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Heyy, I've seen a few my perfume collection review posts and really enjoy reading them! And so I thought I would do my own!
I probably don't own as many perfumes as other people, but I've only just got into buying perfumes for myself instead of receiving them as gifts...

First up is the CK Summer by Calvin Klein. This was a gift a few years ago, and so I don't even know if they still sell it.  This obviously is a summer scent. It smells really fresh and light. I find this perfume doesn't last and I find it quite boring.

The Elie Saab perfume is one of my favourites out of my collection. It has quite a unique smell, and I don't know of many people that actually own/wear it! I would say it can be quite strong and long lasting. I wouldn't say it's an every day perfume. It smells quite sophisticated and grown up without smell like an old woman (if that makes sense)

The Armani Code is my evening fragrance. I was recommended this by a friend as being very long lasting (I do agree with this) I do find that this is quite a strong one and sometimes I don't really like the smell as it can give me a minor headache. It seems to be sweet and musky all at once. It smells like an expensive perfume.

Angel by Thierry Mugler is one I never wear. I was convinced by some friends and a sales assistant that it in an amazing perfume that lasts ages and smells of chocolate. I do agree with those claims, but at the same times I nearly hate it. I wore this shopping once and someone walked past me saying "what's that smell of cleaning products" I instantly knew it was me. Some people love this perfume but I personally find it a headache causing smell.

Marc Jacobs Eue So Fresh Delight CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW

Beyonce Heat Perfume is an old favourite. I've had this in my collection for ages and still like it. When I wear it, it reminds me of my teenage years, quite recognizable.

Next up is Paco Rabanne Lady Million. I have actually used this up, but sadly won't repurchase. It's not because I don't like it, but it's a been there done that fragrance. I would say this is an evening perfume and it reminds me of a perfume you would wear clubbing. (I am rubbish at describing scents btw lol )

The Chloe Rose perfume is also on it's last legs. I have been using this as an every day perfume. I have also owned the normal Chloe perfume and loved it for it's long lasting properties. This version is more floral and rosey (obvss) But I wouldn't repurchase it, sometimes I felt I smelt like an old woman (Sorry any of the older ladies out there, no offence is meant) I just don't feel like the perfume did justice for my age.

Finally is the Christina Aguilera perfume. I actually do like this perfume, it's a nice every day to night perfume. It's not too heavy and not too light. I don't wear this perfume because I used to wear it when I was going through a tough time, when my anxiety was the worst it had ever been. And so when I smell this perfume, it brings memories back. I know it may seem weird, but they say smells do bring things back (as anyone else has this before?!)

Anyways, that's my current perfume collection, I did have more perfumes, but as they were used up I didn't add them in.  There's no dior, no prada or Chanel. I will buy a more perfumes when I find "the one" hahah xx

What's your favourite perfume?

Love Laura 

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  1. I'm really desperate for a Marc Jacobs perfume, the bottles are just so gorgeous! My favourite perfume is definitely Viktor & Rolf - Flowerbomb. It's on my Christmas list every year but I'd never buy it myself as it's so bloody expensive!

    Jen | Jen's Little Beauty Blog x

  2. Marc Jacobs always has THE MOST YUMMY fragrances!

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  3. Really enjoyed reading this, I always love to hear about perfumes! Sounds like you have a gorgeous collection; I really want to try some more (am such a novice haha!) I own the Christina one, and agree it's a lovely scent, quite special for an evening event, and with a unique smell <3

    My favourite scent has to be Enchanted Bloom by Ghost, such a subtle floral scent that lingers and lasts.

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  4. Your collection is gorgeous, as are the bottles! I'll definitely have to try out some of these, especially Elie Saab! xx

  5. I personally love the smell of daisy ! ♥


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