Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight Review

Hey guyss, so this is my first ever perfume review! I actually have no idea how to review one.

I bought this perfume in Duty Free, because it was advertised as a summer scent. I have always wanted a Marc Jacobs perfume and needed a new daily perfume anyways. On instant spray this perfume was light, fresh and reminded me of summer. I don't always take too long to decided on perfumes and bought it. I saw that Tanya Burr used this perfume on one of her recent videos, so that helped persuade me to buy as well.

The lasting power of this perfume is pretty good considering it's an Eu De Toilette and not Perfume. I usually have trouble with perfumes - if they're too strong or overbearing they can give me headaches easily. This is light enough to wear during the day, and hasn't seemed to cause any headaches :)

I think this is quite a young(ish) perfume but saying that I reckon any age could wear this.
As this is a limited edition I am glad I've bought it and love it. Marc Jacobs have quite a few from their Daisy range, but I think this is my favourite from the range.
I would recommend this perfume to anyone that wants something light, slightly floral and quite long lasting. This isn't one of those perfumes in which you'll get someone chasing you asking what you're wearing because it's such a unique smell.

I nearly totally forgot to mention the packaging?! The packaging and design of the perfume bottle is lovely! It looks perfect on top of my makeup storage system. The colours are very girly and they emphasize what smell you could be expecting from the perfume.. (if that makes sense) The only negative is that it's not very travel friendly because of the slightly larger perfume lid!

What's your summer perfume?!

Love Laura xxx

My Hair History

Hey, so for this post I thought I would go down memory lane! I have conjured up as many different photo's I could find from the past few years. .  My hair is natural a medium brown, curly and frizzy!

This is me and my brother as a baby, you can tell I hadn't used hair straighteners

Fast forward quite a few years and here's me at my school prom. I always had a LONG straight side fringe but curled my hair. why?! 

I started to dye my hair whilst in school. I went really dark chocolate dark brown. For years I had to have my hair cut in a short bob and so rebelled by growing my hair for as long as I could without cutting it! 

I then had my hair cut and begun wearing hair extensions. Sorry about the dodgy photo, lets say I took a lot of selfies like this! I soon started college after this stage. 

I then went down the blonde route! I did actually try highlights while I was in school, but the photos are hideous. This is a few years later and let me tell you the blonde went yellow, and this is actually the nicest picture. I obviously didn't know what purple shampoo was. 

The blonde went MAJORLY yellow and started to look horrid and so I dyed over it. Luckily I did dye my hair a couple of days before I had my photo taken. 

I know this photo is bad, but it's the only one I have of me with a fringe!!! I had this done because loads of people said it would look nice, they were wrong! lol 

The fringe grew out and I paid a lot of money for keratin hair extentions and my hair had been cut to shoulder length. The hairdresser dyed my hair a dark chocolate brown to blend well with the extensions. I loved my hair with them in! 

I had my hair extentions taken out and my hair was REALLY damaged. About a year later I went to the hair dressers to get a reddy brown in my hair. You can see how short my hair was after the extensions. 

I kept the reddy colour in. This was one of the last times I wore hair extensions and then I decided to not wear them anymore. I started to dye my hair a purple brown but I don't have a picture to show :(

I don't have a clearer pic, but this is me with subtle ombre highlights. I dyed my hair a medium brown and bleached the ends myself! I did like it at first. 

This is my hair now. This is without hair extensions, and a reddy brown again. My hairs become very thin at the ends, that's probably down to me cutting my hair maybe every 6 months. My hair takes so long to grow!

I hope you didn't cringe too much looking at these photos. There was a lot more I was meant to add, but I couldn't bare to share them! 
What's your most embarrassing hairstyle?

Laura xxx

My New Blog Design!

So if you follow me on Twitter or even my blog for a little while, you'll know I have been changing the design of my blog pretty constantly as well as wanting someone else to redesign it for me!
I posted on Twitter asking for designers and browsed through all the lovely girls portfolio's and websites when I came across Stephs designs. Click here for her design website
She was very easy to work with, works pretty fast and she's really affordable! You can contact her via twitter Click Here

Hope you guys like my design :)

Beauty Travel Essentials

Hey guyyssss
So I went away on holiday a few weeks ago. I was meant to take photographs of what's in my suitcase.. but I didn't #naughtylaura
Anyways, one thing that's easy to show in a post is what beauty things are a must in my suitcase!..
I am sorry if you're bored of seeing similar products, that's because I only literally show what I like, not what other people do. If that makes sense?! xx I don't have everything I wanted to add to this post here, but I'm showing what I have at the moment :) 

Lets start of with the makeup side of things...
To me unless you're going on a glamorous holiday, you don't need to wear much makeup. The 5 essentials are; Tinted Moisturizer or foundation, A bronzer/and or highlighter, A mascara, A blush and a lipstick or lipgloss. ( I forgot to add lipsticks to the picture, whoops)

To be honest everyone looks better on holiday, so it's all about accentuating you're natural glow. Well that's if you go somewhere sunny I guess lol.  I was really loving wearing the Body Shop Bronzer, it's a highlighter and bronzer in one!

