Things I want To Buy On Pay Day #5

1. Canon Powershot SX170

I have been looking for a camera to take blog pictures with since my other one had broke. My friend has this camera and so I borrowed it and loved how easy it was to use. This camera sells at it's cheapest for £84. It might not be a DSLR, but this camera is really good for the price.

2. Miss Dior Perfume

I love this perfume, but it's so expensive! Dior do an eu de toilette and eu de perfume version of this fragrance. So the price ranges from £54! 

3. Xen Tan Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe  

Ever since Anna raved about this tan I've been wanting to get my hands on it! I have tried a few other Xen Tan products, but this one is meant to be the best one. At £28.99, it's much pricier than my much loved St Moritz.

What are you wanting to spend your money on when pay day comes?
Love Laura xxx


  1. I used to LOVE Miss Dior, I think it was my first ever grown up perfume haha.

  2. Want them all!!! lovely blog dear!

  3. I have a very long list of things for when payday arrives... going to have to try and control myself a bit!
    Megan x

  4. Miss Dior sounds so divine! Remember someone coming into work with it at my old job and I instantly fell in love with it! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  5. I need to get a new camera for my blog and also for lifestyle things too. I've been looking at that Canon one! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

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  7. Love your wishlist Laura!

    I wish I could spend money on ANYTHING right now but I'm so busy saving up for a plane ticket to Bali :)

    Just featured you in my latest blog post love xxx

  8. Love your wishlist, I'm obsessed with the Miss Dior perfume, it's one of my favourites! Also I've heard that the camera is really good :)

    Rebecca Coco


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