've found that if you try and stop thinking about the anxious thoughts it is near to impossible, and is all you are thinking about, so if you welcome them they will eventually seem less unpleasant and you will be able to cope with them more!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  5. I have the exact same anxiety issues as you, especially when I'm on my own in public as I always wonder what people are thinking when they look at me. These tips are really useful, thank you for sharing x


  6. Well done on your post Laura, I have much admiration and respect for you for composing such a lovely piece of writing. It's great you are raising awareness for coping strategies on anxiety; something that most of us can all relate to and find encouragement in. I agree with challenging yourself, plus the mind reader tip is such a valid point, we just don't know what strangers/people in general think all the time, so there's no point wasting time wondering <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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