 Then there's the skincare aspect of going away. I am one of those " bloggers" that's really lazy when it comes to skincare, especially on holiday. To be honest you're meant to be relaxing, as long as you've got your suncream and moisturizer you're all set in my eyes?! But my essentials are actually just makeup wipes, moisturizer, eye makeup remover and the Effaclair Duo+.  Because you're not gonna be wearing as much makeup, you're skin will be looking after itself.... Well I'd like to think so lol...

And here is the major basics! What would you do without hairbands, hair clips (not shown), deodorant and tissues?! I am one of those girls that shoves her hair up in a messy bun when it comes to sitting by the pool, very chic ;)

So there are my basic beauty essentials, I bet I've missed a ton of stuff.. if I have don't be scared to mention them on the comments ;)

What are your essentials? xx

Love Laura xxx

Review: Vita Liberata Gradual Self Tan In Light/Clair

It's time to review another self tan! ps. sorry about the picture lighting (it was taken at night)

I did a lot of research a month or so ago on gradual fake tans that don't smell. I was getting sick of waking up with that horrid biscuit smell or some other strong scent (even Xen Tan has a scent) and so I found Vita Liberata.
Vita Liberata do a range of fake tans, even one that claims to last 2 - 3 weeks!

This particular option out of the range is "untinted" which means you DONT get a guide colour. To be honest I find that a good thing, you don't really expect to have an instant colour with a gradual tanner. Also in this range you get a choice of mousse or cream, I have the cream version.
In other reviews it states to use a tanning mit, and I totally agree! This gradual tanner can easily be applied using hands, but to make sure I have a perfectly smooth result I use a mit!

When I wake up in the morning I am left looking like I've been on holiday. I always take a shower and there is still quite a noticeable colour change after one application.  Even though I am using the lightest version, I feel this tan does what darker tans do in other brands eg. the dark version of the garnier gradual tan.
The colour isn't orange (which I have got with cheaper gradual tanners). I hardly have any streeking which is probably because I use a mit.

This is becoming my favourite fake tans because it fades so nicely! I haven't had any patchiness. The tan lasts a couple of days with one application.

Overall thoughts ?!
I really really really like this gradual tanner! I would recommend it to everyone apart from really pale people that are scared to tan. I have only used this a couple of times, but I feel it has already became part of my favouites. You can buy this tan for around £12 from Boots.

Have you tried this tan??
What's your favourite tanning brand?

Love Laura xxx

Quick and Easy Spring Makeup Look | Natural Makeup

Hey guys, so it feels like it's been forever since I've done a "beauty inspired" blog post. Actually, it's been a long time since I picked up my camera for a blog only basis. I've felt a bit "blah" about blogging, One reason is that I am in desperate need for a new blog design, I don't like how my blog looks when I write posts. I will hopefully get in contact with someone at the end of this month to sort it out.

Anyways on to the actual post.
I have been experimenting with more springy makeup looks, and found a few products I love that are quick and easy to use. I do shift work, and so I need long lasting makeup that looks pretty but simple.

I'd like to apologize about the pinkish hue to the picture, I have a purple room, with purple blinds and it always seems to reflect off into pictures (unless I photograph at night).

You will see that I don't use many products at all!
I have re fallen in love with Chanel Vitaluminere Aqua. It's a foundation like no other one I've tried. I was getting sick of my foundation going patchy on me. It seems to happen a lot because of my weird work patterns. This foundation is so lightweight, I never feel it on my skin. I have done a review of it on this blog.

I have found A new favourite mascara by maybeline. I forgot which one this is, so look for the greeny packaging, but it gives me the "spider leg" lashes. If you don't like that look then avoid ;) I also have added a new lipstick to my spring look this is the perfect coral for my skin tone (the photo doesnt do it justice) #Iminlove.

All the products shown are really self explanatory. They're quick and easy and look  pretty on x

What are you favourite makeup items at the moment?

Love Laura xxx

My Holiday In Tunisia

So I have mentioned that I have just been on holiday in Tunisia and that I would share some photos. (As there are many photos of me and my friends, I haven't put them on my blog just in case they didn't want them on here)
I had the most amazing time, and did things like riding a camel in the Sahara Desert during sunset #somethingyoumustdo
If you're thinking about going to Tunisia, the places you go can range from being very "poor" to being very nice, so be careful when booking your hotel and transport etc.

I will try to find some photos of the outfits I wore to do a mini "holiday ootd"

Have you been to Tunisia? 

Love Laura xxx

Airport OOTD | Patterned Trousers

Hey guys, sorry I haven't blogged in ages! I have been on holiday in Tunisia!
I will be sharing quite a few photos from my holiday (if any of you are interested) but at first let me share what I wore to the airport..  
The photo was taken with an Iphone so sorry about the quality 
Trousers from Matalan | Top From Debenhams | Sandals (not shown well) from Misguided | Bag from Groupon | Necklace from Miss Selfridge | Leather Jacket from Amazon | Watch from Marc Jacobs