My Most Used Products (This year so far)

Hey, so it's another beauty style post. I was trying to think about something beauty wise that I feel "passionate" about, and thought of a couple of ideas. Whilst I try and find a way to show them in a blog I thought I was share my most used products. I literally use these on a daily or weekly basis!

Most used foundation:  MAC Studio Sculpt in NW20 ( I always go back to this) 

Most used blusher: Benefit Coralista

Most used concealer: Collection 2000 (I need a new one)

Most used makeup brush(es): Real Techniques Buffing Brush and MAC Stippling Brush

Most used nail varnish: Barry M in Berry (This lasts ages like gel for some reason)

Most used fake tan: St Moritz in Dark/Medium (It's cheap and not orange)

Most used face fake tan: Clarins Liquid Bronze (obsessed)

Most used moisturizer: Body Shop vitamin E

What products do you use most?

Love Laura xxx


  1. the concealer in the picture is the natural collection one not the collection 2000?

  2. My most used product would be my fashion fair foundation along with my carmex! i use that every night!
    Love this post hun x

    Jess x

  3. Haven't used St Moritz in so long but totally loved it too, especially the price!! It was a bit smelly gotta try Beautisol! It's an incredible real color, long lasting and hydrating! Google it!

    1. omg thankyou for the recommendation! I will defo google it xx

  4. I love that Barry M polish! I have been using it for ages x


  5. I love my Studio Sculpt so much, it's one of my most used foundations this year too!

  6. I love the St Moritz Tan been using it for years now. My most using product must be Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation.


  7. A great post! I have loads of most used products especially my baby lips! I also have the vitamin e moisturiser and I love it! It's makes your skin so soft
    Em x

  8. What a great post :) I swear by St Moritz! my most used would definitely have to be the Revlon lacquer balms and the good old collection 2000 concealer.



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