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I've been blogging with this blog for nearly a year now and I have gone through quite a few designs!
This past week I've thought serious into things that I wanted to change about my blog design, AKA changing the things I didn't like!
So to help any of you guys trying to do little edits on your blog, just to make it look that little bit better, I've composed a small list :) 

How To Center The Page Links?

I found it really irritating when this links automatically went to the left! so here's how to center them.. 

Step 1: go to blogger dashboard
Step 2: go to template 
Step 3: customise
Step 4: advanced
Step 5: scroll down to the bottom and click add CSS
Step 6: copy this code :-
  .PageList {text-align:center !important;}
.PageList li {display:inline !important; float:none !important;}

Ta Da! once you save it all your page links will be centered! 

How To Put A Color Background On All Your Posts?
I randomly came across finding the code for this when looking at blogger backgrounds. 
I think putting a color background behind your post can be a nice little touch, even if it's really subtle. 

Firstly you will need to pick the color you want to be placed behind your post. Go to google and type in "HTML colour codes" and it will bring up something like this.. 
The code in which I pointed the arrow at is your "color code". 
Step 1: go to blogger dashboard
Step 2: go to template 
Step 3: customise
Step 4: advanced
Step 5: scroll down to the bottom and click add CSS
Step 6: copy this code :-
.post {

Now all your blog posts will have the colour you picked as a background! 

How To Add Social Media Icons 
Now when trying to work out how to do this, I found more complicated ways to do it. But it's actually really EASY. 
I will try to explain the steps as simple as I can ...

Step 1: Save pictures you want to use as the social icon images. Literally you can google "Twitter Icon" and save the images to your computer 
Step 2: Once you've found all the images for your social icons (I conveniently found pink ones), go to write a new blog post;
Step 3: Click HTML which is next to compose (image below) 
Step 4: click the upload image icon, and well.. upload your icons (select them all at the same time)
Step 5: click upload. Once you do that, this box will come up, you can select whatever options you want, it doesn't really make much difference :) 
Step 6: Now click onto "compose"
Step 7: Highlight one picture, click "Link" and paste the link corresponding with the picture you've selected
Step 8: Click OK
Step 9: Now you need to view the HTML code, so click onto "HTML" which is next to compose
Step 10: Copy the HTML code!
Step 11: Go to Layout in Blogger
Step 12: Go to add gadget
Step 13: Click the add HTML gadget and copy the code!

You now have pretty social media icons! You may need to resize etc., but that is the basics :)

So yea they're some tips and tricks I have learnt and wanted to share! 
If you liked this post and want to know more please let me know. 
Also if you have any little tips to share with people, please add them below :) 

Love Laura xxx


  1. hey! love your blog :) would you like to follow for a follow? just let me know on my blog

  2. It took me ages to find out how to add social media icons, this post is a great help.


  3. great post ive been struggling for ages on how to centre my page tabs grrrrr but ur a star and now its centred. Thanks


  4. I like your new header, it's cute. I've learnt so much about blog design and html since starting a blog haha.

  5. Thank you for these fabulous tips Laura, such a great and helpful post to read!

    In May it will be a year since I started soinspo and shamefully I haven't done much with the design, definitely a target for this year for me to hit so these will definitely come in handy (by god I need all the help I can get hehe) xxx

    Sophie | soinspo

  6. this was so helpful! I've been wondering how to centre my headers for ages and it was so simple! plus I did the social media icons a couple of months ago but forgot how to do them again!

    thankyou a whole bunch for this laura! :-)

  7. I still have to work with my icons to make them look amazing, but great tips :)

  8. Some very handy tips and tricks here! :)
    Spider Leg Lashes xo

  9. Very Helpful! Thank You!

    Lovely blog
    With Love,
    Curly Scribbles

  10. this is such a good idea for a post chick!!i didn't know how to centre links if you want to add them at the top of your blog!so thanks,cos now i can do it myself!:)xx


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