Products I Regret Buying #1 | BLOGMAS DAY 2

I don't usually write negative posts, but I really like the idea of being honest and sharing my thoughts. so .. 

Gosh Primer: As you can see the bottle is quite old, so I don't know if they've come out with a better primer. But this current one is horrible, this was raved about by a lot of beauty guru's a couple of years, but whenever I've applied it, I want to take it straight off. 

Chloe Rose Perfume: I've seen this perfume on a couple of people's wishlists, but I just don't like it. I bought this when I was in a rush and knew that it's lasts a long time - that's the only positive. When I'm wearing this I can feel it go in my nose (if that makes sense?) I feel this to be a bit "older lady" like and I only use this if I've got nothing else to wear. 

Simple Hydro Mist: I was really hopeful when buying this, but to be honest I find no use for this product. I've tried it before putting on makeup and it makes it feel greasy. I've tried it after applying makeup and it makes my skin feel horrid! I have read so many good reviews, I must be doing something wrong. 

Kiko Stick blush: I was so excited when buying this! When I tested it on my hand it was really pigmented and I thought this was a great product to keep in my handbag for touchups, Oh was I wrong. Whenever I try to apply this to my face, the product itself is so solid that it kind of takes off the foundation I've applied - big no no. 

Rimmel Apocalips: Bare in mind I've only tried the nude version of this product, but I just HATE it. The consistency is way to thick which means I need to apply it very carefully, and nobody got time for that. The nude colour makes me look washed out and it feels horrible on my lips. 

No7 Protect and Perfect Foundation: This foundation was colour matched by A sales assistant. (You know that little machine that they touch your face with) And the colour is at a least a shade too dark. This doesn't feel like A skin care brands foundation, in fact it feels like it's a more cheaper foundation - I can't explain it!

No7 Intelligent Colour Foundation: This was recommended by a friend when I had to find A foundation quick, I wish I didn't trust her choice lol. This product comes out a dark brown and then smooths into a colour matching your skin tone. It sounded really good and I was excited to try it, but it's just a foundation that goes patchy and seems to have really low coverage. My skin looks better without it than with it on. 

Well, that's my first "products I regret buying" post! It was kinda fun moaning about things I didn't like haha. 
Have you tried any of these products? What products do you regret buying?

Love Laura xxx


  1. I have tried the Gosh primer and i didn't like it at all unfortunately.


  2. Gosh I feel as if I am stalker..but, your posts are really well put together!
    My first 'proper' foundation is shade was perfect but, it dries my skin out and the concealer too! I hate it :L
    So glad you started Blogmas!!xo

  3. I never fell in love with the smell of the chloe perfume as well. Never understood the hype around it. x

  4. I feel the exact same way about the Gosh primer,I hated the feeling of it on my skin! x

  5. wow, happy I saw this post as I was going to buy an apocalips and I definitely don't have time for that!

    1. ye! I really don't recommend it.. some of the other reviews say otherwise though x

  6. Ooh I did a review of the hydro mist a while ago. I'm not a fan of it. I was expecting it to be some sort of miracle product because I love the brand, but it was so disappointing.

    1. Ye I saw that review! I think I was trying it out when you wrote the review xx

  7. Oh I love posts like this! It's such a good way to give people a heads up on products not to buy - I have seen the Chloe feature on soooo many blogs, but I trust your opinion and will stay well away xx
    Gem //


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