Hey guys, I know this post is probably a little late to write, but I just wanted to post my " no makeup selfie"

I hope that people will still be able to text and donate £3.. ( Text BEAT to 70099  )

....anyways, I have been wanting to post a picture of me without makeup for a little while. It's not because I'm vain at all,  but if I'm able to post a picture, maybe I don't need makeup as much as I think.
A lot of girls actually look nearly the same or really nice without makeup, but don't even realize.

There has been quite a bit of negativity about this whole social craze, but I don't understand what is so bad about it.  I think the idea is amazing because it promotes natural beauty AND raising money for charity. 

Have you done a no makeup selfie?!

Love Laura xxx


  1. You're so pretty! Even without makeup! I've donated already, I think this is a great idea to help raise awareness x


  2. Gorgeous, Laura! I think this is such a wonderful thing. Is it limited to the UK?


  3. I've done one too, you're so pretty! It's so annoying some people being so negative, it's raised over £1,000,000 and I haven't seen a bad picture, seen so many naturally beautiful women, it's fantastic! Following you on GFC now :) xx


  4. I have been tagged a few times to do my no make up selfie. I think it's such a great idea! You look great without make-up to!


  5. Glad to see you've done a post on this like me! You look lovely without make up x
    Jess x

  6. You look great without makeup! And yes, I hardly wear makeup (just because where I'm from its usually so hot I'd sweat it off) so most of my selfies don't have makeup! :)

    x leah symonne x


  7. I'm a new reader and I'm so in love with your blog! <3

  8. You definitely don't need to worry about posting a pic with no makeup - you look gorgeous!

    Definitely with you (even though I'm cynical about things like this on social media myself) but after seeing how much it's raised, and the fact it's promoting natural beauty, I can't help but get behind it.

  9. Beautiful!!! You have such a pretty smile as well!


  10. You're such a natural beauty Laura, and this picture proves it, stunning! <3 Well done for getting behind such a great cause too :-)

    Wish I looked like this slap free; I always liken myself to a zombie first thing in the morning haha!

    Sophie xo soinspo

    1. hahah I bet you don't really look like a zombie!! xx


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