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Hey guys! Sorry about being a bit MIA, and recent posts being a little bit.... blah!
I have FINALLY got a new laptop! Actually it arrived this morning from Very.com.  (I now have a white Sony Vaio fit 14, if you want a review etc. let me know.)

Anyways, back to the post.
I was looking around everywhere for a new winter coat whilst I was meant to be Christmas shopping for everyone else, whoops. I literally looked in Topshop, River Island, all those fashionable shops, but couldn't find anything I liked.
So off the chance I went into Tesco home looking for something for my mum and found this coat..

Now I wouldn't call myself a snob or anything, but I wouldn't usually get a coat from Tescos (there's nothing wrong with Tescos by the way) But I had to get it. 

The fur aligned collar and the bumpy texture of the coat makes it the perfect winter coat, that literally could go with every outfit (except tracksuit bottoms) hahah
You can view the coat better HERE

What do you think of the coat? Sorry my picture quality isn't exactly good, was a last min Instagram pic! lol 

Love Laura xxx 


  1. I love your coat it looks so warm and cosy!

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  3. My mum always finds such great clothes from Tesco and Asda, i might have to start looking in there more often. The fur lining looks so cosy for this horrible weather.


  4. Love the coat! Tesco is actually such good quality, their leggings are literally my favourite x

    1. yep, they're better than places like primark xxx

  5. Lovely coat, the fur collar looks really interesting on the Tesco website image. I never used to shop at Tesco for clothes but they've improved dramatically over the past year and I always find so many nice things there now.


  6. Aww.... the coat look really nice and suits you ! I love the color as well <3

    I am still looking for a coat that looks good on me...



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