Party Outfit Items Wishlist | Winter 2013

As we are in the Winter months, the fashion for going out seems to be a bit more longer and warmer. 
Here's my wishlist:

Topshop Flippy Dress Click Here   Miss Selfridge Tube Trousers Click Here   
River Island Long Slevetextured body con dress Click Here   
New Look White V Kneck Peplum Click Here  AX paris Jumpsuit Click Here

AX Paris Navy Swing Dress Click Here  Boohoo Pink Blazer Click Here
Boohoo Playsuit Click Here   Misguided Tribal Trousers Click Here
Miss Selfridge Flower Top Click Here

Mini Skincare Haul

Hey guys!
So I went shopping yesterday and bought a couple of bits for my skin. I have suddenly been overcome with horrible bumpy spots on one side of my face beside my chin, horrible.
I think it was the moisurizer from Nivea I was using that broke me out, and let me tell you not many things break me out nowadays (give or take)
I decided to get a couple of bits for my skin, all for different uses. Just for info I have dry/combo skin.

I bought the La Roche Posey Effaclar Duo+ just because it was hyped up so much. Till yesterday I didn't even know what it was used for. *blogger slap*. I read the description on the side of the box, and to my gratitude is seems to be for spots, redness, scaring. Perfect!
I did have second thoughts an hour after picking it up (because of the price, and the fact it mentioned oily skin) I tried to return it, but the shop assistant in Boots wouldn't let me because it was a skin care. product,

Also from Boots I picked up the Clarins Liquid Bronze Face Tan. This was just on the recommendation from Viviannadoesmakeup. I hate waking up in the morning with a ghostly complexion, I like to wake up with a little bit of a glow so that I don't have to run towards my foundation before answering the door etc. This is meant to be really natural, and I have seen it's like a cream texture which isn't too bad for my dry skin.

I then ventured out to Body Shop (after taking a sneaky peek into Topshop & River Island) and bought two products from their vitamin E collection. I bought the Vitamin E Face Mist to spray on after i've applied my foundation. I hate those days when my skin isn't behaving, and decides to go flaky and dry, even when I put tones of moisturizer before the foundation. This spray is meant to refresh makeup during the day, can't wait to try this out!
I also picked up the Vitamin E Moisture Cream. I obviously bought this because I can't use my current moisturizer because of it's spot causing properties. I hope this will be my go to moisturizer. Wish me luck!

So yea they're a couple of things I picked up for my skin, I may do reviews on them individually if I REALLY like/hate them.
Have you tried any of these products?
What's your favourite face product??

Love Laura xxx

Tips For New Bloggers

Hey guys, so when browsing through other blogs and mine I realized there's some small things that every blog should know/need....... 

1. Blog design
I browse through many blogs and one thing that really annoys me is when I can't read the blog because.. well.. it's not readable! 
Some people decide to use fancy text, which is really nice and does look pretty, but it's really pointless if I can't read their content. I prefer simple blog designs, that's just personal preference I guess. I think color schemes are important because that also can reflect on your content and so I wouldn't recommend green text with a bright pink background. :p

2. Follow buttons
You need 3 main ways other people can follow your blog; GFC, Bloglovin and Google+. If you don't have any ways for someone else to follow you, they will not know when you upload new content.
Adding the follow options is really easy, you just add them in the "layout" section of blogger.

3. Pictures
Now I know not everyone owns a fancy camera. My first few posts on my blog were taken from my iphone, and I still upload photos taken from my Iphone sometimes. I think it's important to capture clearly what you're talking about in your blog post. I think editing the lighting/contrast is import to make the photos more attractive! I personally use a free editing software called Photoscape.

4. Be unique
There are so many bloggers around nowadays that it's really hard to stand out! I love reading tag's etc. but sometimes it's nice to see something new or different, it attracts me personally to follow the blog. No one wants to see the same content 100's of times. You don't have to be completely different, just show a bit of yourself within your posts.

5. Blog regularly 
This doesn't mean blog everyday. Once a week would be enough to keep your readers up to date. Some people have a blogging schedule eg. every wednesday and saturday. :) 

6. Be social 
The only way to get your blog "out there" is to venture out onto other blogs, or share your blog on social networks. I don't mean you should go write "follow for follow" on other peoples blogs (because that's just annoying) but if you find a blog you like, why not comment on it and leave your blog link so others can visit yours. Also to add, when linking your blog you can make it clickable by using HTML.

Do you have any blogging tips to share??

