Review: La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo [+]

So this little miracle product was actually an "accidental" buy. I had heard so much hype about La Roche Posay that I ended up adding it to my shopping basket in Boots without knowing what it actually did. I quickly googled it after I purchased the product and found it was more suited for oily skin, I panicked and tried to return it. The Boots staff refused because it was a skin care product (even though it was still sealed) 

Anyways, fast forward to around a month later and I realized why there were so many reviews written about this product.  I personally see it as a spot zapper and moisturizer in one. I have had quite a few horrid under the skin and over the skin spots recently and this has helped control them. 

The actual description says: Specifically developed to target the key signs of oily, blemish-prone skin, including marks.
Clinically proven to correct the appearance of blemishes, this daily skincare solution is suitable even for sensitive skin

I would have to agree with this. This product does not break me out, it seems to dry and prevent spots.  I would recommend this product to anyone. Everyone gets the odd spot from time to time. 

This product costs around £15 

Love Laura 


Hey guys, I know this post is probably a little late to write, but I just wanted to post my " no makeup selfie"

I hope that people will still be able to text and donate £3.. ( Text BEAT to 70099  )

....anyways, I have been wanting to post a picture of me without makeup for a little while. It's not because I'm vain at all,  but if I'm able to post a picture, maybe I don't need makeup as much as I think.
A lot of girls actually look nearly the same or really nice without makeup, but don't even realize.

There has been quite a bit of negativity about this whole social craze, but I don't understand what is so bad about it.  I think the idea is amazing because it promotes natural beauty AND raising money for charity. 

Have you done a no makeup selfie?!

Love Laura xxx

My Most Used Products (This year so far)

Hey, so it's another beauty style post. I was trying to think about something beauty wise that I feel "passionate" about, and thought of a couple of ideas. Whilst I try and find a way to show them in a blog I thought I was share my most used products. I literally use these on a daily or weekly basis!

Most used foundation:  MAC Studio Sculpt in NW20 ( I always go back to this) 

Most used blusher: Benefit Coralista

Most used concealer: Collection 2000 (I need a new one)

Most used makeup brush(es): Real Techniques Buffing Brush and MAC Stippling Brush

Most used nail varnish: Barry M in Berry (This lasts ages like gel for some reason)

Most used fake tan: St Moritz in Dark/Medium (It's cheap and not orange)

Most used face fake tan: Clarins Liquid Bronze (obsessed)

Most used moisturizer: Body Shop vitamin E

What products do you use most?

Love Laura xxx

Supportive Bloggers...

I wasn't sure what to name this post, it was difficult trust me!
I wanted to somehow thank the people tho come back to my blog, always commenting and supporting.
There have been quite a few, and I have probably missed lots of people out, I apologize.
I do get annoyed sometimes when people write "Hey I like your blog, would you like to follow eachother?" In my head I think if you wanted to follow my blog, you would have done already. I do always follow blogs back if they follow me, but never request a follow back when I comment on anyones post. It's kinda rude?
Anyways back to mentioning some great bloggers and their blogs;

Grey Walls
This blogger does a mixture of stuff. I think her names "petrina" I'm sorry if I've got that completely wrong! She does great reviews, and seems to be one of the first to comments on any new blog posts.

Hmmmm Maybe 
This blog is written by Emma. I love reading about what her and "M" get up to, her life seems so interesting :)

I love this girls blog, Not only is she pretty good at blog designing, but she talks about body confidence etc. and I'm all about that!

Daisy drops
This girl does blog post from reviews to giving revision advice, a great mixture. :)

I am Linderella
I first noticed this blogger when I originally did a blogger badge swap. She does amazing reviews and is another one that's good at designing her own blog.

Sophie does a lot of fashion posts. I wish I could wear her style!!

I think you should go follow ALL of these lovely girls!

