Cosmo Blog Awards 2014

Hey guys so this time last year Laura Thinks About didn't exist. I made this blog at the end of May, and so had no idea what the #cosmoblogawards were?!
Fast forward nearly a year later and I have been watching the net to see when I can finally put my blog up for the award.
I don't write my blog to win things or to get free stuff from companies, I'm actually quite passionate about blogging because I write about what I want to write about, I'm in control.

As the nominations are now open for the 2014 Cosmo/Next blog awards I thought why not put my blog out there. What can I loose?
I guess I'm writing this post to say if you like my blog and would like to support it, it would mean the world if you could nominate my blog by clicking HERE for the Cosmo part (best new beauty blog)   or by clicking HERE for the Next Best Newcomer blog! (The one I would LOVE to win) 
If you also are putting yourself up for the blog awards please let me know and I'll love to support you aswell :)

Good luck anyone that applies, I don't expect to win obviously because there are SO many amazing blogs out there. But hey, if you don't try, you'll never know!

Love Laura 


  1. Done :) I do love a good read of your blog! Its one of the first ones I found.

    If you fancy it I'm running for best newcomer blog too so it'd be really appreciated it if you nominated me. Don't feel obligated to though if you don't want to :)

    Sammeh x

    1. aww thankyou so much!
      And I will nominate you aswell :) xx

  2. You definitely get my vote! Best of luck I so hope you win (:

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  3. I've nominated you! I'm actually running for this myself but would of course love to see you shortlisted! xo

    1. Thanks lydia, I'll make sure I nominate you x

  4. Good Luck gorgeous! I hope I did it right! You've come so far and your blog design is fabulous!xo


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