Love Laura xxx

OOTN: Pink Playsuit

Hey guys, here's another outfit of the night. The playsuit is from, and I absolutely love it! It cost around £25, and I think it's a great outfit to wear to lots of different occasions! (You guys must know I love playsuits by now lol) xx

I really like the detail in the back of this playsuit.. 

I went for a natural pinkish makeup look (if that makes sense) I wore; Revlon Photoready foundation with Bare Minerals in Medium Beige over the top. I wore MAC Stay Pretty, A brown eyeshadow with black eyeliner on top and bottom, and Lloreal Million lashes. I wore my fave pink lipstick from Revlon in Pink Blush.

Planning Makeup For The Next Day | Early Mornings

I do  shift work, which means sometimes I can wake up as early as 2:30 am for work!.. Woah right?
So one of the worst things to do this early in the morning is to apply makeup, I mean, I just want to go back to bed lol
I sometimes decide that I will plan my makeup the night before to make it easier in the morning, and I thought I would share today's with you guys!

After doing so many early shifts, I think the easiest thing to do is to keep the makeup to basics and don't complicate it with too many products, but I leave myself with options eg. either a blush or bronzer. 

I usually just apply moisturizer, foundation, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick and then I'm set for my shift. 

Recently I have been loving Bare Minerals original foundation. I used to wear mineral foundation all the time when I had really bad spots and it was one of the things that helped clear my skin! I have the Get Started kit from bare minerals and wear the shades Medium & Medium Beige. (I may do a review on it soon) 

Do you plan your makeup before the next day? I know many people keep the same makeup in their makeup bag, but sometimes I like to literally leave the makeup out! 

Love Laura xxx

How To Achieve Positive Thinking | My Journey

If you've been following my blog for a while now you will know that I can worry a lot and sometimes just think really negatively about myself and things going on around me. One of my goals for the new year (2014) is to be more positive about myself! I am really trying to battle my Anxiety and throughout the last few months I have found some things that have helped me. I have tried reading self help books, hypnotism and battling my fears as much as I can, does it work? well kinda..

I started trying out reading self help books over a year ago. The 3 I have read are "Overcoming Low Self Esteem", Teach Yourself To Meditate" and "21 days to a new you". Now the bonus word in that sentence is TRIED, I haven't finished one of the books, I get bored. But there is some things that all 3 books have in common with helping my "issue". Positivity. Some days I find it really hard to be positive, sometimes it's really easy. It all depends on what's happened during the day and how I feel. Some advisable techniques I have gained from the books are; to breath, practice what you want to do well, don't avoid things you want to do, predicting what's going to happen isn't fact - it's opinion. Whenever I have sat down and read a few pages from any of these books I instantly have a positive vibe, I don't know how to explain it! I defo recommend these books to anyone. I bought the meditation book to help me relax, and I think the techniques are amazing if I actually bothered to practice them.  whoops.

I tried to self hypnotize almost 2 years ago (oo the way I worded it made it sound bad) . I was going through one of the worst phases of my life, and I didn't even know why. I've always been a happy person in general, but I didn't feel myself, I didn't enjoy doing the things I used to. I literally googled self hypnosis, and started downloading free tracks. They didn't do anything except make me fall asleep. I then looked on Amazon, and bought two of Paul Mckenna's books as I hear so much about him. The books came with a CD to go hand in hand with eachother, using CBT therapy. The main book I bought was called "how to be confident" now this is really cringey for me to admit on here, I bought it because I had just gone into my shell and had no confidence anymore and no one even knew. Now for me it didn't work and again the CD just helped me to fall asleep, it may have helped some of my anxiety for a week or so, but I felt it actually making me worse. Just to point out because it didn't work for me, it doesn't mean it wont work for someone else. The reason I bought Paul Mckenna was because of all the amazing reviews from people it helped.

I also googled "self help for Anxiety" and found some pretty interesting websites. There is one I want to emphasize about called "MoodGym" This is FREE and let me tell you the idea behind it is brilliant. It uses CBT techniques to help people that suffer with low confidence, self esteem, depression or anxiety. It's like a workbook you log into every couple of days. You can go straight to the website now by CLICKING HERE. You don't even have to "suffer" from the things listed above, it is just a great way to boost your positive thinking.

Since I have tried these techniques I have became myself again. I started this blog around May last year, and thankfully I've never felt as bad as I did in the Summer 2012. Whenever I do have a down day I normally express it over my blog, and let me tell you ranting about my problems on here really does help! Writing down any negative thoughts seems to take it out of your head and on the computer screen. A little better place in my mind ;) If you don't have a blog, or don't want to write about things like that on your blog then write it down in a notebook that no one will ever find.