Love Laura xxx

Things To Do When You're Feeling Blue | Guest Post

Hello! My name’s Megan and today I’m paying a little visit to Laura’s blog from my own home at MeganRoisinn. I’ve never done a guest post before, but I’m really looking forward to this one and (hopefully) I’ve put enough thought into it!

Laura’s talked on here about confidence issues and being comfortable with yourself which is something I think we can all sympathise with. Everyone has their off days when we don’t quite feel up to scratch and it’s easy to let things get on top of you; however, here I am with a dinky little list of a few things I like to do when I’m a bit down in the dumps – enjoy!

1.      Look Your Best
     When you’re feeling low it’s the easiest thing in the world to go make up and shower less, reflecting how you feel on the inside. What I always find cheers me up a bit is making myself look nice in a “Well eff it, if I can’t feel good I can at least look bangin’” kind of way. This is when I normally reach for my hair mask, face mask, fake tan, nail varnishes and best beauty products to spruce myself up – normally my insides follow suit and start being happy too.

2.     Eat something yummy
Now, a lot of people will reach for the chocolate here but instead I chose not to specify. When I’m feeling a bit low and find myself reaching for the sweet stuff I find it’s because it’s what you’re expected to do rather than I actually want to. It’s much better to munch on something really tasty and just generally good than to give yourself a massive sugar rush (smoked salmon always seems to work for me which makes me sound a lot posher than I actually am…)

3.      Make a List
Maybe this one is just me, but I find making lists very therapeutic. Whether it’s a wishlist, a shopping list, or a list of what you plan on doing when you’re feeling up to it writing lists can help you feel productive from actually doing basically nothing, getting your mind active and perking you up a bit.

4.      Organise something
Now this one seems very daft, but here me out. You know how nice a complete set of clean make up brushes looks? Those could be your make up brushes. Do you envy the lovely desks of the bloggers you follow? Well, you could make yours look like that. Similar to the list making, this helps you feel productive and gets you doing something and by the end you have something lovely to look and make you feel better. You can multitask with this one as well by sticking on your favourite music or film – winner!

I really hope that’ll help some of you out when you have your next down in the dumps days – let us know what you do to brighten yourself up!

You can read the post I did on Megans blog HERE

My Lipstick Collection

Hey guys! So when reading other peoples blogs I love being nosey and seeing what makeup they own. I find it a little exciting when I own the same makeup as someone else, is that weird?!? LOL 
Anyways I thought I would share my current lipstick collection. To some people it might seem like a lot of lipsticks, others it may seem like hardly any. But oh well ;) x
Please forgive me for not showing the colours well, I have a purple room and even with natural sunlight it's difficult. Anyone that's giving away lighting free for a blogger.. "holla" 

From left to right; Surprime Shine Liptstick in Bella, Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss, Rimmel Liptsick in 600 Soft Coral, Revlon Lipstick in 825 Lovers Coral 
From left to right; Lloreal Lipstick in 256, MAC lipstick in SNOB, Rimmel Kate Moss collection in 101, YSL Rouge Pur Couture in #27, Rimmel Lipstick in 006 Pink Blush, Rimmel Lipstick in 014 Sweetie, Brand unknown 535 Passion Red, Barry M lipstick in 158
My all time favourite lipstick is Rimmel 006, it fits well for all occasions and always to make my whole makeup look better. (if that makes sense)

What's your favourite lipstick?

Love Laura xxx

Holiday Clothes Wishlist 2014 | Basics

Hey guys!
So I am going away on holiday next month and so I need to pick up a few extra bits to wear....

Pink Triangle Bikini   Green River Island Bikini   Boohoo Stripped Bikini   Pink Kaftan  Denim High waisted Shorts   White Sandals   Next Aviators

I already own the Topshop shorts but the bottom bit keeps turning up funny (does anyone else get that with these shorts?)
I've noticed how much Triangl Swimwear has became a statement bikini for this year and I love them. The bright colours seem to compliment every skin tone!
I want to make sure I have the basics and so a white vest top is a must!!

What's on your holiday wish list?

Love Laura xxx