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Pondering on what to do for my next blog post, I thought to myself what do I kind of know well in the beauty world..I'm defo not a pro at fake tanning, but I know the basics and that's all everyone needs to know. I used to be more of a fake tan junkie, but nowadays go for the more natural look. 
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prepping your skin before applying fake tan is SUPER important. 
I never used to believe in prepping my skin and so ignored doing it for ages, but the annoyance of uneven and flaky tan made me venture into ways to stop it. 
There are only two main things you need to worry about BEFORE you start to apply your tan, these are; exfoliate and moisturize. Exfoliation will get rid of uneven, dead skin cells and moisturizing will smooth your skin for an even more even surface. 
There are many exfoliaters out in the market, I especially love the one from Soap And Glory. But for anyone on a budget I would say get an exfoliating glove (can be as cheap as 99p). To be honest any old moisturizer will work, but I love the ones Vaseline do!

Types Of Fake Tan
 This can be the part that is more confusing for fake tan newbies. There are quite a few main types which are; Daily moisturizers, Tanning mouse, Fake Tan, Instant tan.
Daily moisturizers are great for people that don't want instant results or wants subtle results. It usually takes about 2/3 applications to see a difference. As they're a moisturizer they moisturize your skin which is a bonus.  I really like the Dove one. 
Tanning mouse's are my favourite. They glide on easily, blend easily and usually have an instant result. My favourite is St Moritz. 
Fake tans in general (I don't know what else to call this category) but the liquidy fake tan. These can get a little messy when applying but the final results are usually really good.  The results are also instant because of the dark guide colour. An old time favourite of mine is Fake Bake. 
Instant tanners are what they say on the tin. They literally give you an instant glow! When you apply the tan it looks a bit scary, but takes a bit of blending to get a gorgeous tan for an event or night out. My favourite is the Rimmel ones. They even do a waterproof one! 

OK, so apart from the daily moisturizers, I will say ALWAYS use a tanning mit. If you use your hands to apply normal fake tan be prepared for looking like you've slapped an oompa loopma. I mainly tan the top half of my body on a weekly basis. I start on applying tan usually on my arms first ( I don't know if that's the normal way). Apply the product onto the tanning mit first and then apply the mit on the skin. Blend, Blend, Blend! 
With all fake tans (except instant tanners) I apply the tan the night before and wash off the guide colour the next morning. Then TA-DA you're left with an natural glow. If you don't do this be prepared to walk out the house looking a bit more streaky and smelling of fake tan and less I've been on holiday. 

Tan Up Keep 
There's not much really to advise on this? I would say keep moisturizing daily, and even exfoliate a little. Tanners usually last a maximum of a week, after that unfortunately you will need to remove any old tan. This means heavyish exfoliation. You will basically have to start again with the whole fake tan regime.  

I have done a few fake tan reviews listed below;

I hope this advice helps anyone that's not sure about fake tanning. These are just the basics, and once again i'm not a pro ;p
What's your fave fake tan??

Love Laura xxx


  1. This is an awesome and helpful post. I've just began dabbling in the world of fake tan and so far it's not turning out so great (I'm uber pale). I'll keep this tips in mind :)

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  2. Great post! I'd imagine it's very helpful for people starting out with false tanning.


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  3. This is a very helpful post, I havn't really used fake tan ever before so this really helped me out.


  4. I agree with always using a mitt - my tan would be so blotchy without one! x


  5. I love a bit of fake bake or st tropez - even tho I have yellow skin I still want a tan :P im a new follower yo your blog, lookin forward to your future posts dear ^^


  6. This was so helpful, thank you. I'm 14 so haven't tried much fake tan haha, but I have tried the suttle type...the dove summer glow moisturiser. I love it!


  7. Great advice! I use fake tan all the time but it's always useful to hear other people's tips! http://theameeblog.blogspot.co.uk/

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