If that isn't enough little tips for battling those negative demons then I have some others below;

  • Surround yourself with positive people, other positive people make more people positive
  • Sounds silly, but think/write about the things you should be happy about eg. Having a loving family
  • Look at your life from an outside perspective
  • Think of something to be excited about. For me it's to carry on blogging and seeing what opportunities arise from it. 

Do you have any other ways to achieve positive thinking? xx

Love Laura xx

Beauty Favourites of 2013

Hey guys, so as it's my first "new year" within blogging, I couldn't resist doing my beauty faves from 2013.
I especially like reading these because the products must be pretty good for someone to feature them being a top contender for a whole year?!?
Now I actually did find it a bit difficult to choose between what I liked and what I liked and used frequently..

I have done quite a few separate posts on some of these products, and will list them below.

From Left to Right the products are;

1. Bioderma H20 Micelle Solution: This is the best product I've tried to remove my eye makeup without making it look like I've been crying. CLICK HERE FOR MY REVIEW

2. Frizz Ease shine spray: This has been a lovely little product for controlling my frizzy hair after I've dried it! I have used it nearly every time I've washed my hair.

3. Boots fake eyelashes: I know I'm not the only one here that has problems putting on fake eyelashes?? I literally gave up using them ever again, but because I was going out for my birthday I thought I would make an effort. These are the best fake eyelashes I've ever used. The glue is clear, which is a massive bonus.
4. Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask: This has been featured in many blogs including mine :p It's a great overnight mask for people with dry skin.. like me! CLICK HERE FOR MY REVIEW

5. Vasaline Spray And Go: This does literally what it says on the tin! I am VERY lazy with applying moisturizer, and having a product that designed for people who can't be bothered is my new best friend.

6. MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural: As I have dry skin it's really difficult to find a powder without my skin looking like gravel? This powder is the best face powder I've tried, and the fact I've repurchased it is a major "I actually love this"  I HAVE MENTIONED THIS POWDER HERE

7. Scandelize eye shadow: OK, whilst writing this post I realized I have forgot what the actual name for this, and literally can't be bothered to find out right now. Whoops. Anyways, this cream eyeshadow paint is a lovely product to use if you're feeling lazy (like me) it is very long lasting, and I've actually had compliments when wearing this!

8. MAC blush in Stay Pretty: This blusher is a go to pink for everyday (even though it looks quite bright)

9. Cocoa Butter Moisturizer fake tan: Now I will hopefully be doing a full review on this soon. What I will say is that It's my current fave everyday tan, but the smell is horrible!

10. Tangle Teaser: This brush is amazing. End of.  ;)

11. Burts Beas lip balm: I bought this of the recommendation from Zoella. I wouldn't say it's the best lipbalm in the world (even though everyone seems to say it is) but it's great for everyday whilst applying makeup. I do really like this, but I bet I could find better! challenge accepted.

12. Rimmel Instant tan Matte Water resistant: This little guy has been a savior for random unplanned nights out. I feel very self conscious about going out with my natural pale skin colour, and so this gives me an amazing glow, and is really easy to apply.

So there you go, my beauty faves from 2013. I am a bit gutted A foundation isn't in this list, that's because I keep liking, then disliking foundations.

What are your beauty faves from 2013?

Love Laura xxx
ps. someone asked my what camera I used for taking pictures for my blog (sorry I forgot who you were) I used a Nikon Coolpix S3100. It's not a DSLR, but hey it does the job :) x

Fur Winter Coat | Winter Fashion

Hey guys! Sorry about being a bit MIA, and recent posts being a little bit.... blah!
I have FINALLY got a new laptop! Actually it arrived this morning from  (I now have a white Sony Vaio fit 14, if you want a review etc. let me know.)

Anyways, back to the post.
I was looking around everywhere for a new winter coat whilst I was meant to be Christmas shopping for everyone else, whoops. I literally looked in Topshop, River Island, all those fashionable shops, but couldn't find anything I liked.
So off the chance I went into Tesco home looking for something for my mum and found this coat..

Now I wouldn't call myself a snob or anything, but I wouldn't usually get a coat from Tescos (there's nothing wrong with Tescos by the way) But I had to get it. 

The fur aligned collar and the bumpy texture of the coat makes it the perfect winter coat, that literally could go with every outfit (except tracksuit bottoms) hahah
You can view the coat better HERE

What do you think of the coat? Sorry my picture quality isn't exactly good, was a last min Instagram pic! lol 

Love Laura xxx