Don't feel insecure about the way you look...

Hey guys, so I'm going to try write this post without sounding cheesy ... Wish me luck lol

Lately I've been working hard to battle my anxiety and low self esteem. I have Learnt more about myself during this process and one of those things is dealing with the way I look. 

My mind set growing up was that: if I wasn't pretty enough, people won't like me. I have kept this though process most of my life, this is one of those negative thoughts that have affected my confidence. Now I don't know if everyone thinks like that or it's just me, so I don't wana tell people things they already know BUT guess what that statement isn't true. 

If you think of it like this, if someone doesn't like you purely because of the what you look like, do you actually want to be associated with them?? I know I surely don't!  Maybe in the past I did, you know that popular group who always seem to be attractive. 

Another thing I have learnt (here's the cheesy part) is that personality definitely battles looks most of the time. I personally can be a bit judgemental and shallow sometimes when it comes to men (I'm not proud of it) but there are guys for example that I think are "ugly "etc. But when I give them a chance and actually chat to them, I think to myself how lovely they are. Bare in mind I would never dislike someone just because of the way they look, and neither should anyone else. 

I have been accepted into quite a few "friendship groups" in the past 3 years. This has made me beleive more than ever that once people get to know the real you, everyone will want to be your friend if they want to be. 

So if you ever feel self conscious about the way  you look and think people will judge- don't let them. Have fun and ignore the judgments!

Love laura xxx


  1. Well done Laura, such a thought provoking post and I whole heartedly agree with you; if people are that shallow then they certainly don't deserve to be associated with you or anyone else in the world! <3

    It sounds like you have come such a long way and should be extremely proud of yourself, what a strong, beautiful and kind hearted girl you are xo

    Sophie | soinspo

  2. I've often had the same thoughts as you and I know how much it takes over your mind, but over time I have learnt to battle with these thoughts and improve my perspective. And I definitely agree that personality overrides looks, once somebody who is good looking has a rubbish personality I am completely put off them x


  3. I definitely think that personality beats looks too, it's weird because when I get to know someone and find out that they're really lovely or funny they become 10000 times more attractive!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  4. Great post Laura! I think beauty comes from within and personality is on the top of my list of what I look for in a boy. It's only natural to judge someone by appearance at first and I can guarantee everyone does it, we are all human after all.


  5. Cute post hun:))))
    Love your blog!

  6. I really enjoyed this post, and I agree with what you said. It is hard to get over the fear of judgement, but definitely something we should all strive for.

  7. i struggle a lot with self esteem and anxiety too so i can totally relate to what you've wrote here and i'm really happy that you're leaning to accept yourself, definitely something we all need to do! x

  8. I agree with you! Great post!!

  9. as someone with a disability, I do feel insecure about the way I look but not so much in regards about my weight, hair colour, etc.


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