Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight Review

Hey guyss, so this is my first ever perfume review! I actually have no idea how to review one.

I bought this perfume in Duty Free, because it was advertised as a summer scent. I have always wanted a Marc Jacobs perfume and needed a new daily perfume anyways. On instant spray this perfume was light, fresh and reminded me of summer. I don't always take too long to decided on perfumes and bought it. I saw that Tanya Burr used this perfume on one of her recent videos, so that helped persuade me to buy as well.

The lasting power of this perfume is pretty good considering it's an Eu De Toilette and not Perfume. I usually have trouble with perfumes - if they're too strong or overbearing they can give me headaches easily. This is light enough to wear during the day, and hasn't seemed to cause any headaches :)

I think this is quite a young(ish) perfume but saying that I reckon any age could wear this.
As this is a limited edition I am glad I've bought it and love it. Marc Jacobs have quite a few from their Daisy range, but I think this is my favourite from the range.
I would recommend this perfume to anyone that wants something light, slightly floral and quite long lasting. This isn't one of those perfumes in which you'll get someone chasing you asking what you're wearing because it's such a unique smell.

I nearly totally forgot to mention the packaging?! The packaging and design of the perfume bottle is lovely! It looks perfect on top of my makeup storage system. The colours are very girly and they emphasize what smell you could be expecting from the perfume.. (if that makes sense) The only negative is that it's not very travel friendly because of the slightly larger perfume lid!

What's your summer perfume?!

Love Laura xxx


  1. I love the Daisy range, this scent is gorgeous. I am a huge lover of flowers so I absolutely love the packaging x


  2. Ever since I sampled this in Berlin, I want to get my hands on it asap!! I love the Daisy range and this is my ideal summer fragrance! Love the decoration too. I love wearing Floral by Gucci, a lovely soft floral smell x

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  3. I always smell this when I'm in Debenhams, I've not bought a perfume for a while so I may splash out this summer
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  4. This sounds lovely - floral scents are always my favourite! And the packaging of this looks pretty. :)

  5. The packaging alone is enough to make me buy it! I love floral scents x
    Sweet Dreams

  6. for your first perfume review, it turned out pretty good, haha! i shoud probably get a summer perfume as well, i'm currently using a zara one that i've been having for over a year already.

  7. my summer perfume is viktor&rolfs flowerbomb...smells amazing x


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