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Hey guys, so it feels like it's been forever since I've done a "beauty inspired" blog post. Actually, it's been a long time since I picked up my camera for a blog only basis. I've felt a bit "blah" about blogging, One reason is that I am in desperate need for a new blog design, I don't like how my blog looks when I write posts. I will hopefully get in contact with someone at the end of this month to sort it out.

Anyways on to the actual post.
I have been experimenting with more springy makeup looks, and found a few products I love that are quick and easy to use. I do shift work, and so I need long lasting makeup that looks pretty but simple.

I'd like to apologize about the pinkish hue to the picture, I have a purple room, with purple blinds and it always seems to reflect off into pictures (unless I photograph at night).

You will see that I don't use many products at all!
I have re fallen in love with Chanel Vitaluminere Aqua. It's a foundation like no other one I've tried. I was getting sick of my foundation going patchy on me. It seems to happen a lot because of my weird work patterns. This foundation is so lightweight, I never feel it on my skin. I have done a review of it on this blog.

I have found A new favourite mascara by maybeline. I forgot which one this is, so look for the greeny packaging, but it gives me the "spider leg" lashes. If you don't like that look then avoid ;) I also have added a new lipstick to my spring look this is the perfect coral for my skin tone (the photo doesnt do it justice) #Iminlove.

All the products shown are really self explanatory. They're quick and easy and look  pretty on x

What are you favourite makeup items at the moment?

Love Laura xxx


  1. I love the colours of those gorgeous lipsticks and find the Rimmel ones to be so invest-worthy, have got a rich Kate red lipstick which is so long lasting and my go to for a shot of colour <3

    Sophie xo

  2. I love the blush colours you used - your cheeks look so glowy! And can't wait to see you new blog design x

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  3. Your make-up looks beautiful, you look super healthy and glowy!

    Kathryn xo

    Bit of a Freak | UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

  4. Love the lipsticks, the pale pink one looks gorgeous! x

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  5. This is such a beautiful make up look for spring! I've been loving my Pink Gold Maybelline Colour Tattoo for spring x


  6. I'm absolutely dying to try that foundation, maybe have a sneaky purchase soon haha!


  7. I love the colours of your lipsticks!

  8. looks great! I wanna try that foundation, gotta get my hands on that.

  9. Great post. I haven't tried any of these, really interested in the naked palette. let me know if you would like to follow each other.

  10. Love this look on you, looks great!
    Jess x

  11. You look lovely!

    That Chanel foundation sounds intriguing - I've been wanting to have a change from my normal one.

    Hmm maybe...

  12. I love this! The blush is so pretty on you!


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