Products I Regret Buying #2

Ahhh, yes it's time to do another one of these posts....

When doing these posts, I carefully consider products that I have tried and tried but still - hate! 

Maybeline "Big Eyes" Mascara : I did a review back in February Click Here For Review . I said in the review that it is just like any other mascara, that is true! I bought it because of the hype of having a bottom lash mascara, but personally I find the actual mascara pretty RUBBISH! 

Lloreal Super Felt Tip Liner: I have illustrated with the photo below that this eyeliner is weak. If I buy a black eyeliner, I expect it to give me a black line on my eyes, not faded grey. I know you may think that I have a dud and that the other one might be ok, but I've tried another one of these and go the same result. 

Tea Tree Moisturizer:  When you think of a moisturizer, you think of moisturizing right? Well I find this doesn't touch my dry skin, but as it's tea tree I thought it would be good. I was wrong. 

No7 Intelligent Colour Foundation: I did buy this a few years ago, so there might be a better version of it, but what a weird foundation?! The concept is great, the fact that it will blend into your skin tone.. but I personally find this foundation patchy and drying. I added this product within my last "products I regret buying" post and forgot. #forgetfullaura

Maxfactor Lasting Performance Foundation: By the name you'd expect this foundation to be long lasting? I just found it does what the previous foundation does, it goes really patchy. I tried it in a pale enough shade, but find I get random orange bits on my skin after wearing a few hours? 

W7 Concealer Palette: I bought this off Amazon, hoping for some great things after great reviews. I personally think the product isn't pigmented enough and blends horribly. The palette looks professional enough, but I still regret buying it :( 

Hope you enjoyed reading me moan about things I don't like ;)

Love Laura xxx

Oh Look. My Blogs 1 Year Old!

I never thought I would actually last writing on this little blog for one year! I literally thought I would give up after a couple of weeks. But I can safely say, blogging has become a hobby!
I feel like after one year I have got my teeth stuck in and now I want to work harder and do better with my blog, I have high hopes for the next few years!! I am planning on buying a new camera, preferably a DSLR so that I can take decent photographs, and also to maybe film a few Youtube videos (if I pluck up the courage?!)
I feel like this is where I fit in. Most people I know don't know what a blog is and if they go on Youtube it's for music videos. I am hoping one day to go to a "blogger meetup" to actually meet and maybe make friends with people that share the same hobbies and interests via blogging.

I know I have said this before but I'd like to thank people who come back to my blog, and those who tweet and socialize,. It makes me feel part of the blogging community and I feels like I've made "blogger friends". Of course I don't do blogging for followers, I do it because I enjoy it. If I had only 10 followers, I would still write blog posts.
I have realized that I LOVE writing and if writing a blog could help me end up in a job similar that would be one of my dreams. People like Zoella have been my motivation. I know people may be sick of hearing about her, but I remember reading her blog way before her Youtube, and to watch someone grow to that great ammount is beyond inspiring.

So yes one year ago I decided to start a whole new blog, and boyyyy am I glad!! I do want to share it with my friends and family, but not just yet. I kinda want to film their responses to it if I do *crying laugh face*

Love Laura 

Perfume Collection & Reviews

Heyy, I've seen a few my perfume collection review posts and really enjoy reading them! And so I thought I would do my own!
I probably don't own as many perfumes as other people, but I've only just got into buying perfumes for myself instead of receiving them as gifts...

First up is the CK Summer by Calvin Klein. This was a gift a few years ago, and so I don't even know if they still sell it.  This obviously is a summer scent. It smells really fresh and light. I find this perfume doesn't last and I find it quite boring.

The Elie Saab perfume is one of my favourites out of my collection. It has quite a unique smell, and I don't know of many people that actually own/wear it! I would say it can be quite strong and long lasting. I wouldn't say it's an every day perfume. It smells quite sophisticated and grown up without smell like an old woman (if that makes sense)

The Armani Code is my evening fragrance. I was recommended this by a friend as being very long lasting (I do agree with this) I do find that this is quite a strong one and sometimes I don't really like the smell as it can give me a minor headache. It seems to be sweet and musky all at once. It smells like an expensive perfume.

Angel by Thierry Mugler is one I never wear. I was convinced by some friends and a sales assistant that it in an amazing perfume that lasts ages and smells of chocolate. I do agree with those claims, but at the same times I nearly hate it. I wore this shopping once and someone walked past me saying "what's that smell of cleaning products" I instantly knew it was me. Some people love this perfume but I personally find it a headache causing smell.

