Are all Youtubers genuine?

Hey guys, so I thought I would write a post that's been on my mind for a little while.

The other day blogger and Youtuber tanya burr ( who I've been a fan of for years) posted a link on Facebook about how much they earn etc. written by the Daily Mail.
In the post it mentioned that youtubers are paid per product placement ( which I already knew) as well as other things they do regularly.

When watching your favourite youtubers videos, do you ever notice they all mention the same brand or products that they all suddenly love? Fair enough companies do send products but surely if everyone puts the same product in all their favourites.. A lot of us watching will want that product? 

I have fallen for the hype and purchased something especially because they've mentioned it. When I've actually tried some of the products out, I suddenly find they're actually not a good as the Youtuber/ blogger said. 
Companies are really clever and do this to make money out of unaware people, they know that millions of us will purchase something because these people online love it. I'm not saying all bloggers and youtubers do this. If a company offered to pay you £500 just to mention their product, what would you do? I am also aware that Youtubers/Bloggers put a (*) if they've been sent a product. 
What I'm trying to say is yes these youtubers and bloggers can genuinely like something, but I have a feeling every now and then their opinion is swayed. After all they could get a lot of money just for mentioning a brand.

You can see the article I'm talking about by clicking HERE


  1. This is so true, I've tried a few of the "hyped" products and they just don't do it for me, im unsure if this is coincidence or whether you've got a really good point!!

  2. Hey Laura! I love this post because it's definitely something that I've been thinking about as well. Sometimes bloggers can do that even more than Youtubers. It's definitely tough to tell :/
    Anyways, love your blog so much! Can't wait to read more of your posts! <3
    Hope you're having a lovely Friday!!xx

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  3. It does seem a bit odd when you think about it. When I watch YT videos it kind of feels like catching up with a friend, to some extent, and to think that they are paid to try to influence your purchases is a bit weird.
    But then I do feature products from companies in my posts sometimes - albeit very rarely - and I find that I feel inclined to give a good review (but, of course, not if it is really dreadful) as they have bothered to send me something to try out. :)

  4. Thanks for the post! I definitely think about it too. Especially with some blogs that are filled with samples for review! It's cool to get perks but when every post is about stuff sent for free, I wonder if their opinion can really be unbiased!

    Raincouver Beauty

  5. I've been thinking about this more and more lately. The whole Falsies mascara and Naked palette obsessions...I don't really get, although I did try both. The mascara is pretty good, I admit, but I still would like to try others. I definitely think it's gotten to the point where some of these youtubers are so popular, they are bending the truth a bit with some of the products they get for review. At this point, I mainly watch them for their personalities but don't really rush to buy something as soon as they "recommend" a product. I mean, I understand that they want to make money/or get free stuff but it wouldn't hurt them to refuse an offer sometimes (Especially when 50 other bloggers are advertising the same exact product) because it's very likely that another offer will come along sooner than later.

  6. What a great post! I do think about this sometimes!!

  7. Had a quick read and I genuinely didn't think they would earn that much! A crazy amount of money. Since i've started blogging, I've certainly bought or wanted to buy products due to bloggers hyping them up. Makes you wonder though how much the company could influence their opinion. I received a piece of jewellery to review and the company didn't like the review as I wasn't 100% positive, so they asked me to write a new one! I sent the jewellery back as I wouldn't want to write false opinions of a product xxx

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  8. That's a really interesting article - thanks for sharing! I do watch a lot of youtubers so it is good to know x

    Jasmin Charlotte


  9. Really refreshing to see such an honest post on such a relevant topic Laura, well done for raising this issue on your blog as it's definitely something worth thinking about! I love that you post unique and thought-provoking reads on your blog! Often I wonder about this too. Mostly I think you tubers can be too influenced.. but like you say when it's a matter of that much money, what do you do?!

    I've also experienced and heard stories of companies wanting advertisement and mentions and PR stuff doing for them with nothing in return so sadly it seems to be a vice versa thing too. Definitely needs to work both ways!

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  10. I agree completely with this post. I have tried some products because they were highly recommended by various youtubers. Some were worth the hype while others were not

  11. i did a sponsored video, where i said right at the beginning this was sponsored--i was very clear about it, and got such crap for it. but yet there is product placement, which i can ALWAYS tell, but no one says anything. but, i didn't do the video just for the money. i had tested the product a month prior and once it met my criteria, then i agreed to talk about it. i know not everyone does that, but i value my integrity, and my readers. totally agree with you!

  12. This is such a good topic to blog about, I've bought things Youtubers have raved about and in the end they're not even that good. Wish I hadn't fallen for the hype. I've spent alot of money doing this, wasted alot shall i say!

    Check out my blog.

    K. X

  13. I do agree sometimes Yotube loses it's genuine feel I knew they earned a salary but I didn't realise it was so much! This has definitely made me rethink some of my favourite youtubers xx

  14. Love your posts!
    Take a look at my new blog and feel free to leave a comment :) there's not much there yet, but it's just a little something, thanks! ♥ 

  15. I totally agree with everything you said!
    I wouldn't mind making as much as some Youtubers do! The only things is a lot of Youtubers I feel have got all the money to the head which is upsetting :/
    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow

  16. Companies send them all the same packages around the same time (I follow a lot of them on Snapchat where they unbox a lot of things from their P.O. Box) I feel like I can tell when someone genuinely is loving something- and I always sample first if I'm not sure about a significant purchase. There are a lot of Guru's that I really trust like Makeup Shayla- she has the best Snapchat ever!

    This was a great post! Idk to me I feel like Bloggers exaggerate products more than YouTubers and it's a bit harder to tell lol

    Rhenicia | Beauty By Rhenicia


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