Red lipstick & quick update

Sorry I have been a bit " Mia " with blogging. I haven't even had a chance to read some of my favourite blogs :(! I'm hopefully going to catch up Tomo!! 

I have been really loving a red lip lately and thought I would post a typical selfie! This is a rimmel lipstick and I am so surprised on how long lasting it is! I usually see lipstick gone after 20 mins on me, and I'm the type girl that can't be bothered to re apply lipstick! 

If you have any ideas for my next blog post, please leave below! 
I also haven't mentioned that my blogging  camera is broken, it keeps saying "lens error" and so I haven't been able to take photos for my blog :( . 
I am looking at getting a dslr or a more snazzy camera, but at the moment I am being careful with my money! 
Also if you like my blog, and would like to support me - you can nominate me for the cosmo blog awards ;) *wink wink* 

Thanks guys <3 ( post done from iPhone :p ) xxx


  1. I hesitated on buying the Rimmel lipstick! Look great

  2. The lipstick looks great! Good luck with the search for a new camera! :)

  3. A red lip looks beautiful on you!

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  4. ur lip color is gorg! :) ur phone takes great pictures

  5. You look stunning chick x
    Jess x

  6. I love love love Rimmel lipsticks! They are worth every penny :)
    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow


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