OOTN | Colour Block Midi Dress

Hey guys, so I went out this Saturday, and thought I would update you all on what I wore.
I have been looking for a nice midi dress for ages, but for some reason they just didn't look right on me. I saw this dress advertised all over the internet and decided to buy it, and I'm so glad I did!

Sorry about my friends messy room LOL
The same dress in sold on Boohoo.com and Ebay! I bought mine off Ebay because it was cheaper, and there was an amazing selection of colours, including Coral, Blue and Yellow.  The dress was a thicker material then I thought it was going to be (because of how cheap it was) which was a good thing!
I wore high black heels from New Look and a white and gold necklace from Primark.

What do you think of the dress?

Love Laura xxx

Are all Youtubers genuine?

Hey guys, so I thought I would write a post that's been on my mind for a little while.

The other day blogger and Youtuber tanya burr ( who I've been a fan of for years) posted a link on Facebook about how much they earn etc. written by the Daily Mail.
In the post it mentioned that youtubers are paid per product placement ( which I already knew) as well as other things they do regularly.

When watching your favourite youtubers videos, do you ever notice they all mention the same brand or products that they all suddenly love? Fair enough companies do send products but surely if everyone puts the same product in all their favourites.. A lot of us watching will want that product? 

I have fallen for the hype and purchased something especially because they've mentioned it. When I've actually tried some of the products out, I suddenly find they're actually not a good as the Youtuber/ blogger said. 
Companies are really clever and do this to make money out of unaware people, they know that millions of us will purchase something because these people online love it. I'm not saying all bloggers and youtubers do this. If a company offered to pay you £500 just to mention their product, what would you do? I am also aware that Youtubers/Bloggers put a (*) if they've been sent a product. 
What I'm trying to say is yes these youtubers and bloggers can genuinely like something, but I have a feeling every now and then their opinion is swayed. After all they could get a lot of money just for mentioning a brand.

You can see the article I'm talking about by clicking HERE

Red lipstick & quick update

Sorry I have been a bit " Mia " with blogging. I haven't even had a chance to read some of my favourite blogs :(! I'm hopefully going to catch up Tomo!! 

I have been really loving a red lip lately and thought I would post a typical selfie! This is a rimmel lipstick and I am so surprised on how long lasting it is! I usually see lipstick gone after 20 mins on me, and I'm the type girl that can't be bothered to re apply lipstick! 

If you have any ideas for my next blog post, please leave below! 
I also haven't mentioned that my blogging  camera is broken, it keeps saying "lens error" and so I haven't been able to take photos for my blog :( . 
I am looking at getting a dslr or a more snazzy camera, but at the moment I am being careful with my money! 
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Thanks guys <3 ( post done from iPhone :p ) xxx