Christmas 2013 Wish List | BLOGMAS?

Now before you look at the items I post, I just wanted to say that I'm not the type person to get spoilt on Christmas or my birthday. I may be lucky enough to get a couple of these things, but to be honest I can just go and buy these myself if I don't get these things. I didn't include any makeup items because I would rarely get bought makeup by my friends and family (because I'm too fussy).

The items I have included are actually useful or something I would use everyday!
For example the YSL perfume is so gorgeous.. it kind of smells like chocolate but not overly "young" or too sweet. A link to the perfume is HERE which costs around £40 for a smallish bottle (It's a expensive perfume)
I've never owned A yankie candle and thought it's a great thing to ask for when someone doesn't know what to get me, as it's not specific as I wouldn't mind which one I got.

I've NEVER been to a concert before and would love to be surprised with tickets to a show!
I should really add a boyfriend to this list hehe, then he could surprise me!!

All the other items are probably obvious why I want them :) what is on your wish list?

Love Laura xxx

Ps. I'm adding this after I posted this post, but anyways I might do Blogmas.. I've just gotta think of different ideas to post ?!? xx


  1. I'm the same. I have never owned a Yankee Candle too! And I absolutely love the Zara Tartan Scarf!!
    Your Poll is over which is what I've been keeping an eye on since you put it up!! Does this mean you will start YouTube?xo

    1. Thats sweet you've kept an eye on the poll (it was you're idea) :)

  2. That Zara scarf is so pretty! I love scarves so I'd probably add that to my wishlist. Loving the bracelet as well.

  3. Love this post, I posted my wishlist yesterday and we have some of the same gifts in mind! I love that scarf though!

    Paige xo

  4. I've never owned a Yankee candle either! And blogmas would be great! I've done a christmas wishlist on my blog!
    Sian Xx

  5. Ooh I'd love some hot rollers for Christmas... that and MAKEUP haha! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. I love that you have some practical bits in there, made me giggle!

    Hmm maybe...

  7. Those are really nice wishes. I'd love that bracelet too <3
    2 Girls and a Blog

  8. The VS body sprays all smell amazing! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  9. I really really want to try the Vs body spray !!!


  10. Such good choices! I love that scarf and candles are always a great gift/you can never have too many!

    sundays grace


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