Marc Jacobs Eue So Fresh Delight CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REVIEW

Beyonce Heat Perfume is an old favourite. I've had this in my collection for ages and still like it. When I wear it, it reminds me of my teenage years, quite recognizable.

Next up is Paco Rabanne Lady Million. I have actually used this up, but sadly won't repurchase. It's not because I don't like it, but it's a been there done that fragrance. I would say this is an evening perfume and it reminds me of a perfume you would wear clubbing. (I am rubbish at describing scents btw lol )

The Chloe Rose perfume is also on it's last legs. I have been using this as an every day perfume. I have also owned the normal Chloe perfume and loved it for it's long lasting properties. This version is more floral and rosey (obvss) But I wouldn't repurchase it, sometimes I felt I smelt like an old woman (Sorry any of the older ladies out there, no offence is meant) I just don't feel like the perfume did justice for my age.

Finally is the Christina Aguilera perfume. I actually do like this perfume, it's a nice every day to night perfume. It's not too heavy and not too light. I don't wear this perfume because I used to wear it when I was going through a tough time, when my anxiety was the worst it had ever been. And so when I smell this perfume, it brings memories back. I know it may seem weird, but they say smells do bring things back (as anyone else has this before?!)

Anyways, that's my current perfume collection, I did have more perfumes, but as they were used up I didn't add them in.  There's no dior, no prada or Chanel. I will buy a more perfumes when I find "the one" hahah xx

What's your favourite perfume?

Love Laura 

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OOTD | Mint Blazer

Hey guys, so it's time for another OOTD!

I went out to the pub for a few drinks last night and wanted to share with you guys my new love. The mint blazer!
I bought this from new look costing around £24.99. This is the perfect colour to wear in spring/summer and I feel like it makes even pale people like me look a little glowy and tanned.
I wore black Disco Pants, a black swing top with crochet detail at the bottom and black wedges to combo with the blazer.

Makeup wise I had to do a day to night style makeup because I had to rush from work. I wore MAC Studio Sculpt, MAC Mineralized skin finish, Rimmel Bronzer, black eyeliner, The Naked pallette eyeshadows etc. etc.

What do you think of this look?

Love Laura  

Workout DVD Reviews

Hey guys!
As I'm trying to get fit for the summer, I thought I would review some of the workout DVD's I've tried.
Just for anyone's reference, I am a size 10ish ,5ft 10 girl that doesn't do any other form of exercise (except walking) . So for me doing any exercise is kind of a shock. I haven't done these DVD's in months and recently taken up running!

First up is the Zumba complete transformation system. I bought this around 2 years ago after the MANY amazing reviews! The kit also came with small weights. The Zumba system is actually 3 dvds! ( Basics 20 min, cardio party and sculpt and tone). I mainly used the sculpt and tone DVD over a 2-3 week period around 3/4 times a week. The steps were really easy to follow and I could feel the burn in the stomach! I gave up before I could see any results because I didn't really see any result and lost motivation. I highly recommend the sculpt and tone for someone that wants to do a short 20 min abs workout. I am sure I would have seen results if I kept at it for 2 weeks longer! I also used the 20 min workout one, which is perfect for someone like me that leads a very busy working lifestyle. I feel like the instructors really try and motivate you. I would recommend this system to anyone that wants a fun and really active workout for the whole body!

The Josie Gibson 30 Second Slim is my most recent workout DVD purchase. I was browsing a shop and the photo of the before and after captured me. I'm obviously not the size of the before picture, but the transformation made me want to buy the DVD. The DVD is set up into levels 1,2 and 3. 1 meaning to be the easiest and 3 meaning to be the hardest. In my opinion level 2 is the easiest and level 1 is the hardest, so I defo think it's down to the person doing the workouts. There is a warm up, main workout and cool down (like all workouts should have). The actual workout includes Josie and a fit male instructor talking you through the workouts, really trying to motivate you. There is ALOT of floor workouts within this DVD, which I don't really like. The workout are amazing though and even though it's just a 20 min workout I am knackered by the end. The workouts base on a 30 second high intensity fast exercise  and then a more relaxed exercise. This is meant to be more effective to burn fat apparently.

