Beauty Travel Essentials

Hey guyyssss
So I went away on holiday a few weeks ago. I was meant to take photographs of what's in my suitcase.. but I didn't #naughtylaura
Anyways, one thing that's easy to show in a post is what beauty things are a must in my suitcase!..
I am sorry if you're bored of seeing similar products, that's because I only literally show what I like, not what other people do. If that makes sense?! xx I don't have everything I wanted to add to this post here, but I'm showing what I have at the moment :) 

Lets start of with the makeup side of things...
To me unless you're going on a glamorous holiday, you don't need to wear much makeup. The 5 essentials are; Tinted Moisturizer or foundation, A bronzer/and or highlighter, A mascara, A blush and a lipstick or lipgloss. ( I forgot to add lipsticks to the picture, whoops)

To be honest everyone looks better on holiday, so it's all about accentuating you're natural glow. Well that's if you go somewhere sunny I guess lol.  I was really loving wearing the Body Shop Bronzer, it's a highlighter and bronzer in one!

 Then there's the skincare aspect of going away. I am one of those " bloggers" that's really lazy when it comes to skincare, especially on holiday. To be honest you're meant to be relaxing, as long as you've got your suncream and moisturizer you're all set in my eyes?! But my essentials are actually just makeup wipes, moisturizer, eye makeup remover and the Effaclair Duo+.  Because you're not gonna be wearing as much makeup, you're skin will be looking after itself.... Well I'd like to think so lol...

And here is the major basics! What would you do without hairbands, hair clips (not shown), deodorant and tissues?! I am one of those girls that shoves her hair up in a messy bun when it comes to sitting by the pool, very chic ;)

So there are my basic beauty essentials, I bet I've missed a ton of stuff.. if I have don't be scared to mention them on the comments ;)

What are your essentials? xx

Love Laura xxx


  1. I just got back from a mini vacation, and I can confirm that this is definitely all of the beauty travel essentials!
    I followed you on bloglovin!
    lexi // thelittlebrunette

  2. I also don't like wearing much makeup when I'm away on vacation :) I just can't relax when I have to worry about my mascara running or my foundation turning oily ;)


  3. I tend to take minimal make up on holiday. This has given me some great tips on what to pack this year x



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