Makeup Setting Sprays

Hey guys so I was sorting through my makeup today and realized how much I love makeup setting sprays.
I have tried quite a few, but I thought I would mention the good, the excellent and the ugly....
If you don't know what a makeup setting spray is, I'm not the best person to write a description. But I will say that it's a water mixed with another product that you spray before or after makeup. It's great for spraying on to avoid the caked foundation look. Ahhh yep that defo isn't a great description, oh well. ;)

The most "famous" makeup spray is MAC's Fix +. This is the first one I tried, and I'm only just finishing the first bottle. I do think it's a very good product, but it's not worth the money. I find it nearly unscented and really nice to spray on throughout the day, defo in the Summer.

The worst one out of the 4 is Simple's Moisture Boost. There was ALOT of reviews on this product and I really wanted to love it, but I hate it. I have dry skin and so wasn't expecting this to make my skin feel greasy and oily. I don't like the smell of this and think the bottle/packaging is very cheap looking.

The one that I've been trying to save for special occasion is Skindinavia's Finishing Spray. I bought this online due to many good reviews, and I agree with them. I feel like this does the job of a makeup finishing spray and almost keeps to it's claims.

My favourite out of the 4 is The Body Shop's Vitamin E Face Mist. I bought this a month or so ago and haven't looked back. As I've said, I have dry skin and so use sprays to make sure my makeup doesn't look powdery and cakey- this product helps to stop that! I use the Vitamin E daily moisturizer and LOVE it. This spray comes from the same range, and so I want to get the whole range because the two products together have transformed my dry skin.

Anyways guys that's my makeup finishing/setting sprays reviewed. I do think everyone should have one of these in their makeup collection to finish makeup, to help it last longer and to give that "fresh" look.

What's your fave makeup setting spray?!

Love Laura xxx

Write A Guest Post On My Blog?

Hey guys!
I am currently trying to branch my blog out there and get to know other bloggers.

I have seen many people do "guest blog posts" and would love for someone to do a guest post on my blog. It can be about nearly everything! and of course the blogger writing the post can leave all their links on my blog.

I would also happily do a guest post on someone elses blog, again it's all about being social and branching blogs out there!!

If you're interested please leave a comment below, tweet me or email me. (Links are all around my blog)

Thanks guys xxx


Banish Those Dark Under Eye Circles | Benefit Erase Paste

I do shift work, which means it's virtually impossible to avoid dark under eye bags. I haven't really bothered with using makeup to cover them up until recently, and what a difference it makes.
Benefit Erase Paste
I bought Benefit's Erase Paste a few months ago just for the sake of it. I tried it once or twice with a couple of random brushes and my finger, but hated it under my eyes.
I then tried it with a different brush earlier this month (Bare Minerals Concealer Brush) and I have used this combination ever since.
This concealer is meant to "brighten" up your eyes, and I defo agree with this. Wearing this has made a difference to the way my eye makeup looks.

I apply this after my moisturizer and before my makeup.

There are other ways to help prevent having dark cirles:
  • Have plenty of sleep
  • Drink lots of water
  • Use eye cream at night

What under eye concealer do you use? 
Love Laura xx

Maybelline "Big Eyes" Waterproof Mascara

Hey guys so this is a kind of mini review on my latest mascara buy.

When browsing Boots for my next mascara to try I came across "Big Eyes" The thing that drew me towards it was that there's a seperate applicator for your top and bottom lashes!
I'm not one of those that buys a whole different mascara for my bottom lashes (I personally think that's a bit too much) and so this is the lazy/ cheap persons version.

As you can see there is a small perfectly sized brush for the lower lashes, which is handy!

I do like this mascara BUT I personally think the actual mascara part is just like any other mascara. It does make my eyelashes stand out, but nothing for me to go "wow".
So this in my mind is a convenience all in 1 mascara.

I paid about £8.99 for this which is an ok price for 2 in 1.

Laura xxx

Tips And Tricks | Designing Your Blog

I've been blogging with this blog for nearly a year now and I have gone through quite a few designs!
This past week I've thought serious into things that I wanted to change about my blog design, AKA changing the things I didn't like!
So to help any of you guys trying to do little edits on your blog, just to make it look that little bit better, I've composed a small list :) 

How To Center The Page Links?

I found it really irritating when this links automatically went to the left! so here's how to center them.. 

Step 1: go to blogger dashboard
Step 2: go to template 
Step 3: customise
Step 4: advanced
Step 5: scroll down to the bottom and click add CSS
Step 6: copy this code :-
  .PageList {text-align:center !important;}
.PageList li {display:inline !important; float:none !important;}

Ta Da! once you save it all your page links will be centered! 

How To Put A Color Background On All Your Posts?
I randomly came across finding the code for this when looking at blogger backgrounds. 
I think putting a color background behind your post can be a nice little touch, even if it's really subtle. 

Firstly you will need to pick the color you want to be placed behind your post. Go to google and type in "HTML colour codes" and it will bring up something like this.. 
The code in which I pointed the arrow at is your "color code". 
Step 1: go to blogger dashboard
Step 2: go to template 
Step 3: customise
Step 4: advanced
Step 5: scroll down to the bottom and click add CSS
Step 6: copy this code :-
.post {

Now all your blog posts will have the colour you picked as a background! 

How To Add Social Media Icons 
Now when trying to work out how to do this, I found more complicated ways to do it. But it's actually really EASY. 
I will try to explain the steps as simple as I can ...