The Pussycat Dolls Dancers Body Workout 2 DVD is mean to be more of a dancing and fun workout. I picked this up because of the whole dancers body. I really want a dancers body, they're so toned and not too slim. The DVD consists of Robin Antin and her doll dancers teaching you dance moves to some of the most famous pussycat doll songs.
I really wanted to like this DVD, but I find the dance moves are a little too difficult, to get the moves you would need to replay the DVD over and over. But then I guess that's the point of it being a DVD. This is one of those workouts I've tried, but it's unlikely I'll play this DVD again. I think if you're a dancer you might love this though.

So yea that's my thoughts on these workouts. Have you tried these yourself? And what is your favourite workout DVD?

Love Laura 

Mini Primark And New Look Haul

How ironic to be doing a shopping haul, just after I've posted about how to save money LOL
Anyways I haven't done a haul before and as I bought a couple of bits (mostly basics) I thought I would share!

I have been really good at money saving this month and so put a lot of things back that I actually wanted to buy. I thought I would be brave and buy a hair scrunchie as they are in fashion. whoops falling for the trend haha! And I have been needing to buy a long white shirt for ages and finally found the perfect one from primark for only £9!!
Sorry about the photo quality, I've been looking for a new camera for a little while but as I said I've been trying to save money so a camera costing 100's is not my priority I guess ahha xx

Love Laura 

How To Control Your Urge To Buy....

It's pay day and it's the weekend.  You can either sit in and put all the money into your savings OR go shopping.. Many of us find it difficult to control their spending. I know I do sometimes!!

The Things To Watch Out for....

Youtube and blog reviews
I don't know about you, but if a youtuber does a review on something that's really good, I usually want it.
I could be browsing online, and come across a "get ready with me" video or post, and that's it I'm hooked. That £20 foundation may not seem extreme, but think about all the things you buy just because someone else has recommended it! I would say if you're trying to save or not spend money, avoid reading or watching things that are going to make you want to buy something. Simple.
Discount websites/ apps
This is a old trick that retailers use to capture us in. If you see a 50% off flashing before your eyes, there's no going back. Website like Groupon pick items that most of us would like to purchase. I would say delete any of those apps unless your looking for a discount on something you NEED. Need being the prime word here lol.
We all know when there is usually going to be a sale. Whether it's Boxing Day or a new season sale, all the shops will want to make as many sales as possible. At the end of the day it will probably make you buy something you don't NEED, just something you want! If you find something in the sale question yourself, do I need it? Would have I paid full price for it?  If yes, then you may purchase ;)

My Impulse Buys?

My impulse buys are usually foundations, I could be browsing boots when BHAM I see a new foundation that sounds perfect for me. I also like buying new bags! I am usually pretty good when it comes to impulse buying, I always talk myself out of buying anything expensive because I feel guilty. Basically if I do/use any of the above things, I will then end up purchasing something!

My Top Tips To Save!

  1. Make a savings account in which you can transfer money immediately to it once you get paid. 
  2. Budget yourself. Work out all your outgoings and see what you have left over as spending money
  3. Write a list of things you have been wanting to buy for a long time. compose the list into order or which one you'll buy first 

Jessica from has done a similar post on impulse buying, you can see it by CLICKING HERE  . Raise is a peer-to-peer marketplace where you can buy discounted gift cards to your favorite brands, and sell your unused gift cards for cash.

Love Laura 

Cosmo Blog Awards 2014

Hey guys so this time last year Laura Thinks About didn't exist. I made this blog at the end of May, and so had no idea what the #cosmoblogawards were?!
Fast forward nearly a year later and I have been watching the net to see when I can finally put my blog up for the award.
I don't write my blog to win things or to get free stuff from companies, I'm actually quite passionate about blogging because I write about what I want to write about, I'm in control.

As the nominations are now open for the 2014 Cosmo/Next blog awards I thought why not put my blog out there. What can I loose?
I guess I'm writing this post to say if you like my blog and would like to support it, it would mean the world if you could nominate my blog by clicking HERE for the Cosmo part (best new beauty blog)   or by clicking HERE for the Next Best Newcomer blog! (The one I would LOVE to win) 
If you also are putting yourself up for the blog awards please let me know and I'll love to support you aswell :)

Good luck anyone that applies, I don't expect to win obviously because there are SO many amazing blogs out there. But hey, if you don't try, you'll never know!

Love Laura