My Hair History

Hey, so for this post I thought I would go down memory lane! I have conjured up as many different photo's I could find from the past few years. .  My hair is natural a medium brown, curly and frizzy!

This is me and my brother as a baby, you can tell I hadn't used hair straighteners

Fast forward quite a few years and here's me at my school prom. I always had a LONG straight side fringe but curled my hair. why?! 

I started to dye my hair whilst in school. I went really dark chocolate dark brown. For years I had to have my hair cut in a short bob and so rebelled by growing my hair for as long as I could without cutting it! 

I then had my hair cut and begun wearing hair extensions. Sorry about the dodgy photo, lets say I took a lot of selfies like this! I soon started college after this stage. 

I then went down the blonde route! I did actually try highlights while I was in school, but the photos are hideous. This is a few years later and let me tell you the blonde went yellow, and this is actually the nicest picture. I obviously didn't know what purple shampoo was. 

The blonde went MAJORLY yellow and started to look horrid and so I dyed over it. Luckily I did dye my hair a couple of days before I had my photo taken. 

I know this photo is bad, but it's the only one I have of me with a fringe!!! I had this done because loads of people said it would look nice, they were wrong! lol 

The fringe grew out and I paid a lot of money for keratin hair extentions and my hair had been cut to shoulder length. The hairdresser dyed my hair a dark chocolate brown to blend well with the extensions. I loved my hair with them in! 

I had my hair extentions taken out and my hair was REALLY damaged. About a year later I went to the hair dressers to get a reddy brown in my hair. You can see how short my hair was after the extensions. 

I kept the reddy colour in. This was one of the last times I wore hair extensions and then I decided to not wear them anymore. I started to dye my hair a purple brown but I don't have a picture to show :(

I don't have a clearer pic, but this is me with subtle ombre highlights. I dyed my hair a medium brown and bleached the ends myself! I did like it at first. 

This is my hair now. This is without hair extensions, and a reddy brown again. My hairs become very thin at the ends, that's probably down to me cutting my hair maybe every 6 months. My hair takes so long to grow!

I hope you didn't cringe too much looking at these photos. There was a lot more I was meant to add, but I couldn't bare to share them! 
What's your most embarrassing hairstyle?

Laura xxx


  1. Such a great post, your hair has always looked great!

    x leah symonne x

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  3. I love seeing how people have changed their hair! I definitely have has worse hair styles than you x


  4. Great post! I love how your hair looks now. I am so tempted to do a post similar to this but I have had some dreadful hairstyles! :)

  5. nice post :)

  6. I always enjoy seeing styles throughout the years be it style or hair. I know you don't like some of these but I think you look gorgeous in every photo, and it's great to see how you've switched up your styles (:

    The red/brown shade really suits you best, I reckon and it's looking stunning <3

    My most embarrassing moment was when I cut my fringe when I was about 12. Gah, it was cringe! I cut the bit right in the middle and I had two bits coming down on either side. Horrific o.O

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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