Step 1: Save pictures you want to use as the social icon images. Literally you can google "Twitter Icon" and save the images to your computer 
Step 2: Once you've found all the images for your social icons (I conveniently found pink ones), go to write a new blog post;
Step 3: Click HTML which is next to compose (image below) 
Step 4: click the upload image icon, and well.. upload your icons (select them all at the same time)
Step 5: click upload. Once you do that, this box will come up, you can select whatever options you want, it doesn't really make much difference :) 
Step 6: Now click onto "compose"
Step 7: Highlight one picture, click "Link" and paste the link corresponding with the picture you've selected
Step 8: Click OK
Step 9: Now you need to view the HTML code, so click onto "HTML" which is next to compose
Step 10: Copy the HTML code!
Step 11: Go to Layout in Blogger
Step 12: Go to add gadget
Step 13: Click the add HTML gadget and copy the code!

You now have pretty social media icons! You may need to resize etc., but that is the basics :)

So yea they're some tips and tricks I have learnt and wanted to share! 
If you liked this post and want to know more please let me know. 
Also if you have any little tips to share with people, please add them below :) 

Love Laura xxx

Review: Lush Hair Extensions

Hey guys!
So I have decided to get back into wearing hair extensions. A few months ago in around December time, I decided to take the plunge and ordered 22" #33 clip in hair from LUSH.

Just for information sake, I used to wear extensions every day without fail (around 2 years ago.) I wouldn't even go to Tescos without clipping them in! woah right? My hair had got to an awkward stage of not growing at all and I hated my hair without wearing them .
I then got a bit sick of wearing them, they just started to irritate me and so I FORCED myself to not wear them. I just got used to wearing no extensions in the end. I also noticed how tacky hair can look when extensions are in and just didn't like the look.
So now after about a 2 year break and with longer natural hair what do I think?

Awkward, yes that a selfie of me wearing them..
This is when I have cut them and waved my hair to blend them in. I recently just died my hair so there is a slight colour difference :( But I really like how they look like they're my hair. (or my hair ombre with them in right now). 

I bought the "normal" full head set, but wish I had gone for the Deluxe. This is because I think my hair is slightly too thick for these hair extensions and so I have to work hard to try and blend them in. 
The colour match is perfect! I call my hair colour dark mahogany, which is like a slightly redder chocolate brown (not my natural hair colour of course). I paid about £70 for these, the thicker sets are around £100. 

I have worn these extensions a couple of times and they still feel soft to touch, although I think they're due for a wash now. 
I have tried a few brands throughout the years and these are defo my favorite so far. If I was to order again, I would order from Lush but the thicker version. I also purchased these with 2 day delivery or something (as I ordered these online) and they arrived perfectly on time, which was great because I needed them for an event.. 

So if someone was to ask if I recommend these I would say YES. But I do recommend going to an actual Lush shop to get colour matched by an assistant. 

What's your fave extensions?

Love Laura xxx

Review: Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanning For Face And Decollete

Hey guys!
So I usually only do reviews on things that are well.. worth being reviewed on.
I heard about this product about a year ago from Viviannadoesmakeup and thought nothing of it.
I was browsing around Boots a few weeks ago and thought I might aswell give this face tanner a go, oh, am I glad I did.

This is a cream style face tanner that you apply at night and literally wake up in the morning with a glow (but not too much). I have tried a few face tanners and have never used one like this. It doesn't smell, it doesn't go orange, it's very moisturizing not drying and it's easy to apply.
I will use this product for things like on the first few days of a holiday so that I can go out with no makeup on and not feel like a ghost.

The only negative is the price. I think it cost around £15 which might seem quite expensive to some people. You do get 125ml, which will last quite a while, so I guess it's worth the price in my eyes.

Overall if you want to apply something that will make your skin look bronzed without wearing makeup then this product should be for you!

Have you tried this product? what other fake tans do you like?

Love Laura xxx

Review: Bare Minerals

Hey guys, so I've been meaning to for a while write a review on the Bare Minerals Original foundation.
Mineral foundation has been one of those holy grail products that I have ALWAYS had in my makeup drawers. I have tried many brands of mineral makeup, but I always go back to Bare Minerals.

MY SKIN FACTS: Just to let you guys know that I have DRY skin, and I wear the shade medium in this foundation (Medium Beige when I'm more tanned)

PRE-APPLICATION: I have add two products you can apply to your skin before actually putting on the foundation. The best moisturizer I have used that works well with Bare Minerals is the Body Shop Vitamin E day moisturizer. I also added a primer which is part of the Bare Minerals "kit", I have been trying this out for a month or so and still haven't come up with a final verdict, at the moment I don't really think it does anything for my skin (good or bad) and so I find the product a bit pointless.

APPLICATION: I apply moisturizer, then apply the Collection 2000 Concealer to give extra coverage on those dull/red spots. I tap some of the mineral powder into the lid, swirl the Bare Minerals buffing brush in the lid and apply onto my face using circler motions. I usually start on one side and build up the coverage going from side to side (if that makes sense)

COVERAGE: I would say this foundation is all different coverages. You can buff in the smallest ammount and make it look like you have nothing on your skin. Although I do say this, as a whole I would say this is medium to full coverage.

THE FINISH: As stated above I have dry skin, and so usually you would think a powder would make it look worse? But it doesn't...  I think this has a satin/matte finish. It's defo not dewy and defo not matte? If that makes sense lol

FINAL THOUGHTS: This is one of the best foundations I have ever tried. It nearly suits all skin types and has a great colour range. I used this foundation when I had problem skin AKA spots and it actually helped calm them down rather than making my skin worse (which is a bonus).

I give this foundation 4.5/5 ! :) nearly 5 though!

Love Laura xxx