Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

 Hey guys! So yes it's another foundation review.
I was randomly browsing through Superdrug for a foundation to put on quickly before work (early hours of the morning) and then spotted the positively reviewed Healthy Mix Serum.

 I have been wearing this foundation everyday for over a week, and now think that's a good amount of time to give an honest review. Just for information purposes I wear the shade 52 Vanilla (second from the lightest) and it cost around £9.99. This is branded as a radiance boosting foundation.

Starting with the colour match. I think its pretty close to my natural skin tone when I haven't fake tanned. I do sometimes find it really difficult to match A colour well to my skin tone as sometimes they can look really chalky on me or too tanned.

The longevity is amazing! I do shift work and it is still on my skin after 12 hours, by that time most of my foundations have gone patchy. I have dry skin and this foundation keeps my skin moisturized!
The consistency is actually quite runny (shown in pictures below) I really like this because it blend so well and as I have dry skin it's not too thick!
The packaging is pretty basic. It's a plastic bottle with a pump (which some more expensive foundations don't have) I like the packaging for travel purposes, but obviously it's not one to look pretty among my makeup collection.
The smell is kind of fruity and fresh! I quite like it, I hate foundations that smell strong or like cleaning products.

Overall I really like this foundation. Being someone that is a foundation junkie I rate this higher then some of my high end foundations. I would say this does boost radiance and is brilliant for someone with my skin type.
The only improvements I can think of is to have a larger colour range and maybe the packaging.

I give this 4/5

Have you tried this foundation? What's your fave foundation?

Love Laura xxx


  1. This looks really nice! I have yet to try it but it may be a nice winter foundation for me :)

  2. Love the review, I think I want this foundation as my No.7 foundation is discusting!! Btw , I've featured you on my blog!xo

    1. aww thankyou! I love when I get mentioned :) X

  3. I tried this foundation but i just didn't like the consistency. I love Wake Me Up foundation.


  4. This is my favourite foundation!
    pretty eclectic

  5. This looks good, think I may have to buy it! x

  6. I've had this foundation before! I thought it was absolutely great and really smoothed out my skin with great coverage. I'd even rate it a 5/5! Great review, and thanks for reminding me of such a great foundation!

  7. I haven't tried this one yet, I really should! I held off trying the wake me up for ages and then I did and loved it, this one could be another one of those!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, made my day :)

    Kirsty Rockit Style

  8. Oooo I JUST bought a new foundation by ALMAY because the one from Woolies that I bought was (crap...).
    ALMAY is working for now but next time I will definitely try and find this! Thanks!! xxx


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